High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 68

It was next day at the club everyone was waiting for something .

After some time a magic array formed, and Grayfia stepped out of it .

“Rias and her servants, you all have been given ten days to prepare against Raiser Phoenix, the Rating Game place and time will be given to you all a day before, the bets have been place and the Great Devil King will be watching as well”

“I see, so Onii-sama, will be watching, huh?” Rias said with a calm face, but she was troubled .

“Huh? Onii-sama? Ise-san?” our little Asia, was lost, she did not knew what to make of anything .

Issei pulled her close as he spoke, “Asia, by Onii-sama, Bucho means, the great Devil King, Sirzechs Lucifer”

“Eh? G-G-Great Devil King will be watching as well . . . somehow, now I feel nervous now,” Asia was stammering .

After that, Issei spoke, “Why can’t we fight tomorrow, it will be fine, and I’ll just wipe everyone out”

“That, is something cannot be allowed as the Great Devil King, wants to witness her sister in a Rating Game, not her pawn” Grayfia spoke, after which, she took her leave .

“Alright, Ise, what do you think of us, currently, against Raiser’s team” Rias asked .

“Should I lie? Or should I tell the truth?” Issei asked with a serious expression .

Rias changed her expression as well, as she continued, “I will take any criticism”

“Kiba, can take on one of the [Knight], the other [Kinght] is stronger than him . . .

Akeno-san and Raiser’s [Queen]’s power are on the same level,

Both of the [Rook] have stronger defences than that of Koneko-chan . . .

One of the [Bishop] will not fight, instead she will watch the battle and assess it, and the other [Bishop] healing abilities are faster than Asia’s . . .

The [Pawns] don’t stand a chance against me and Raiser in terms of strength, surpasses you Bucho”

Everyone, except Merlin was shocked to hear such assessment in such short time that he has not even fought yet .

Nevertheless, Merlin, already knew the truth, Issei has fought battles more than there are hairs on the club member’s head .

His life had been a hell since he had been a kid .

He has cultivated his body and his mind to the point that there are only two people present throughout all the Realms, who can rival him .

So assessing enemy’s abilities, yes, he can do it just by looking at the posture, how much a man had trained and how much one has cultivated one’s body . . .

“So, what do you think we should do?” Akeno asks the question to Issei, to which he replies . . .

“Do you all have a place to train? If so, I have some stuff in my mind which can help you all, increase your powers during the short ten days”

“Yes, we do” Rias replies

“Marvellous, so let me prepare what you all need to do, so we go today right?”

“Yes,” Rias replied yet again to Issei’s question as she looked outside .

. . . . . . .

Realm 9, the broken realm . . .

In the past, all the great wars used to take place here, after which this became a barren land until, {D x D} alliance, stepped in here .

By using [Great Sealing], they cut off all gates and teleportation which can lead to Realm 9 and only the members of the {D x D} alliance had access to it .

The realm did not have anything in particular .

However, after {D x D} alliance stepped in, they first created a large tower, probably ten times the Eiffel tower .

This was surrounded by seven huge castles, this castles were the main bases of each of the founder of the {D x D} alliance and their team .

Each castle, which means, each Founder represented a sin . . .

Issei Hyodo- represented [Lust]

Tojo Basar represented [Wrath]

Tenma Unomi represented – [Pride]

Takeru Ohiyam represented- [Envy]

Mikasa Ackerman- represented- [Greed]

Akame- represented- [Gluttony]

Dulio Gesualdo- represented – [Sloth]

With the balance in sins, they maintained the peace .

At the bottom of the tower, lies a room, where the mastermind or in other words the ‘Brain’ of the {D x D} alliance resided .

“Why are you telling me all this, why are you dragging me?” Ayano screamed, as Esdeath was bringing her forcefully .

“Keep quiet and listen how this ream became the HQ of {D x D} alliance after all extracting your gear, is the job my boss gave me, so just to pass the time I am telling you our history, it’s better than World War 2 you know [1]”

. . . . . . . . . .

At a remote hill station at Japan,

“So this is the place?” Issei asks

“Yes, so what’s the next plan?” Rias counter questions Issei .

“Simple, you all will now fight against Merlin”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 69:- Practise Days- Part 1

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