High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 167

It was a beautiful night, the ones who were returning from a certain mission where Takeru and Akame, two founders of the {D x D} alliance, massive strength to even take down gods and Ultimate-class devils easily .

Yet, today both of them got chills down there spine…they stopped, since both of them had taken part in wars, their senses have honed, if anything they can easily distinguish what enemy to fight…and what to not .

Carefully scanning the area, Takeru finally notices a woman walking towards their direction,

Akame makes a sarcastic comment,

“Certainly you are not lost here?”

Under the moon light, the woman’s beauty was now in front of the two founders,

The woman had very light skin and long white hair . She wore it in two knotted rings with ribbons entwined in them and a long bang that has two locks of hair on either side that come down to about her eyes . She had blue eyes and was wearing a shade of blue lipstick .

Her beauty was simply too alluring .

Just like Issei’s face, her was as if attracting men…but at the end minuet Takeru regained his senses .

“Who might you be beautiful lady?” Takeru was getting chills down his spine,

“Me, well it’s important to know my name…but I do not think you are worth as such…Takeru Ohiyama, the Madan Buddha and Akame of the Muramasa, would both of you like to have a fight against me?”

Akame felt her instincts calling to retreat, it’s the first time she felt like this, not her even Takeru…but both of them already knew, they can’t escape .

Akame tried contacting, but it was fruitless, it so appears they were completely isolated .

“Why struggle? I believe both of you are strong enough to fight…no, overpower Gods right? Then I’m just a single fragile girl, can’t both of you defeat me?” she speaks, he tone was totally indicating that she was looking down on them .

“We have no choice, but to fight Akame”

“I never expected that after the job, this will be waiting for me, I expected food…”

Both of them, took battle stances,

“I don’t know, Akame, but let’s go all out”


Takeru and Akame planned to go all out, because the ominous felling the woman was giving off…

She smiles and states, “Remove [Limiters]”

<[Limiters] removed, power at 50%>

The duo who were about to attack the woman, received a heavy impact…


Similar to the top three founders of the {D x D} alliance…

No something about the woman was off…

Takeru understood, the feeling…she resembled closely, not from face…but from the attitude as Issei .

Akame didn’t wait, instead she dashed with the uppermost killing intent and uses her sword [Muramasa]’s absolute ability, [Death Curse], for instant kill, she indented to destroy the woman at the first attack, but the latter just smiled .

“[Perish]” the woman raised her arms and takes on [Muramasa]’s attack head on, but at that instant…the sword turned to dust, with her abilities .

“Impossible!!!” Akame refused to believe that her weapon, her odachi [Muramasa]… turning to dust?

The sword wasn’t inferior to [Bryhinder], the strongest sword, yet this woman easily turned it to dust?

What kind of power does she has?


The woman lands heavy impact punch straight to Akame’s guts, she spat blood as she went flying smashing trees behind…

Takeru still couldn’t comprehend; it only took this woman, exactly one hit to defeat…Akame?

Just single hit?

His intuition became strong, most probably…no this woman, is just as strong as Issei Hyodo, if so, the battle’s outcome is already decided .

He fell for the trap, he fell for this woman’s trap…at first he somewhat believed that he could defeat her, with Akame’s help, but now that Akame is out…and in a single punch .

“Done analyzing my abilities?” the woman speas in a carefree tone…

Cold sweat and chills were only the comrades Takeru had .

“Why? Why are you doing this?”

The woman laughs and says, “Well, you see…if I kidnap both of you, won’t your leader, Issei Hyodo, come to your rescue? I want to fight him . That’s why . “

She states it simply, like her wish .

“Then you could have just asked him, he’s a battle maniac after all”

“There is no thrill in that, there is no fun”

“I want him to come to me, with a reason…I want him, it’s that simple”

Takeru makes a bitter smile, “I see, you are no different from him…both of you just live for the sake of thrill, right? Then what, he wants a harem…do you want a reverse harem?”

The woman smiles, “Oh my, indeed I do, and Issei Hyodo will just be a fine collection”

Takeru takes the battle stance, he very well knew that he can’t reason with her, so he intend to go all out in his first attack, even though he knew it will be fruitless .

“[100 Buddha: Total arms of abolishment]” after using, behind his back a great statue about ten meters tall, took form, statue of a Buddha which was glowing .

The Buddha statue had exactly a hundred arms on it, and all of them were lanced with strength, pure strength…that directly aimed for the woman .

Instead of dodging, or blocking, she took the attack head on…as if it didn’t matter, she enjoyed it…first time, an attack was proving to be effective, yet it was all useless .

“[Perish]” the same ability, she used against Akame…at an instant, the entire statue turned to dust, even before Takeru had the chance to plan his next move, the woman was right in front of her .


Solid impact, a bone shattering and direct kill ability…could have killed anyone with a single punch, but since Takeru, cultivated his body to some extent, he withstood the ability .

The battle was over, it was a one sided match, quiet easily the woman defeated two founders of {D x D} alliance, she was beginning to think weather they are really strong or not .

At that moment, a girl who was hiding behind a veil came towards her and spoke, “Kirari-sama, the preparations are done, but there might be a slight incontinence”

“Which is?”

“Hinatsama, she left after saying she got a call from Haruka Shirina”

“Haruka Shirina? The leading bitch of the ‘Shirina’ clan?”

“Indeed, my lady, it appeared Hinatsama was quiet serious”

“You don’t say, alright, she has the right to live however she wants, I don’t want to be a bother…but, before I take them…I want to have a little fun”

She walks towards the fallen Takeru, who still had his consciousness left, he looks towards the woman,

“You asked for my name right? Well…it’s Kirari Momobami, and just as you think I’m quiet found of sex”

Even though he took a heavy damage and somehow maintained his consciousness…he still was at a shock,

The woman…Kirari, pulls down her skirt and removes her shirt, reveling her snow-white breasts and sits right on top of Takeru, who…no matter how hard he controlled, he got a boner .

“The other thing that, I’m quite fond of is ‘Reverse-Rape’, if you know what…I mean”

Her eyes were glowing deep blue…as she stripped injured Takeru,

She puts her clit, right above her dick, he could feel it…not knowing the reason, he was quiet turned on,

“Masochist are you?” she states while she laughed as she took in his manhood…

Alas the night was about to be much rougher than, the duo thought .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … .


“Brother, you finally came! You finally did! I knew it . . . I knew that you will come, I just had to wait” Yozora was crying, her heartfelt words reached,

The warmth he thought that would be lost forever was now in front of him again .

However, there were many explanations to be done,

“Yozora…I don’t, I don’t know how to say this…but-“

“You are a Nephilim, right brother?”

Issei looked at her, with eyes filled with shock .

“Father is a Devil and mother a Goddess, I’m human and I am not at all related to you all by blood”

“H-How did you know?”

“[Gara]’s armor is connected to the nature as well, so…those whom I considered close, I always watched them…I know about your past, brother…so, I know almost everything…what happen”

“So, do you despise us? Not being your true ones”

Yozora hugs her older brother and states, “I am blessed to have a brother such as you, parents as mom and dad, I am blessed…truly, on the contrary…what happen to me, will you all still accept me? Me being impure-” Yozora had tears but, Issei covered her lips with his palm .

“No need, who said you are impure, you are, were and will always be pure and kind one”

Rias waves her arms and Yozora was now wearing Khou Academy, 1st year uniform .

“Vali, and the rest take my sister outside, probably fight has already reached you all…you all will be up against the entire Shirina clan, and probably Anvil as well”

Issei was serious when he stated this, the army of the Shirina clan was nothing…but Anvil could be a problem .

“About Anvil-” Vali wanted to speak, but Issei stopped him,

“Don’t worry…he might appear strong, but among the twelve he is the weakest, once you know his weakness…you can exploit it quiet easily”

Vali to the extent understood what Issei wanted to say and without any further ado, he, Yumeko, Arthur, Kuroka and Issei’s sister Yozora escaped .

“I see you found your sister, eh” a distorted voice rung, no sooner Vali and the others left .

“Ladies, looks like Haruka Shirina is finally here”

Unknown to them, another girl was following Haruka as well .

Vali and his team successfully went outside, but as Issei told…the Shirina clan warriors were waiting for them, and Anvil leaded them .

They were clearly outnumbered .

“Well, they outnumber us now, don’t they” Bikou spoke, but Yozora replies,

“But certainly not, outclass us”

She walks right in front, and throws something that appears like a disco ball, but in an orb shape…soon the entire place was covered with a thin circle of light .

The disco ball started to move furiously, and played a dubstep song, the enemies couldn’t get what the on earth was going on, but little did they know demise was waiting for them .

Yozora, starts to move her hips, she slowly starts to dance with the rhythm, the enemies began to comment crap about her and how stupid she is, dancing in the middle of a battlefield,

Arthur, Bikou and Kuroka found this idiotic as well…

On the other hand, Vali was mesmerized by her moves; it was as if he was watching a work of art,

Little did they know, the next thing…was about to surprise all of them,

Yozora puts her arm right in front, and exclaims, “[Mandarachord: Balance Break]

[2nd Sister [Garuda]] activate!!!!]”


Yozora was now covered with a white armor, whose design was done in red, what unique was both of her arms had folded claws reaching till her head .

The claws activated and sprung right in front,

“Start! [Gore Dubstep]”


Yozora appears in midst of the battlefield where she was dancing, even in that armor she was still moving her hips, as if still dancing…but this time, her armor was covered in blood .

The frontlines of enemies, the five thousand Shirina clan members, were all cut to pieces…

Arthur, Bikou and Kuroka lost the color of their face, so did the enemies, even Anvil was shocked .

This was the power of the so-called disco ball; it enabled her to read the opponents rhythm, making her easy to slaughter them all .

Without any further waiting, Anvil passed the order and multiple Shirina clan warriors rushed towards them, but they suddenly turned to ash .

What happen?

Vali took his [Balance Breaker] form and easily destroyed his enemies .

When he faced off against Issei, his opponent was just too strong, but now…he could show them, just how strong he actually is .

“Why did you interfere?” Yozora asks nonchalantly .

“Well, I can’t let you hog all the fun now can I? Would you care for a dance?” Vali speaks through his armor,

Yozora laughs as she makes her [Mandarachord] reappear, “That would be my pleasure, Vali-kun”

Haruka Shirina entered the cave with a certain someone who had glossy, shoulder-length black hair . She often sweeps her bangs over her right eye while tucking the left side behind her ear, she looked beautiful…but her eyes become bloodshot when he saw Issei as she screamed,

“You!! How dare you use the holy name of our clan? Issei “Hyodo”, for your sins, I, Hinata Hyodo, will extinguish your life!”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Chapter 168:- The Name You Should Not Use

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