High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 69

“All of us against, Merlin you say?” Rias asked, as she could not believe, that one girl is about to take on all of her team, in the battle .

“Yes, don’t worry, I know Merlin’s capabilities, she can withstand all of you, but first since we arrive here today, how about we take some rest” Issei took a deep breath, as he took a quick look around the villa they arrived .

It was at the centre of a huge field, and forests and mountains surrounded the huge field .

“I agree, let’s rest for today and we will start our training tomorrow” Akeno affirmed to Issei’s suggestion as all of them entered the villa .

. . . .

At night . . .

Issei was walking down the corridor . . .

“The bathroom must be at the right,” he said as he opened a door, which leads to a transparent sliding door .

‘This is it’

Issei thought, as he started undressing . . .

He had not being using his face hiding magic, which makes his face appear like that of an average one .

Now he looked, devilishly handsome . By undoing the magic, he reveals his brown tied hair, which then he unties .

The silk-smooth brown hair reached his shoulders .

He unbuttoned his shirt as he kept it on the washing basket .

He had a well-built body . Except for his face, scars and deadly marks filled his body; one can only imagine how he has not died yet . . .

His right arm had a black tattoo with strange markings .

Those markings were the power of [Anti-Magic] .

He lifted his left arm and stared at it . . . for some reason he sighed .

He stripped down, and wrapped a towel around his waist as he entered the bathroom only to find out that Asia was taking a bath as well .

“Huh? Ise-san?” Asia was shocked to see, Issei who just entered the bathroom, she expected that she was alone, but for her, in her heart it was cherry on the top .

“I am really sorry Asia, I’m leaving” Issei, turned around to leave but at that very moment, Asia held his arm .

Her actions stunned Issei .

“I-I-I-Ise-san, if it’s fine with you, why not take a bbbath with meee, I’ll e-e-ev-even wash your, bbback” Asia was stammering as she continued to tighten her grip . . . her face was flushed red .

“Alright” Issei did say with a clam face, but his heart was pounding quiet fast .

Issei sat down, and Asia stared to wash his back .

She got a little scared and sad, watching the scars . . . she wanted to speak something but could not bring herself to do so .

“Are you thinking how I got those scars?” Issei spoke . . .

“Yes, I was . . . let me try to heal those . . . [Maximum Heal]” two rings appeared in each of the index fingers of Asia’s and a green aura surrounded Issei’s back . . .

She went on for, ten more minuets but it was fruitless .

“Eh? Why is it not working?” Asia went to a daze .

Issei turned back and held Asia’s hands . . . this caused her to blush .

“Asia, there are scars that cannot be healed, these are one of those, and I don’t want these to be healed either”

After saying that, even before Asia had chance to say anything, he left . . .

On his way back to his room, Issei thought . . .

‘I can’t let these scars heal, this is my determination and my sin that I carry’

. . . .

Everyone was sleeping soundly . . . so was Issei, or so he thought .

Suddenly four black holes covered his room and an invisible barrier was formed .

This caused Issei to wake up suddenly . . . “The fuck? Is that you Merlin?”

Slowly, a naked figure crept on to the bed and sat on top of Issei, the person was indeed none other than Merlin .

“Did you forget that you are an angel, you will fall if you do pervy stuff?” Issei said .

“That’s why I created this room, specifically for me to do those ecchi things with, you, because someone has been avoiding me lately”

Issei looks towards the door .

“Don’t worry, the food that I cooked today, had special herbs that will have them sleep till tomorrow early morning, I made sure that we are not disturbed”

“Is that so?”

“It is” after saying, the ‘naked’ Merlin, with a seductive expression started kissing Issei . . .

“Mhhmmm~~~~~~ . . . . . . mmmmm~~~~”

Saliva was dripping . . . from both of their lips . . .

“It’s only the beginning . . . ” Merlin took Issei’s arm and puts it on her soft breasts, which without a second thought, he squeezes . . . Merlin moans . . . “Iyaaa . . . . . ~~~~~”

“I know you won’t allow sex, but I still have much more in my bag” Merlin, with seductive look jumped in for another kiss .

. . . . . . . . .

The next morning,

Everyone had gathered and the practise was about to begin . . .

Issei spoke aloud, “Now then, all of you attack Merlin all at once”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued: – Chapter 70:- Practise Days- Part 2

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