High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 168

Vali and Yozora, never met .

They did not know if the other existed in any form .

Yet, today the duo, oblivious to each other’s existence, where fighting today side by side, like veterans or brothers-in-arms, or rather, their fighting style was so beautiful as if a couple was dancing, without any restrictions, bathing the rain of blood from their enemies .

Out of the three, Arthur was stronger than Kuroka and Bikou, and indeed, he understood the world better than they did, he was not stupid or sometimes acting naively .

He clearly understood what could cause such actions between two warriors who never met each other .

Resonance, a long lost term for those who fall in love first sight…in amidst of the battlefield, a term for those who were destined to meet no matter what .

Apart from that, there is no other reason how can two unknown people move in such a fashion, as if fighting together for ages .

Yozora jumps mid air and removes her armor,

“[5th Sister [Gara]! Activate!!]”

< Lustrous Vitrum! Rise!!>

This time, Yozora’s body was covered with a brown armor, with glass being her ornaments throughout her armor .

“[Mirror Wall]”

A cylindrical shaped glass wall surrounded Yozora, after which it starts to gain ground and covered up the space, passing through the enemies…

The moment it did so, all the enemies turned to glass, it was the special effect of [Mirror Wall], it turned what the caster considers enemies to glass .

“[Energy Spear]”

Multiple spear, white in color landed on the crystallized enemies, this power and attack belonged to Vali .

With Arthur, Bikou and Kuroka handling the rest, it was now the time for face off…

Anvil against Vali and Yozora, true power showdown was about to begin, at that moment Vali thought of something, or rather remembered what Issei said,

“Anvil is actually weak, try to find his weakness”

His weakness?

What could be…?

“Yozora, do you have any agile armor or rather an armor which will have the restriction on that person’s body?”

“I do” she replies

“[4th Sister [Khora]! Activate!!]”


This time Yozora’s body clods with a purple armor with silver lining, she had a metallic whip on her hand which had thorns on them, and beside her a panther, who wore an armor…it’s name was [Venari], a familiar which can only be used when using [Khora] .

“I, who shall awaken,

I am the Heavenly Dragon who has taken the principles of supremacy from ‘God’

I envy the ‘infinite’ and peruse the ‘dream’

I shall become the White Dragon of Supremacy

And I shall take you to the limits of white paradise”

Vali activates his [Juggernaut Drive], no time for holding back…it was about to go all out, and Anvil too didn’t had any plans to go easy, rather he was fully prepare to kill both of them without any slightest bit of hesitation .

Inside the cave, it was getting messy as well, because a new character made her declaration of threat towards Issei,

Hinata Hyodo, of the Hyodo clan…

“Can the two of you please deal with my ex; it appears I will be having my arms full at the moment”

Rias and Koneko nodded, as the dashed towards Haruka, who looks at them with the eyes of disgust, “So you two are his new bitches eh? Come?!”

On the other hand, Issei speaks with a dignified manner, “Well, well lady, care to explain why the hate for me?”

“You are a devil and dragon abomination and I’m a human, I consider you a threat, we consider fallen angels, devils and dragons a threat, so you who is a combination of both devil and dragon, what do you think it needs to be done?

After all, someone like you must be purged from the man’s world, and especially you, who uses our clan’s name…”

“I see, you are a type of girl, I cannot reason with…because you won’t listen, will you?”

“Correct, you are, why will I listen to a scum like you?” Hinata speaks expressionlessly, and takes out a cube and throws it mid air, that instant both Issei and Hinata were trapped or rather locked in that white cube .

<> Aya, wanted to speak, who was inside Issei .

“I see, the [Longinus]- [Unknown Dictator], is it…a scared gear, able to seal off, anything that is not physical strength, this means no scared gear, magic or any other power can be used be me…”

“Correct” Hinata draws out her rapier and without any waste dashes towards Issei .

He on the other hand was taken aback, her attack were too fast, even for his eyes, within a second she had given him enough cuts .

“Strongest being? What a joke”

She continues her speed attack, to which Issei was not able to react .

The space was totally, isolated from the outside area .

On the other hand, Rias and Koenko were facing difficulty against Haruka, not matter what amount of power they were using; she tends to reflect it quiet easily .

Haruka may not look like it, but she was strong…one of the reason why she was able to capture Issei’s heart was her strength .

She was able to withstand against Rias and Koneko, the former being a High-class devil and the latter a strong [Rook] .

“What is this? So weak! Both of you!!” Haruka was laughing,

“It seems like I need to overcome this hurdle, bucho…I’m going all out, by all out I mean…all out” Koneko speaks with her eyes filled with intensity,

Rias understood what Koneko wanted to do, so without any hesitation she approves .

White cat ears and a white tail grows out of Koneko’s body, she accepted her past .

“A nekomanta? No…no you are a nekomata, nekoshou probably…looks like you aren’t strong as Rindou” Haruka speaks, she then delivers multiple mirror shards towards them, which Rias destroys using the power of destruction .

White orbs surround Koneko’s arms as she throws multiple of them towards Haruka, with that the mirror slowly starts to take damage, after all in the end she was human, the fatigue finally caught up to her .

The other side, it appeared as though Hinata was about to achieve victory,

“I see, you are a skilled one, if it was someone else…that person would have been long dead, this [Longinus] of yours, no not yours, you just borrowed it…but you still don’t know whom you are facing”

“What?” Hinata states with a blank expression,

<[Limiters] removed! Power at 50%>

“This is what it means achieving physical strength beyond humane comparison”

“All talk”

Hinata rushes with her rapier but this time, Issei holds the rapier’s tip and breaks it easily,

“What?! Till now you couldn’t even keep up! How?”

“Simple, your reaction time”

“My…reaction time?”

“Indeed, you are not strong, but you are deadly fast…normal fighters have reaction time of 1 second, those who improve, 0 . 1 sec, but you have trained yourself to react and attack within 0 . 01 seconds…impressive .

But not so impressive, you see, I train and battle against Tojo Basara whose reaction time is 0 . 001 seconds, even before you blink he would have landed multiple attacks that’s why with superhuman harvesting, and with the help of my [Longinus] , my reaction time is 0 . 001 seconds…you see, strong and agile”

Hinata makes a bitter expression, she has been seen through .

Her real ability was termed [Mathematician], her unique skill was actually a natural born science ability combined with magic .

Her ability [Mathematician] enabled her to easily dodge and predict the skills and abilities of her opponents, even though she was human; she was no less than the current Ultimate Class Devils .

For the sake to destroy anything that is not human, she even mastered the ways of church to destroy devils .

She was well prepared to exterminate the foe she had been waiting for so long .

Her plan indeed was flawless, she used her connection to get a sub-species of the [Longinus] [Unknown Dictator] in order to cease his strength, such as his [Longinus], his [Magic], his [Senjutsu] and [Youjutsu], [Demonic] and [Angelic] abilities…she was sure that she had the strength to face him off alone in terms of [Physical] category . Boy was she wrong, all her plans went to waste because he surpasses the only thing that she had complete faith on, her reaction time .

It was all over .


A solid impact, right at Hinata’s gut smashing her out of the cube and thrown right at the entrance,

It was now the time for retreat, if only the one was inside was forgivable enough, she knew that her revenge plan must wait…

At that instant she starts to cough blood, she puts her hand around her belly region .


She had taken heavy internal damage, no way all she now could do is run…the once expressionless Hinata, now felt fear, fear that she might die without even doing anything, only that person is strong enough to help her .

Without a second thought she takes out another cube, which takes the form of a cloak, she puts it on herself and hobbled out of the place as fast as she could .

The cloak was a part of [Unknown Dictator] which removes the presence of a being completely, as if it never existed .


Koneko used her [Youjutsu] at its finniest and broke all the mirror, Haruka was now totally out of power, she could feel the aura filled with rage, colored in crimson .

Rias Gremory, she states as her aura continues to pike, “You toyed with my servant’s feelings, whom I care about deeply, you sin is unforgivable…now perish”

She shoots a highly explosive attack of Destruction, which Haruka is unable to counter, defend or evade, the attack directly hits her abdomen region, instantly making a hole…

Her eye sights move upwards, as she falls down…this was finally her end,

Rias was about to deal the final blow which would completely kill her, but Issei stopped her,

“Bucho, Koneko-chan…please leave the cave, her final moments are curse on me as well, let me hear them…alone”

Friends or foes, Issei always believed the last words of the dying person must always be given attention to .

Without arguing any further, Rias and Koneko leave .

“She was strong, right?”

“I-indeed she was, after all my fated death was today, by her hands”

“Any last words?”

“I have, had been quiet a bitch right? Well, I deserve to die like this…”

“What did you want?”

“Love and acceptance from my father, which I will never receive now, well we all had our ups and downs…care to do one last job?”

“Which is?”

“Kill my parents as well”

“Well, your wish shall be granted”

“S…so long, boyfriend . . . . . “

Her eyes finally closed, at the end of the day Haruka Shirina was also one of those person who wanted to truly receive parent’s love, taking drastic measures in the end .

Issei snaps his fingers an lights up Haruka’s body on fire, turning her body into ash .

“So, long girlfriend…goodbye it is”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 169:- Downfall of the Beast God

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