High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 164

Issei and Rias were watching Koneko from the shadows, just in front of her was a woman lying on the branch of a tree, her attire consists of a black kimono, a yellow obi, a set of golden beads, and an ornately detailed headband . The kimono features a red interior and it is open at her shoulders, giving view to her large breasts, which rival those of Rias and Akeno in terms of size .

“I came here to get, my kid sister-nya,” she said in a playful tone,

“Why? Why now? Kurokneesama, you left me all alone and now you come back? Just to take me back after all this time? Don’t you feel anything?”

Rias wanted to go and take her member back, but Issei pulls her, “If she, Koneko-chan leaves, that will be her choice, but if she doesn’t…that will show how much she has love and respect for you, Bucho”

Rias was now unable to answer; all she could do was watch, after all what Issei stated was true .

“Just come with me…that’s your last choice-nya, because I think there is no one that will come for your aid-nya, I’m your only family…”

Koneko’s eyes were filled with tears, she continues “All this time after leaving me alone, you thought…you just thought, ‘I’m alone now, let me get my sister back’, that’s all!

You have no idea how I truly feel, and you say I don’t have a family? You are wrong…I have the best master, I have caring comrades and I…have a loving senpai as well, I don’t need anything else . “

Koneko’s eyes were determined as she continued, “I will not go with you, nee-sama, and no matter what!”

Kuroka was at a complete loss of words, she never expected her kid sister to say stuff like this .

“Looks like it’s your entrance time” Issei walks towards Koneko followed by, Rias he states, “Koneko-chan, you are amazing…you did what was needed and followed your heart an took the right decision, as a matter of fact, I’m impressed”

Issei rubs Koneko’s head, instead of pushing away his arm she felt the warm feeling surrounding her body, she smiled she was happy .

“And you are…?” Kuroka asks narrowing her eyes,

“Well, I’m Issei Hyodo, also called the Red Dragon Emperor”

Kuroka made a face of the one who is surprised, then speaks, “Did you guys hear-nya?”

“Ho ho ho…Red Dragon, Vali’s rival eh?”

“It’s interesting that I met him here”

The former who spoke the words wore or rather was dressed in ancient Chinese armor that was used during the Three Kingdoms period .

The latter was a bespectacled young man with blond hair with a strand of hair across his face, who is dressed in a business suit .

“Who-who are they?” Rias asks, she wasn’t sure who are these people, but sure enough they weren’t weak…their aura and strength surpassed that of the High Class Devils .

“My, my If it isn’t descendant of Sun Wukong, Bikou and descendant of the greatest knight, Arthur, Arthur Pendragon, aren’t you members of Vali team in {Chaos Brigade}, adding the black cat over there?”

“”They are?!”” Rias and Koneko stated together,

“Indeed, it seems they are also one of the two groups who didn’t take the ‘snakes’ granted by Orphis? My, my, to have you all as my opponent…should I be blessed?” Issei prepares his fist .

“Nee-sama, you all should take all your friends and go away from here…you all are no match, for Ise-senpai…if you all value your lives, please run away”

Listening to this, especially Bikou and Kuroka made a hysterical laugh, and Kuroka continues, “Nya…nya, we are stronger than Ultimate Class Devils, what makes you think a single boy, from whom I do not sense any demonic abilities, has the chance to defeat us”

“We should end this quickly and take your sister…that’s all for now…come out [Caliburn],”

from a black and violet magic array Arthur draws out, [Caliburn] a sword which has a grip long enough that appears as a two-handed sword with a round pommel at the end, a huge cross-like shaped guard and a long blade with a gold colored edge,

He dashes towards Issei, his intent was only one thing…to kill him, but the latter did something that made Arthur, Bikou and Kuroka surprised and scared for the first time,

Using only his index and middle finger he blocked [Caliburn], in between his fingers…

“What the? How is that possible? Arthur, are you holding back or something?” Bikou asks,

On the contrary he is even more surprised when he listens to Arthur’s answer, “No, I’m using every ounce of my strength, I’m even pouring all the Holy-Aura to its max…it’s not working”

“Your sword mastery…is actually better than Xenovia and Kiba, but it’s all the same to me, useless” by snapping his middle and index finger Issei easily snaps [Caliburn] into two, and using the broken blade drives and slashes Arthur with pure raw strength .

The pressure forced him to smash towards the tree; he received a heavy cut on his chest and instantly fell unconscious .

Bikou on the other hand without wasting any time drives a replica of [Ruyi Jingu Bang], the ancient weapon passed down in the family of Sun Wukong, but instantly he realizes the mistake he made…Issei threw the broke blade right at the staff, breaking it and directly piercing his shoulder .

Bikou screamed in pain and agony, but he didn’t have any time because Issei forced a kick towards him, breaking his armor and making him spit blood .

His condition became the same as Arthur’s, he was unconscious .

Kuroka was the last one, she didn’t know what to do…but she saw an opening that when she used her Youjutsu (Dark Arts), “[Kasha]” multiple black wheel shaped orbs where formed which pour downed on Issei .

“I won-nya”

“Or did you?”

Kuroka’s expression changed to the one being horrified, the man in front of him, was not in slightest affected by her Youjutsu .

Issei extends his arm, he too uses the same technique used by Kuroka, “[Kasha]” instead of multiple, one giant enormous wheel orb was formed which hits Kuroka…


Issei held back, had he used the ability seriously, Kuroka would have died, she might be strong but her defenses were weak, par too weak .

“Well, well…all bark and no bite, just like your leader, Vali” Issei speaks with a dissatisfied tone, then continues “[Shadow Eater]” his shadow extended and devoured Kuroka, Bikou and Arthur .

Even though Kuroka was enemy, she was still Koneko’s sister, that’s why asked her senpai, “Ise-senpai…did you kill all of them?”

“No, they are locked in my shadow, I’m gonna return them to Vali, so I’m going where he is, the night’s young…would like to follow me, young maidens”

Rias held Issei’s arm and spoke in a cute way, “Indeed, let’s go, I’ll see what you are up to tonight”

Koneko too held her senpai’s coat tightly, “I’ll tag along as well”

Issei smiles brightly, “A date it is then”

Van, Sirzechs, Ajuka and Serafall were near a bridge in the Demon God territory,

“It seems, many are dissatisfied me being the Demon God again…but that’s how it is, I guess”

Sirzechs smiles, “Well, I am happy that you are once again the Demon God”

Serafall adds too, “Me too!”

“Same here” Ajuka as well .

“You three, were little toddlers when, I saw you…can’t believe two of you are Super Devils and the three of you, Devil Kings…nothing makes me proud”

The rest smiled,

“While we are at it, it’s about time I test my abilities, don’t you think?”

The moment Van stated horde of devils surrounded them, there were many creatures as well, three devils, who were also the Higher-ups were the one who began their attack against Van, including their peerage .

“I see that you are here to kill me, eh?” Van states playfully,

One of them replies in an angry tone, “Indeed, I- we will destroy all the Devil Kings and you as well, we will get the old custom back…forcefully if we have to”

Sirzechs, Serafall and Ajuka prepared themselves for attack, but Van spoke something like this, “Let these kids attack me, after all…they should experience ‘Death’ first hand”

He lifts his left arm, where on four of the fingers the word ‘KING’ was written and he keeps he left arm down, where on five of the fingers the word ‘DEATH’ was written or rather tattooed .

During war and during his younger days, there were many nicknames given to Van, even though he could not inherit the Lucifer family’s special ability [Shadow Nova], he created a new demonic ability for himself .

Using that and his body, he became unstoppable…to the point where he earned his first title, ‘KING of DEATH’…

No one knew about his ability, because no one lived to tell the tale .

Van spins his arms and uses his ability, “[Room]” the entire place was surrounded by a white sphere, and the enemies were unable to move .

“This was the very reason, no one fought me…know your enemy before you attack, “

Van clutches his fists and makes a crack sound, “[Shambles]”

At that very instant, the Higher up devils, the Ultimate class ones, their peerage and the horde of devils were decapitated, at an sheer instant .

Ajuka and Serafall’s eyes wided .

“No matter the age, he is still the undefeatable devil, The Demon God Diablo, the King of Death, the curse on army…the fatal wind, the evil mind, the strongest devil…Van Lucifer Morningstar, till date, hasn’t lost” Sirzechs states as a shiver went down his spine .

… .

Rias, Koneko and Issei were already in the human realm, they were walking towards a hill,

Koneko was the first one to talk, “Ise-senpai, can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead”

“You used [Youjutsu], only youkai or former youkai like me can use…how did you used it?”

Issei smiles and says, “Well, I won’t tell you the whole story, but there was once this time I received a critical injury, due to I being sick…the critical injury destroyed the flesh near my heart .

I could have died, but luckily Sun Wukong used some of his flesh and Shiva used his power, after which I was able to use [Youjutsu] and [Senjutsu] (Sage arts),”

Koneko and Rias didn’t realize how to respond to this, “You mean, Sun Wukong-sama, helped you and gave you a part of his flesh?”


“Your luck is too strong senpai”

“It is”

On the top of the hill, two familiar figures were waiting the moment they saw Issei, they bowed their heads in respect .

They were Vali and Yumeko,

“You guys, I thought your friends a little lesson”

Issei states,

“Did…how much long did they last?”

“A minute”

Vali makes a face of disappointment; he didn’t really know what else to say .

Issei extends his shadow and shoots out three unconscious bodies, and then uses [Zeref’s Hope] (similar to [Phoenix Tears] but par better) .

“I wish to talk something to you, Issei-san, privately if you may”


Vali asks and Issei nods, they walk towards the end of the hill .

Yumeko on the other hand was waiting for something…soon, Kuroka, Arthur and Bikou regained their senses,

“Are we dead-nya?”

“I think not”

“Thank the Buddha”


Yumeko hits all the three hard on their heads, “””Why?”””

“You all lasted only a minute against Ise-san? How much useless are you guys?”

After which, Yumeko told them Issei and their story (Chapter 137- Chapter 147),

Their expression changed to one which showed fear, if Vali and Yumeko didn’t do a single shred of damage in their fullest strength, how do they expect to do anything?

“So he’s the strongest being…it’s like too strong being, that’s kind of like cheating” Bikou says with a face of disgust .

At this moment, Vali and Issei return, Vali had a satisfied expression, on the other hand Issei was a little lost .

Rias asks, “What now?”

“Well, we are going in a certain cave, the Vali team will come with us as well, I prefer you and Koneko-chan to return”

Koneko snuggles closer to Issei and says, “Senpai, I’ll stay with you till the end” and that was affirmed by Rias as well .

Issei could only smile and say, “Thanks”

The Vali team and Issei, Rias and Koneko enter a certain cave, it was well lit…the place had different dance models, throughout the way after which it reached a certain door .

Issei looks towards the magnificent door, but his eyes got stuck by the words written on it .

He was shocked .

Out of nowhere tears drop down from his eyes, it was as if he had been redeemed,

Watching this Rias was the first one the question, “Ise! Wh-What happen?”

Issei had the bright smile one has seen, anyone could see “My…she didn’t die! She lived that day!!! Yozora!! My little sister she is inside, she is alive!!!!!”

Issei looks towards the door which was now opening,

“Wait there, Yozora! Onii-chan is on his way”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 165:- Octivia Rises

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