High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 169

Who is Anvil?

Born in the realms of the Demi beasts, he was proclaimed to be the strongest one, but was he?

He was born with a unique ability named [Call of the Wild], an ability passed down by his ancestors…enabling him to use the fullest extent of any animal or rare beasts, a [Buff] skill .

However, was Anvil really blessed?

He became strong-based sole on his unique ability [Call of the Wild], indeed, he did so .

However, the power that gave him the title of ‘Beast God’ is also a curse .

He is physically and physiologically weak, too weak if one may add .

He hides those with the help of his abilities, and he has pretty good at it…this basic weakness is what Issei stated .

Vali, figures this out, he indeed is buffing himself for strength and this can be broken down .

He is not one of the twelve strongest, rather he is weakest among them .

After wiping out the remains of the Shirina warriors, Yumeko too joined the fray .

It was now three against one, Yumeko, Vali and Yozora against beast god Anvil .

Without wasting anytime, Anvil summons himself Rhino’s armor, and tiger’s claw in left hand and bear’s claw in right, all where in spiritual form enabling him to easily block any amount of physical damage done to him .

However, Yozora’s armor which she wielded currently, [Khora] had one special ability, [Cage Deadlock], even for a short period of time to nullify all the abilities, but she needed a clear opening .

Anvil who was fighting head on against Vali who was under the strength of [Juggernaut Drive] and Yumeko, who was too at her full strength, he was well keeping up rather he was almost to the point overpowering them .

“What’s the matter? Is this the strength of White Dragon and Knight Dragon? Are both of you this incompetent?”

Vali didn’t reply, but waited for his chance, his chance to break his power .

On the ninth attack, Anvil backed out a little…, his spiritual powers glowed, and then he kept on with his attack .

This was his mistake, because Vali exactly now knew what to do .

Taking damage head on, when Anvil backed out and was about to perform the same ability he did some time ago, Vali rushes and hits directly at his abdomen, and Yumeko stabs a long sword straight from Anvil’s back piercing his chest .

His spiritual ability [Call of the Wild] faded .

This was his abilities greatest flaw; it had to be re buffed after a certain period of time, which made his body venerable, but he could still do it .

“[Cage Deadlock]”

A sphere of chain surrounded Anvil and multiple chains strangled him, disabling him to use his unique ability .

“What the- I-I can’t buff?!” Anvil was at a great loss of words since he was unable to use his only form of strength, but then he happen to notice the chains that surround him starts to fall off little by little .

This was because Yozora had almost hit her limit, and if no move is made now, surely the only one who could save them will be Issei .

Vali and Yumeko too reached exhaustion, the next attack will be their final…

“I have been training, so this ability will contain every ounce of my power”

“Same here”

“I who shall awaken,

I am the Heavenly Dragon who borrowed the principal of domination from Gods,

I despise the ‘infinite’ and decline the ‘dream’,

I shall become Knight Dragon of Vengeance,

And I shall slay you till the end of the blood river,

[Juggernaut Drive]!!”

This time it was Yumeko who activated her [Juggernaut Drive], unlike Vali she can’t maintain this form for very long time .

She wished to use this against Issei, in her last battle against him, but when she saw Vali beaten down…even in his [Juggernaut Drive], she gave up .

However, now this was her chance to show Issei who was watching from the sidelines her strength, her aim was to get under his wing and train, in order to do so…she thought the best would be to present her strength .

Vali locks himself with the ground, Yumeko did the same,

“[Vanishing Dragon: Heavenly Roar]”

“[Knight Dragon: Heavenly Roar]”

Massive amount of white aura near Vali’s mouth and silver aura near Yumeo’s mouth was formed, which turned into orbs .


Explosion, from both the sides…the Heavenly Dragon’s roar, that is what they have been practicing, in order to make oneself strong in the path of dragon, [Heavenly Roar] is important .

The land shattered and broke away, before the roar hit Anvil, the chains that held him were removed by Yozora, so the outer attacks by the duo do not nullify .

Yozora’s armor shattered, she was about to fall on the ground when Vali held her, with a smile he spoke,

“You are quiet strong lady”

“So are you”

From the distance, completely hiding and camouflaging her presence, she looked towards the battle, but what she was shocked to see, the black haired girl, whom Vali was holding on to…

“She looks like…Shizu-sama?”

She mutters in disbelief .

Issei holds Vali from his collar throws him behind, “Vali, hands off my sister”

He then continues, “You fine, Yozora…”

“Ah, yes nii-san, I’m fine…just fatigue”

“Take rest”

Rias, Koneko, Kuroka, Bikou and Arthur too arrived on the scene, it was heartwarming probably because, Yozora held on tightly to her older brother .

“AAAhhhhhhh” a sound was heard, the sound of a person being in agony, it was the remains of Anvil,

All the eyes were on him, his body was burnt…half of his body disappeared yet he somehow managed to live,

“Your power is indeed fearsome, Anvil” no sooner Issei completes his sentence, a whip destroys Anvil’s body .


Issei’s heart rate increased…his senses became sharp…something or someone is there, and it was just too strong .


Her hair was long but glowing red and floating, she was wearing armor and had well built body, she had peach color skin and her eyes glowing white .

“Who are you?” Issei asks, his senses were going off…she was strong, very strong .


“Recruit me for what exactly?”

The woman named FURY was just about to speak when a sword fell right in between them from the sky,

It was a long blade with a skull on its handle .

Soon after on it’s handle a man stood, his red coat was floating in the sky and white hair dancing, he looks towards Issei, and speaks,

“Yo, it’s our first time meeting right?”

Issei recognized the voice, it was the one he heard during he had black out and his Nephilims powers were unleashed .

The woman makes the face of disgust and roars,


Issei looks towards the man and states, “You were the one in my-“

“Visions? Yes, the names Dante, kid…I’m a nephilim just as you are”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … . .

To BE Continued:- Chapter 170:- Loli Issei

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