High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 165

At first none of them got, what Issei wanted to say, so he began his explanation . . .

“My sister has one of the twenty one Longinus, [Octivia’s Anthem], a Music Tier gear .

Octivia’s anthem or rather the Longinus was based on the story of eight sisters, who were singers and dancers and performed on the street .

One day, a king of a certain nation asked them to perform in the presence of the king, which they did .

Their performance was top notch, and received praises from all…the king was mesmerized by the beauty and singing and dancing of the sisters that he, wanted all for himself .

He suggested them an opinion, that they should quit their current life style and marry the king, and perform only form him .

The older sister blatantly refused, because Music and Dance was not owned by a single person, it has the be shown to everyone, it is like love which needs to be spread .

No matter the amount of money and luxurious life the king offered, they all declined .

This hurt the pride of the king, and on a certain night ordered his knights to kill the eight sisters, being slaughtered and fallen on the ground…the person who found them was Saint Longinus, who understood the potential of the sisters and sealed their soul, in a scared gear…but there was a single condition added to it .

Those who love the ‘noble art of music and dance’ from the bottom of their heart will receive the power of [Octivia’s Anthem] .

Now, now unlike others, [Octiva’s Anthem]’s [Balance Breaker] is different, a device which appears on the wrist of the user, which is called [Mandarachord] enabling the user to use eight different, armors in [Balance Breaker] .

The First one, also the eldest sister, [Octivia]- Rhythmic and imaginative,[Octavia] conducts her myriad of siren songs and ambient anthems through the mystical Mandachord . Entice enemies with musical instruments that inflict melodic maladies, as the user chorus synchronizes their rhythm to sound the drums of war .

The Second one, the second sister, [Garuda]- Stain her talons crimson, steep the soil in red . To quell her endless bloodlust, the murderous maiden [Garuda] slays her prey with coldblooded elegance and strides upon their corpses in a horrific display of visceral carnage .

The Third one, the third sister, [Saryn]- Unleashing an endless epidemic of contagious spores, [Saryn] rapidly decomposes her foes with horrifying potency . Erupt caustic pustules to spread her disease, shed deceptive husks to draw enemy fire, as she injects lethal venom and exhales deadly viruses to cleanse the System with her toxic touch .

The Fourth one, the fourth sister, [Khora]- Fiercely poised with feral instincts, the huntress [Khora] and her feline familiar [Venari] prowl amidst combat scouring for prey . Mistress of the livewire, she enchains her foes to enforce deadly discipline by whiplash, claws, and serrated steel .

The Fifth one, the fifth sister, [Gara]- Clad in lustrous vitrum, [Gara] sunders her foes with adamantine shards, reflects enemy attacks through enchanted mirrors, and reshapes the landscape with molten crystal .

The Sixth one, the sixth sister, [Mirage]- Mysterious and mischievous, [Mirage] manipulates the spectrum of light to dazzle her foes . With deceitful mirror images, colorful photokinetic displays and explosive pranks up her sleeves, every battlefield becomes the stage for her next performance .

The Seventh one, the seventh sister, [Zephyr]- Light-footed and graceful, the beautiful and deadly [Zephyr] is in her element while airborne . With the power to bend air currents, she is an agile sky terror who delivers swift judgment from above .

The Eight one, the youngest sister, [Titania]- The diminutive temptress [Titania] and her entourage of bladed butterflies scatter their dust to disorient, enchant and beckon foes to their doom .

Eight sisters, eight tone of music, eight form of dance and eight form of death…such is the strength .

It has flaws as well, for example, the user can only use one armor at a time, but if trained properly the user can use multiple armors as well .

What saved my sister was probably, no! I’ sure of it, it was [Love of Song], it’s a skill which activates when the user’s life is in grave danger, it creates an substance of glass and seals the user .

That’s why, when my sister was about to meet her end, unknowingly the skill activated and saved her, and due to the consciousness of the souls in the scared gear, she was taken in this cave and survived till now . “

Issei finally stopped his explanation,

“What about the nutrients and other necessary requirements for a human body?” Vali asks,

“I think, the nutrients and the other necessary substance would have been provided by [Gara], that armor is also connected to the nature, which helped her get what she needs . “

Issei replies, then continues, “Whatever it is, I must go in”

Rias places her arm on Issei’s shoulders, “I’m with you”

Issei smiled and looked towards the door, which finally opend . And a statue walked towards them,

The statue murmured something that was inaudible . . . then it spread its arms .

Then it spoke, “Life is one grand sweet song, so start the music”

No one actually got it what it meant to say, but Issei found out, for the love of music and dance…one must prove that he or she loves music and dance .

Issei clears his throat and sings, Yozora’s favorite song, the song she wrote herself…the statue move aside and gave them the way to enter .

Issei nudges everyone and asks to follow, since the audience were captivated by his voice .

The Shirina Palace,

Haruka looked at her face again and again, no matter what her beautiful face was now, burnt, and her voice distorted…she was angry and wanted revenge, but now the current news were salts on her would .

She was shocked when she found through her [Great Mirror], Issei and Vali have entered the cave where Yozora Hyodo was present and alive .

If they reach there, it will be all over for her, she orders her subordinates, in her broken voice .

“Order all the warriors of Shirina, now we have to strike no matter what…we need to stop, Issei Hyodo and others, call Anvil as well, we need to stop them…”


“Just how did you reach there? Vali did you betray the {Chaos Brigade}? No! No! I won’t fail, I will take the power of {Octivia’s Anthem} . . . I will, then only, I . . . I . . . “

The words didn’t escape Haruka’s lips, her throat went dry .

The cave was, dark yet the path was crystal clear, it’s like it was showing the way itself .

Soon, the group reached near a pillar of glass, and a beautiful girl was placed in the middle of it .

Issei puts his arm around the glass pillar, “Yozora, ” he cries, “I’m here”

Unknown to everyone, Vali’s heart skipped a beat, for the first time when he looked at Yozora, and a new fate was made .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 166:- Vali and Yozor the Power of Resonance

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