High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 70

No sooner, Issei gave the signal . . .

Akeno flew up to the sky, and changed her school uniform to a priestess’s attire .

Koneko launched in directly, to which Merlin easily dodged and with one single chop, knocked out the [Rook] .

This shocked the team . . .

Clearing her mind, Akeno launches attack . . . “[Multiple Thunder Magic: – Bara Raq Sai]”

As the named suggested, multiple yellow magic array formed near Merlin and launched massive lightning attack towards her .

“[Sword Birth: – Pincer Sea]” this was yelled by Kiba as the ground started to break and swords started to erupt which dashed towards Merlin .

“[Disintegrate]” Merlin waved her hand, the lightning and the wave of swords that were coming towards her, shattered and destroyed .

“WHAT?!” both Akeno and Kiba were shocked to their core to see, what just occurred .

“[Thunder Magic: – Bara Raq Sai]” this was Merlin, her simple version of ‘Bara Raq Sai’, was so much stronger than that of Akeno’s that both her and Kiba were knocked out, and so was the nearby forest .

“Final boss, eh, Rias-san” Merlin said as she looked directly towards Rias .

Even though her team lost, she had not lost yet, with determined eyes, she attacks . . .

“[Massive Annihilation]” a huge black and red ball of aura was formed which she launched directly at Merlin .

“[Pierce Strom]” Merlin pointed her palm towards, the attack and a massive spear of wind cuts through it and slams Rias unconscious .

Merlin spoke to Asia to go ahead and heal everyone, to which she nodded in affirmation .

Issei was thinking, ‘She attacks directly without thinking, to which she completely drops her defences, she might be strong but that is it . . . ‘

‘Akeno-san, uses too much excessive magic, that part needs to be fixed’

‘So the handsome dude, is a Swrodsmith, an ancient class, in which the user is able to build any desired weapon, looks like he lacks many things as a swords man, and Basara isn’t even in this Realm right now, or else I would have asked his help’

‘And Rias, her power is indeed strong, but she is stumbling upon something, probably . . . I have guessed it, she needs to overcome those, if she wants to become stronger’

‘Asia’s healing capabilities are good, but that’s it, she needs to learn to control elements of healing, to grow’

‘But most important, they all are power freaks, except for Kiba, none of them have techniques under their abilities, and this is a massive disadvantage’

. . .

Few hours later, when everyone finally woke up . . .

“Good morning, people, how are you all?” Issei said, sitting on a rock .

“Unbelievable, Merlin is this strong,” Akeno said, with wide expression .

“She is . . . now, before I give you all how you all should train, Bucho, no Rias Gremory, I need to say something to you” Issei said . . . his eyes were calm and face slowly revealed a smile .

“To me, no I think to all of us, you are our, master, and president of Occult Research Club, Rias Gremory, no, you are not ‘Rune Princess’ or ‘Devil-King’s sister’ to me, and I guess to everyone else as well”

Rias revealed a shock expression and turned her head around, she saw everyone was smiling and agreeing to what Issei just said .

“Bucho, your biggest hindrance to strength was you were finding yourself burdened by the title and the responsibilities of the heir to your family . . . you wanted to find a place, where everyone treated you as Rias Gremory and not some princess, so don’t worry, we all treat you as our master and not some princess, stay happy will ya”

After saying Issei pulled up Rias, who was now crying tears of joy, she indeed wanted someone to say those words to her . . . that she is not some high-class princess, and that she is a normal girl as well . . .

Issei’s smiling expression, changed to that of a serious one . . .

“I will now list everyone’s flaws . . . and I will be training Koneko and Kiba, Merlin will train, Bucho, Akneo-san and Asia”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued: – Chapter 71:- Practice Days- Part 3

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