High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 166

{ 10 Years, later after the great catastrophe }

Somewhere in Switzerland, as far as the eye can see, the place was filled with white and beautiful snow .

On the top of the first hill, there was a small, yet comfortable house, and beautiful aroma of cooked food was being born from the place .

A man, probably in his late twenties, with hair that rivaled snow, and beside him- his son, who had the same white hair, but his bangs were black in color .

The kid yells, “Mom, I’m going to watch the sunrise with Dad, I’ll be back”

“Take care both of you, want me to pack some breakfast?” a sweet voice of a woman gave the reply to her son .

“No need mom, I packed up Ramen, I’ll see you later!”

His eyes then moves towards his father, he smiles and says, “Let’s get going”


After reaching the third hill, the scenery of the land became much more beautiful, as the sun slowly rose up, the father and son duo ate the ramen enjoying the scene .

“So, how many times you fought uncle?” the kid was the one to start the question,

“Countless times, Kodoka, countless times” the father replies,

“Did you ever win?”

“Never, your uncle, Issei Hyodo was the strongest being; you know even dating your mother was actually a trail for me”

Kodoka’s interest piqued as he continued, “How?”

“Well, back then even without using his [Balance Breaker], he had defeated armies, so he said this to me, ‘Vali! If you want to date Yozora, you must force me to use [Balance Breaker], until then, you and Yozora will not meet!’, he was like an angry force dad, protecting his daughter”

“I think he was” the kid replies to his father,

“What makes you think?”

“Perhaps he was thinking whether or not, he could entrust his sister to someone who can protect her after he is gone?”

Even though Kodoka was a kid, he could understand the physiology of people, and the person who he was greatly fascinated was his uncle, Issei Hyodo .

“So how did you win mom over?”

“Well there was this tournament, I was up against your uncle’s team…alright, and they were all overpowered, you mother was my [Queen], she was strong, her powers rivaled mine…but the opponents [Queen], Merlin-san…she was just too strong .

We even had the legendary beast Fenrier, and yet your uncle’s [Pawn], Kaneki was playing with him .

Not to mention, Zorro almost killed Arthur .

We were at a tight spot you see .

Well it was that moment your mother rather made a bold move”

The kid’s father puts his face near his son and says, “Don’t say this to your mother, but in between the match, she looked at me with a red and teary face…I didn’t know what she planned to do, but the next moment it all became clear .

She screams, “Vkun…if-if-if you, if you defeat Nii-san…I’ll-I’ll let you do lewd things to me”

“The stadium went silent…entirely quiet, even your grandparents looked at it with disbelief, I could have swore Van-sama was about to spit blood from his mouth…well actually Ise-san as well…well, now I cannot lose, now can I?

I felt the surge of energy and finally I was able to force myself on Ise-san, after all I had to win, then I would have the chance to do the entire lewd things with your mother that I fantasized about”

“So you won?”

“Nah, I lost…but I was able to make him use his [Balance Breaker], so finally I was able to date your mother, of course it had a condition to it”

“What was the condition?”

“If Van-sama, your grandfather saw me and your mother together, he’ll kill me on the spot”

The mood was fresh and nice .

However, he, the kid made a sad face and asks his father, “Did uncle Issei really die?”

“Do you believe your father?”

The kid looks towards this dad, whose face had a smile,

“I do”

“I swear on your and your mother’s name, the two people, I love the most, your uncle isn’t dead”

“So the undead leaders keep stating-“

“They do because they want to maintain the fear, those who know the truth, know where he and the other founders of the {D x D} are”

“Do you know?”

“I do…I was also one of the spectators who witnessed him…them leaving to that place, in order to defeat that ‘monster'”

“Will we live like this? Hidden?”

“We…won’t, because…do you feel this silence?”

His father asked .

Kodoka didn’t get, what he meant to say .

“Dad, what do you mean?”

“It’s the silence, before the storm…” Kodoka’s father turns his head towards the back however; he maintained his smile and continues, “Isn’t that right? Leader of the Rebellion…Milicas Gremory?”

. . . . . . . . .


Issei was happy, no, words could not describe the feeling he has right now, he looks towards Vali, and states,

“Use your [Balance Breaker], and divide the glass, I could shatter it…but it may have adverse effects, divide and erase it”

Vali nodded, his face was red but he did as he was told and went to his [Balance Breaker] state and started what he had to .

Issei sensed something was wrong, as his eyes wanders towards the walls of the cave,

“Shirina clan’s spy mirror!!” Issei roars,


“The entire Shirina clan would be arriving here any moment, looks like it will be a small war…if it’s Haruka, this means Anvil will be arriving as well, looks like it…” Issei face, turned to one of anger, perhaps this time he intends to settle it once and for all .

“What are you planning?” Rias asks, her eyes were intensified as well .

In a cold tone he states, “I will end it, one has to die, and it is going to be her…Haruka”

Rias knew, that Haruka Shirina still bothered Issei somewhere in his heart even though everyone thought he got over it, that’s why Rias boldly made a proposition

“Ise, in your stead…I will defeat Haruka”

Issei made a surprised expression, he was for the first time wasn’t able to comeback with a reply, Rias continues,

“The case is still close to your heart, perhaps this time; you should just be a spectator”

“Senpai, I’ll aid bucho as well” Koneko added too,

“I see” Issei made a small smile, he felt like someone understood him…so he agreed to become spectator for this match, after all however or whatever height of despise he has for Haruka, she was also the woman he once loved…so killing her by his own hands was still difficult .

Kuroka who was attentively watching this scene, thought of something, ‘A loving senpai, huh…Shirone’



The glass was now shattering and disappearing slowly and slowly, Issei from thin air used magic and brought a white cloth .


The glass pillar shatters, the girl inside, Yozora slowly falls down…Issei instantly grabs her and covers her body with the white cloth .

He had a smile over his face, a bright one with a single tear falling from his eye .

He felt her palm grabbing his strongly,

She wakes up slowly…slowly, her eyes…her pupils were black, yet it was beautiful…she looked at the person in front of her .

Nostalgia .

A sensation, which she never forgot…a sensation, he held on to .

Even thought not related by blood, yet closer than any other sibling .

She cries and she makes here grip, even tighter…

“Brother, you finally came”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

To Be Continued:- Chapter 167- Vali and Yozor the Power of Resonance

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