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Long time no see. This is Ishibumi Ichiei. We’ve finally reached the twenty fourth volume. First of all, I must apologise to everyone. In volume twenty three and DX4, I said that ‘the next volume will include the battle between Rias’ team and Vali’s team, as well as Ise’s team against the [Leisure of the Kings] team’, but only the battle between Rias’ team and Vali’s team has been shown this time. I gave that notice because according to the original plan, these two important games would be written together, whilst the background of the game would include the stories of Koneko and Kuroka, as well as the Grim Reapers of the Netherworld. Taking into account my energy, work schedule, and page count, I felt that it was too difficult to include all of that into a single volume, so I decided to split it apart into this twenty fourth volume, and the upcoming twenty fifth volume. Because they’re now separate, the page count has increased. It would have been a major challenge if I tried to follow the original plan. Furthermore, because they’ve been separated, the number of volumes in this final arc has become more than originally anticipated. From here on, please allow me to provide a commentary on the twenty fourth volume.

Koneko (Shirone) and Kuroka becoming brides!
In this volume, it was Koneko and Kuroka’s turn, and I told the story of these sisters’ past. Before, I didn’t go into detail about their parents because they already had something important. In order to face this new family, their past is detailed to Ise and the readers, while their own problems have been resolved and concluded through a showdown between the sisters. Although Koneko has become Shirone…both of her names will still be used from now on. After all, including the short story collections, I’ve already written more than twenty seven books using Koneko. I feel that there is a possibility of mistakes in the future, so I’ve decided that it should be fine to use both. …Well, I think if readers find ‘Koneko’ confusing, then they can make the judgement on which will be better. Please give some love to the two new brides.

Release of new breast techniques!
This time, Ise has gained two breast techniques all at once. [Nyuutron Beam Cannon] and [Pai Phone]. ‘It was clearly a wave cannon, so why is it a beam?’ Perhaps readers might feel a bit puzzled, but purely for the sake of the language’s fluidity, please ignore this small problem. You’ll get lost if you try to look at Ise’s breast techniques in too much detail. This brand new breast technique has allowed Ise to single-handedly defeat one of the strongest among the ultimate-class Grim Reapers. In the process of this, Ise’s grandfather has also appeared. Well, he’s an old man who’s just as perverted as Ise, so he has a clearer understanding of Ise’s potential than anyone else. At last, Ise’s name has begun to resound even in the Buddhist world. I wonder what kind of Buddhist deities will appear next. I can’t guess either.

Vasco Strada and Crom Cruach, Rias’ combination technique, and the new enemies!
This time there were many strong characters. His Eminence Strada having reverted back to his prime overpowered various members of Vali’s team. The Maouified Vali faced Crom as an opponent, while Fenrir (only has eighty percent of its original strength this time) fought against Rias + Gasper who had a great boost in power in a short span of time. I really just wrote whatever I felt was best. It was a lot of fun to write about His Eminence Strada again this time. As one of the strongest characters at the beginning of this work, it is only natural that he should have such strength. The nature of his character would rather pursue spirituality than a youthful body. Crom was also one of the strongest characters since the beginning. Aside from the Dragon Gods, he is only the dragon so far who is able to fight seriously against Ise and Vali. Hence he and a Maouified Vali were able to have a splendid battle. Regarding Rias’ increase in power, just as she said, this is one of the results that she has attained after witnessing the successive strengthening of her comrades. By cladding Gasper on her body, her power can increase several-fold. This terrifying form appears when Rias’ power of destruction and Gasper’s Balor power are used in conjunction, but because the drain on stamina and demonic energy is unusually high, she became exhausted at the end. Rias has gained a tremendous power-up from this, and so her future battles will certainly heat up. Finally, the appearance of the two mysterious Super Devils! Balberith and Verrine are brand new enemies who have appeared because this is the final arc. Please stay tuned to the future volumes of DxD to find out what kind of entanglements they will have with our protagonist in the future.

An advertisement.
When this book is published, I think the airing of the new television anime series of High School DxD, [High School DxD HERO] will have already begun. Thank you to all the fans for your concern and patience in waiting for so long. The PV has already been released I think, and this PV shows the fight against Sairaorg. Cao Cao also makes his appearance at the end of the PV. In order words, the fourth season will include the battles against the two of these people. Both of them are popular rivals, and for the fans looking forward to their battles, you will surely see many more heated battles. The new staff have been announced: the director Matsuda, the screenwriter Konutsan, and the main character designer Makoto-san. A strong team has been gathered for the production. All of the new staff and the production studio Passione are extremely cautious in handling original work, and I’m truly thankful for their attention to all of the small details. I also participated in almost all of the script meetings and setting meetings, and it is very detailed and faithful to the original work. As the author, I cannot thank everyone enough. I think it will be broadcast next year, so I hope the fans of this original work will look forward to it.

Another advertisement.
Sharing the same universe with High School DxD, and as previously mentioned, <> and volume twenty four are available for sale at the same time. Characters from <> also make an appearance in volume twenty four and there is a bit of crossover. If you are interested, please have a read of <>. I will just say here that the oppai there do not lose to those of DxD! The possessor of the Longinus [Absolute Demise] Lavinia takes on the role of Vali’s older sister. Rather than romantic love, it’s more of a familial love. I’ll feel satisfied if readers enjoy the other side of Vali.

Next are my acknowledgements. MiyamZero-sama, Editor T-sama, thank you for your hard work!

Well, next is the twenty fifth volume that follows this. The game that couldn’t be shown in volume twenty four, the battle against the [Leisure of the Kings] team will be illustrated in volume twenty five. Even though Ise and the others have received equipment to boost their strength this time, their opponents will be the strongest line-up that they have encountered to date. How will Ise and the others fight against Vidar’s group? Please look forward to the twenty fifth volume. The next volume will feature Rossweisse. It was mentioned that Rossweisse would be going to a marriage interview, so what kind of developments will occur between Ise and Rossweisse as they progress through this event? Please wait and see! Next time, it will also be released together with the second volume of <>. That volume will feature Lavinia, so if you felt interested in her in volume twenty four and you want to pursue Lavinia’s oppai, please also support her there! Well then, let us meet again in DxD volume twenty five and <> volume two which are scheduled to be released around next spring!

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