High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 71

After listing everyone’s flaws,

At the other end of the field, Issei was standing in front of Koneko and Kiba .

“So guys, a reminder, the reason I’m training you both because, both of you use melee attacks, which will be easier for me to explain, so are you both ready”

Both, Kiba and Koneko nodded yes in response .

“So, does anyone know what [Aura] is?” Issei asks a question

“A basic extent of strength and pressure, which is emitted by the user” Koneko answers expressionlessly .

“Correct, so does anyone know what [Touki] is then?” Issei again asks a question again .

“Well, a physical form of aura, which is visible to others, is called [Touki]” Kiba answered .

“Well done, Mr . Handsome, so both of you do you know how many types of [Touki] are there?”

“There are types of [Touki]?” Koneko asks .

“Yes, there are broadly two types of [Touki], number one [Touki: Sai] and the second one is [Touki: Dou] depending upon your nature and fighting style, you must master one of these [Touki]” Issei said, with a calm expression .

“Wait, but materializing [Touki], takes years of practise, and we still don’t know how to do it, yet” Kiba said, with a worried expression .

Indeed, it takes, at the least of five to six years to master the use of [Touki], once its master it can be a deadly weapon . . .

However, to Kiba’s amazement he never knew there were types of [Touki] .

“Alright, I will help both of you how to perform it, but first, release as much [Aura] as you both can”

At this point, both of them trusted Issei, and did what they were told to . . . both of them released immense amount of [Aura], it was not visible but the pressure could be felt . . .

“Maintain, it” Issei said, as he walked near them, and put his index finger near their forehead and then touched it .

Slowly, he released a force and then all of a sudden both of them were startled .

A sudden out burst of energy were being emitted, from the bodies of Kiba and Koneko, .

While, Koneko had pure white form of energy, Kiba’s energy was light blue .

“This is [Touki]” Issei smiled as he said . . .

Both of trainees were now at a complete loss for words, [Touki], was supposed, to be needed years to master, they completed practise in five seconds, not to mention, it is overflowing . . .

“Ise-kun, how did, just what did you do?” Kiba was extremely curious .

“Listen, both of you, you did not master the ways of [Touki], I just triggered a stimulus to complete the phase one of mastering [Touki], now do as I say, close your eyes”

Both of them did as they were told and close their eyes .

“Imagine the way you fight . . . slowly, feel your [Touki], consider it as a part of you, consider it as a being that completes you, now with the flow of energy, create a sphere, for as much distance as you both can, remember, the nature you fight will decide your version of [Touki]”

As instructed by Issei, both of them focused on conversing their energy . . . and slowly formed a sphere .

Buth both Kiba’s and Koneko’s sphere different to each other . . .

Koneko’s sphere covered only a meter, but the white sphere was spinning viscously .

On the other hand, Kiba’s light blue sphere, covered two meters, and did not span at all, as if it was calm .

Both of them slowly opened their eyes and assessed what just occurred and waited for Issei to explain .

At that moment, he said, “So Koneko-chan’s [Touki] is [Touki: Dou], let me explain what your [Touki] is Koneko-chan, when activating your [touki], your aura sphere that you create spins viscously, anyone who steps inside your circle, slows down, which is even unknown to them, making you easier to punch them, it usually occurs to those who do a lot of fist fight, although I am and exception”

Next he turns towards Kiba and says, “So yours and mine [Touki] is similar, [Touki: Sei] whose sphere is calm and does not rotate, any attack that enters your [Touki], you can feel the trajectory of the attack, easily dodged it make your opponents open to counter attack, this kind of [Touki] are usually used by swords men, so no doubt you did too”

Understanding everything both of them, nodded but Kiba was now curious so asked one more question to Issei . . .

“Ise-kun, then sow us your [Touki]”

Issei only smiled as red aura started radiating his body and slowly a calm sphere was formed, but then . . . it was not one or two meters of distance, both of them were inside Issei’s [Touki] .

“Ise-senpai, how long does your [Touki] goes” Koneko asked .

“My [Touki] runs for two kilometres, don’t worry, you all won’t do that much training, but I will teach you how to control it”

Both of them were speech less .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 72: – End of Practise .

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