High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 163

A high-class brothel somewhere in amidst of Japan,

A girl with an average height, she has very light skin and long white hair, which is shown as being gray . She wears it in two knotted rings with ribbons entwined in them and a long bang that has two locks of hair on either side that come down to about her eyes . She has blue eyes, is shown to wear a shade of blue lipstick, and has blue painted nails she was completely naked, and was looking out of the window .

She had the same tattoo of wings in her back, similar to Issei’s .

A black, short haired woman enters the room and looks towards the bed, five men were lying naked…they were all breathing heavily, as if they didn’t have a single drop of life left in them .

The woman then looks towards the former, “Kirari-sama, it appears this ‘lot’ of men, fail to satisfy you as well?”

The woman sighs, “Indeed it is, I fail to be satisfied with these freaks…they don’t last longer than three minutes”

“If I say so my lady, with an alluring body and deadly assets such as yours, I fail to see there is any man that is capable of satisfying you cranial desires”

The gray haired woman looks towards the sky, and then continues…

“Cherry, what do you see when you look at the mirror?”

The woman was shaken when her master asked such question, “I see my reflection”

“Indeed, normally you would see your reflection right? But- but I don’t see my reflection in the mirror”

“Wh-what do you mean, my lady?”

“I see, a man same as me, crazy as me, strong as me…lustful as me, he too isn’t satisfied, I want every hot guy a reverse harem, he wants every sexy girl there is a harem .

We just don’t get enough of the battles, we sought more…

Most of all, it’s sex that’s drives us crazy, more and more”

Cherry was shocked to see her master in such state, her eyes wanders towards her blessed bottom, and things…she watches fluids dripping down…

Her master was turned on?

For the first time she saw such reaction, then she questions “Who is this man?”

“Let’s see, he goes by the name…Issei Hyodo, I believe the only man that can satisfy me…till then, these freaks have to do,” She the looks towards Cherry and continues, “Bring in the next ‘lot'”

“Yes, my lady how many you want?”

“Bring in ten men…they at the least should last longer than five minutes”


Outside, nearby mountain…

“Hohohohohoh, it’s like I’m watching a female version of that kid, eh, Virgil?”

The man in the red robe asks,

“Indeed, this is a handful I did not expect to find our fourth member this quickly, but now that we have…we need to gather them, Dante…it also seems, FURY, will be making contact with, that kid Issei tonight, you go to the Underworld and make sure-“

“Make sure that doesn’t happens…right?” Dante completes the former,

“Indeed, while you are at it, make contact with Issei Hyodo as well, it’s now or never”

“You got it, bro” Dante waves his hand and departs .

Tonight, is just the beginning…

… . .

Back in Underworld,

“You seven are all devils of the next generation that have pedigree and true ability that no objection can be raised against . That’s why, I want you to compete together before your debuts and increase your power in this way . “

Sirzechs said this from his seat on the topmost level .

So in other words, they’ll be doing Rating Games with their servant devils here . Azazel talked about it, about them setting Rating Games during the group’s training camp in the underworld .

“Will we also eventually be sent out in the battle against the [Chaos Brigade]?”

Sairaorg suddenly asked that straight out . What an amazing thing to ask .

“I don’t know . However, I don’t want to send out young devils if possible . “

Sirzechs answered as such . Sairaorg- raised his eyebrows in seeming incomprehension at that answer .

“Why? Even if we’re young, we carry part of the responsibility of devils . If we just receive kindness from our predecessors even at this age and nothing further is done—”

“Sairaorg, I acknowledge your bravery . However, you’re reckless . Above all, I’d like to avoid sending you all, who are still in the midst of growing, to the battlefield . Besides, it would be too great a loss if we lost the devils of the next generation . I want you to understand . You are all more of a treasure to us than you think . That’s why I want you to experience important things step by step and grow . “

Sairaorg said “I understand” to Sirzechs’s words, and seemed to consent to his words . But, his expression seemed dissatisfied .

After that, the difficult talk continued about difficult words from the higher-ups and about the upcoming games from the Devil King .

“Now then, I apologise for keeping you with this long talk . Well, we all see our dreams and hopes in you young ones . I want you to understand at least that . You are the treasures of the underworld . “

Everyone hung on Sirzechs’s words . Issei understood that there were no lies in the Devil King’s words as he listened . He was a fundamentally kind person .

He was a candid and interesting person by nature .

“To finish things, will you now let us hear your respective future goals?”

The first to respond to Sirzechs’s request was Sairaorg .

“My dream is to become Devil King . “

—! He declared that kind of thing suddenly!


The higher-ups also let out breaths of wonder at Sairaorg’s goal, which he had declared upfront without hesitation .

“It’s unprecedented for a devil from the Great King family to leave it . “

A male devil higher-up said this .

“When the people of the underworld feel that there’s no choice but for me to become Devil King, I will become one . “

He declared even further!

Rias spoke next .

“My goal for the near future is to live as the next Gremory head, and to win in each Rating Game battle . “

Issei smiled listening to the goal, it was simple yet the most difficult one .

After that the other young people also stated their dreams, their goals, until the last one remaining at the end was Sona .

Then, Sona spoke .

“I wish to build a school for the Rating Games in the Underworld . “

But, while Issei felt admiration for her, the higher-ups scrunched up their eyebrows .

“If it’s learning about Rating Games, isn’t there already one for that?”

As if checking, a higher-up asked this to Sona .

Sona answered blandly .

“That is just a school where only high-class devils and devils of privileged rank are accepted . The school that I want to build is one where low-class devils and reincarnated devils can also attend without any distinction . “

Ooh, so a school without discrimination . That’s good . It would be a good place for the future Underworld . Saji was also proudly listening to Sona’s dream .

However— .


The laughter of the higher-ups ruled over the assembly hall .

Issei understood the meaning of it . The meaning of why the higher-ups were laughing . When he turned to look at Rias, her eyes had narrowed and her face had become serious .

“That’s impossible!”

“This is just brilliant!”

“I see! So you’re a little girl who dreams!”

“It’s good to be young! However, for the next head of the Sitri family to state such a dream, I have to say thank goodness that it was here at this place of introduction before your debut . “

Saji didn’t get it . Why was Sona—being looked down on?

…Even if the current Underworld has changed much from the past, discrimination between the high-class devils, low-class devils, and reincarnated devils still exists . There are also still a lot of people who believe that to be natural as well . That was the reason .

In the midst of all this, Sona spoke frankly .

“I’m serious . “

Serafall also nodded strongly in agreement . She almost seemed to be saying “Well said!” With her position as Devil King, she couldn’t support her younger sister, but even so she seemed worried about her .

A higher-up spoke with cool-headed words .

“Sona Sitri-dono . Low-class devils and reincarnated devils merely work for their high-class devil masters and are only selected for their talent . Wouldn’t building such a training institution make the old families, who value tradition and pride, lose face? No matter how much people say that the world of devils has entered a period of change, change can be both good and bad . Something like teaching mere low-class devils really is nothing of your concern…”

The one who couldn’t remain silent anymore to these words was Saji .

“Why have you been looking down on Kaichou’s—on Sonsama’s dream like that while I’ve been listening silently!? It’s strange! Why should you decide that it won’t come true!? We’re serious here!”

“Be careful how you talk, young reincarnated devil . Sondono, your servant hasn’t been properly trained . “

“…I apologise . I’ll speak to him later . “

Sona said this while not changing her expression at all . Saji didn’t seem to be able to understand her reaction .

“Kaichou! Why!? These people, they mocked your, our dream! Why, do you remain silent!?”

“Saji, be silent . This isn’t a place where you can display such an attitude . I simply told them my future goal . That’s all . “


Sona narrowed her eyes and scolded Saji . Saji also seemed to want to say something, but he held his tongue .

However, this time, the one who was not bounded by any chains was Issei . . .

“Indeed, it is as your master states Saji, her dreams is like that of a walking ‘Elephant’, you need to move forward, ignoring those Higher-up, who are like ‘barking dogs, but no bite’ because they never made any achivements”

Listening to this Sona too blushed and Serafall felt secured, of her little sister however, the higher-ups got angered,

“Boy, how dare you talk to us in such manner?”

“Do you have no respect?”

“Do you want to die?”

The one who spoke those words suddenly felt a purple magic array on his head at an instant he was pushed on the ground .

Gravitational magic .

“Is it that kid’s doing?”

“Make it stop”

All eyes were on Issei, but he rather had a strange face, as he continued ” I haven’t doing anything yet”

Sirzechs smiles, as he gets up, he speaks in a dignified manner, “It seems, you have arrived Lord”

Certain individual who stood there dispersed the magic array he was wearing majestic clothing and had the aura similar to God, but demonic…

“Dad?” Issei was shocked to see, his father in person…indeed the man in that clothing was none other than, his father…

“!” The higher ups were now at a complete loss of words, Van Lucifer Morningstar? Who aided the new generation…who was a hero, who was thought to be dead…was actually alive?

Without wasting any more time, Van states, “Indeed it is as you all kids see, I am very much alive, and I happen to visit the Charred Devil Council, since I have to show them that I was indeed alive and hiding .

I…probably didn’t destroy the council, don’t remember since the building was burning, but I’m here since a certain persistent crimson haired youth wanted me to be here”

Everyone understood, it was Sirzechs who brought Van Lucifer Morningstar back,

he continues ” By the permission from the council, I- Van Lucifer Morningstar, has been re-appointed as the Demon God, if any of opposes it, can take the title back by defeating me…if you can”

Van made a sarcastic smile, indeed it was impossible to defeat Van, no matter how old he might be, he was no he is a monster,

“Also, I heard you all were laughing at Sitri-dono’s dream, on the other hand I didn’t find it funny, rather I found it quiet amusing”

“But the High class families-“

“Shut your trap” Van sneered at the man,

“With growing times, you all will still follow stupid customs and stay weak? Alternatively, improve and move forward accepting new? I find it hard to believe that the new generation, I worked for is this stupid, and thankfully, this must be the reason, why Sirzechs-kun brought me here…geeze”

Listening to this no one had the courage to counter answer, the man in front of them…the Demon God was absolutely right…

“In that case! If my Sonchan wins magnificently in the games, you won’t have any complaints, right? Since many things are granted by saving up good results in the games!”

Everyone was surprised by Leviathan’s sudden suggestion . The Leviathan- in question was in a surprisingly pissed off mood .

“Geez! You oji-samas are all joining forces to torment my Sonchan! Even I have my limit of endurance! If you bully her that much, I’ll torment you as well!”

Serafall spoke to the devil higher-ups with watery eyes . The higher-ups in question blinked their eyes at the livid Devil King Leviathan, and had trouble reacting .

Sona her face in seeming embarrassment . Ooh, this really is a situation in which nothing can be said .

“However, I also felt a refreshing feeling from Serafall-kun’s words . I think that no one has the right to look down on one’s dream . In addition to that, the Underworld has to change, right?”

Van added

“Very well . Then, let’s play the games, between these young people . “

Everyone paid attention to Sirzechs’s words .

“Rias, Sona, would you not like to fight each other?” Van was the one who completed Sirzech’s sentence .

Both of theri peerage didn’t expect such thing incoming .

” . . . “

” . . . “

Rias and Sona also stared at each other, and blinked in surprise .

Without minding them, Sirzechs continued .

“Originally, it was planned for Rias’ game to take place in a few days . Azazel has gathered Rating Game fans from each of the powers, also under the pretext of watching the games of the young people before their debuts . That’s why it’s fine like this . Let’s hold the game with Rias and Sona . “

Based on Sirzechs words, the completed training camp prepared for the group by Azazel was meant to prepare them for the widely anticipated match among spectators!

Gremory opponent is Sona! The student council president!

Rias let out a breath, and then showed a defiant smile to Sona .

Sona also started to show a scornful smile . She also intends to do it full-throttle!

“It may not be an official one, but it feels like fate to me that you would be my first Rating Game opponent, Rias . “

“Now that we’re competing with each other, I won’t lose, Sona . “

“A match between Rias-chan and Sonchan! Yes☆ It may fire things up!”

Serafall also looked happy!

“After two months, the match will begin . . . well according to human’s calender, the day before the summer break is over . . . enjoy till then, but for now, I Van Lucifer Morningstar, adjourn this meeting . . . you all may leave” Van left outside, followed by all the Devil Kings .

Now the servants and the masters were free to feed on the food brought, on the other hand Issei looked outside…Koneko followed a black cat .

“Well, well looks like, interesting this is about to happen”

Issei too leaves .

Rias and Sona were standing alone; both of them had sharp gazes, Sona stated coldly,

“For the sake of our dreams, I will defeat you, even if you have the strongest being on your side” after which Sona leaves,

“I won’t lose either, Sona!” Rias stated with determination…

She looked outside, and found Issei walking towards the forest; she found it strange that’s why she dashed quickly towards him…

“Bucho? Why are you here?”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going where Koneko-chan, went…looks like something interesting is about to happen”

Without a moment of hesitation, Rias states as well, “I’ll go too! Since she is my [Rook]”

“Be my guest”

Sometime later, Issei says Rias to hide behind the bush, as they see Koneko and one other figure on the tree .

Koneko states coldly, “Why are you here? Nee-sama?”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 164:- The cat, The Monkey, The Knight and The Dragon

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