High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 162

“I am Seegvaira Agares . The next head of the Agares family, rank Archduke . “

The Gremory group were given a greeting by the glasses lady from before—the princess of the Agares family .

After that incident, the reception hall had been restored by the magic of the staff members who ran over and had mostly been returned to normal .

The young people had gathered amongst themselves again and were exchanging greetings . The group were all sitting around a table, with the delinquent from before and his servants joined in after fixing him up, he still had a look of disgust .

Rias, of the Gremory family; Sona, of the Sitri family; Sairaorg, of the Bael family; and that delinquent Zephyrdol, from before of the GlaysLabolas family .

The Archduke is Devil King’s agent who passes judgment onto the lives of us devils!

If the Devil King was the president of a company, the Great King would be the vice-president and the Archduke would be an executive director . It seems strange for there to be four presidents, but that’s how devil society is .

“Nice to meet you . I’m Rias Gremory, the next head of the Gremory family . “

“I’m Sona Sitri, the next head of the Sitri family . “

Rias and Sona continued the greetings .

The masters had sat down, and their servants were on standby behind their masters . It was the same everywhere .

“I’m Sairaorg Bael, I’m the next head of the Bael family, rank Great King . “

Sairaorg introduced himself majestically .

A boy with a gentle atmosphere who had gracefully been drinking tea all through the uproar earlier also spoke .

“I’m Diodora Astaroth, the next head of the Astaroth family . Please take care of me, everyone . “

His voice was quite gentle . He seemed innocent enough, but he was a devil .

Astaroth, was also the family from where the current Devil King Ajuka Beelzebub comes as well .

Since the delinquent from before was a GlaysLabolas, he too was sfrom the same family as the current Asmodeus .

“The GlaysLabolas family seemed to have had some family trouble the other day . The person who was supposed to be the next head of the family just had an unforeseen accidental death . Zephyrdol from just before is said to have become the new candidate for the next head . “

So explained Sairaorg- .

The GlaysLabolas family is going through something terrible . But then, such a person being the next candidate is also terrible…Well, it may be better not to poke nose into the affairs of other families .

Therefore, seven young devils were present here in total . The servants of these devils also seemed to be strong .

There were the Gremory that has Lucifer, the Sitri that has Leviathan, the Astaroth that has Beelzebub, the GlaysLabolas that has Asmodeus, and also the Great King and Archduke as well . These were the six families .

On the other hand, the female devils were oozing looking at Issei, he had a face of complete disgust, he was tired and really wanted to go away from here,

Seegvaira Agares, the current head of the Agares family finds Issei’s expression strange and asks, him “Servant of Rias Gremory, is something the matter”

Issei sighing states, “I’m bored, this is bullshit, I should have gone to the Irish mythology to stop the war…I really want to fight someone”

The table was filled with shock, Seegvaira continues, “And you are?”

“The name’s Issei Hyodo, well I am the [Pawn] of Rias Gremory, but actually I’m the leader of the {D x D} alliance”

Issei speaks cooly, but suddenly the pressure on the table increased…

Sairaorg narrowed his eyes and spoke in a stern manner, “You mean, you are the strongest being?”


The one who pushes the table and walks up towards Issei was Zephyrdol, he was already in a bad mood due to the actions of Sairaorg, and now suddenly a random servant states that he is the strongest being?

The kind of bullshit is this?

Little did Zephyrdol knew, he and his peerage were about to call trouble to themselves…

“The fuck you saying cunt? You are the strongest being? Don’t joke you bitch- someone like you can’t possibly be strong, let alone strongest”

Issei keeps looks towards him and speaks coolly, “Indeed, after all you who is weak can really check other’s strength don’t you?”

Zephyrdol became furious and punched Issei right at his face, he neither dodged it nor blocked it, and he let the attack hit him, because he knew an attack of this caliber was no affect on him .

“See, you can’t even react to mu punches, bitch”

“Zephyrdol, enough don’t you dare say another word” Rias was furious and Sairaorg, even planned to make his next move, but he waited to see…what would Issei Hyodo do,

“Shut up, Gremory bitch, perhaps you should sit on my cock, you’ll feel nice…”

“You should refrain yourself from insulting my master” Issei pushes Zephyrdol,

Zephyrdol on the other hand spits on Issei’s coat and says, “Don’t fuck with me lowly servant…bitch”

Ah! He’s dead . That’s what Sitri and Gremory peerage thought, after all he, Zephyrdol was someone ignorant of how strong Issei was and now, he did something even high class devil won’t forgive…

If it had been someone else, he would have been spared .

Of all he spits on Issei, now the only thing awaited him was…his death .

“Oye, afraid you little cun-” Zephyrdol didn’t get the chance to complete his sentence, because at that moment a single punch…a single punch from Issei landed on his face, and he was thrown right back at the wall, but this time it was different than how Sairaorg did .

He was bleeding heavily from all over his places .

Issei tears his coat where Zephyrdol had spat and shoved it right back at Zephyrdol’s face which was now completely flat, it cannot be even recognized .


“Kill that bastard”

The people who ran towards the shirtless Issei were Zephyrdol’s peerage members, but Issei at an instant smashed them too in the wall,

“I’ll call it the Useless GlaysLabolas heir and his servants” Issei states, then using the blood, below he writes his name, ‘By Issei Hyodo’ as if showing a high class painting .

Akeno uses magic to recreate Issei’s clothes, because if she watched him naked any longer, she would get turn on as well .

Sairaorg, on the other hand was too getting excited after all, he never met a strong man such as Issei Hyodo before, and he was quite fascinated by him .

“Wait, Ise what- what are you doing…don’t say-” Rias was now actually terrified about what Issei will do now, he prepared a killing fist, as stated…he intended to wipe out the GlaysLabolas’s kid and his peerage, but at that moment, he was interrupted by a familiar voice .

“Ise-kun, please stop” the one was said this, was a handsome looking man with crimson hair, Sirzechs Lucifer .

“Give me a reason why?”

Behind me were Serafall and Ajuka as well and other higher ups, who know about Issei’s identity but didn’t think much of it, one of them came forward and said,

“Kid, you’ll make GlaysLabolas family your opponent, are you sure about that?”

“Indeed, Ise-kun, we are already short of devils please spare the GlaysLabolas and this kid, take this as a joke will you…in his stead, I apologize” Sirzechs gently bowed his head, this action of his brought the room into chaos, of course Serafall, Sona and Rias and their peerage weren’t shocked at all…

If Sirzechs did not intervened, Issei would probably no definitely walk towards GlaysLabolas and destroy the family .

Such is the anger of the strongest being .

“Alright, since it’s you, I’ll let this fool go”

“Thank you” Sirzechs states, after all he saved the kid or so he thought .


He destroyed the wall, due to which, the GlaysLabolas kid and his peerage fell down,

In addition, he walked back to his place like this never happen,

From seven, it was now six families attending…

Sirzechs makes a bitter smile, then continues…

“Now, the meeting begins”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … .

To Be Continued:- New Leader, The New Demon God-2

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