High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 170

“Ok, Ok I’m confused, Dante and the woman over there, FURY? Who are you all and what do you want from me?” Issei was at a complete loss of words, he didn’t know what to do .

“As, she said . . . I’m here to recruit as well”

‘Vail, Yozora, Rias, Koenko and the rest go behind the hill, this has nothing to do with you all, if it comes to fight none of you are match for these two, leave’

Issei sends a telepathic message to all, instead of questioning back they all did as they were told and didn’t ask anything further as they walked towards the hill .

“The lady over there, why exactly should, I join you?” Issei prepares himself,

<> she appeared all high and mighty when she spoke those words, she didn’t let anything bother her, she even forgot Dante was present here .

“And you? Dante?”

“To do the exact opposite”


“Can, I ask you something . . . FURY, what is it that you truly desire? I cannot join unless, I know what you want?” Issei showed intensity in his eyes, which FURY liked .

She thought he would be some kind of incompetent man, whom she can easily allure . . . but it appears so the man in front of him is quiet smart and strong as well to able to withstand her pressurizing aura .

With boldness in her eyes and a sadistic determined face she states, “What I want is to rule, rule over this godforsaken world, under the Supreme One…that is what I desire, power true power”

“And you?” Issei question was now directed towards Dante, whose eyes were sleepy, since he was too bored to listen to any bullshit spewed by FURY .

“Me? Actually I’m just defending the world from shadows since I have to; I just want to spend my time in the strip club looking at the bosoms and booties…I really don’t want to be here, mate” Dante speaks, without holding back; after all he was speaking the truth .

“I see, you are a man of culture as well, it seems that I had some mistaken impression of you, looks like all things are clear, I expect some answers, Dante…I will be joining you then” Issei makes his sound decision .

While FURY on the other hand got, well furious she wanted ‘yes’ as an answer, she who succeeded in all her tasks was now declined by a High Scholl boy…her pride was greatly hurt and she wanted answer .


“Shitling, eh? That’s a nice vocabulary…I’ll take that word, but the answer to your question, is actually very simple…Dante here said he likes boobs that’s all the reason I need to trust a man”

The kind of bullshit was that!

He chose Dante just because he stated he liked Boobs and Butts…this was a heavy insult to her, to FURY who being one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and a kid dares insult her like this?

There is only one solution to all this…


She extends her whip and smashes towards them, Dante and Issei dodge the attack, at that moment…

Issei hears Aya’s voice in his head she states, “Ise-san, the enemy in front of you is Level 1 threat, you must remove [Restrainers]”

Level 1? That much? I need time to do so…Issei panicked since, Level 1 takes time to activate, and he then looks towards Dante and states,

“Hey, Dante can you hold her off for three minutes?”


“So that I can activate my loli powers”


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … .

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