High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 72

A deserted land, in Realm 1 . . .

Cold winds were blowing, it was night, but there were no signs of the moon or the stars, as if the area was completely blank . . .

Few people in church clothing, walked towards an underground cave, which soon came to the view .

“Is this the place?” the man standing in the lead asked .

“It is sir” a woman’s voice rang, from the robe; she wore a dog mask, just as others were wearing .

Few moments later, all of them entered the cave . . .

What strange about the cave was slow melodiously song was heard, the cave was not filth at all, but it was rather strong and well built .

After walking a few meters in, many statues of a naked girl came to vie, they were posing differently and each had different expression, some were crying, some angry, happy, in agony different statues represented different, emotions . . . as if they were trying to convey the message .

“I am starting to feel the chills now” one of the people spoke up .

“I agree with you” another one joined in .

After that, all were chit-chatting when suddenly the man who was leading turned and said . . . “Keep quiet, or else”

Those words enough to emit a pressure to make them shut up and keep their heads down and followed .

Soon a huge majestic door appeared, even before the lead was about to do something, the door opened partially, and another statue appeared .

The statue murmured something that was inaudible . . . then it spread its arms .

Seeing this action, all of the church people who entered, were alerted .

Then it spoke, “Life is one grand sweet song, so start the music”

This mystified the intruders but the lead just took out his sword and broke the statue .

“Here, this is my song, do you like that?”

After hearing this, the intruders started laughing .

“Did that statue wanted us to sing?”

“Idiot . . . I didn’t knew, statues were retard as well”

Everyone was laughing then the leader spoke once again . . .

“Now, let’s take the [Octivia’s Anthem] and leave this place”


The leader turned his head only to find horror . . .

The girl, who was standing next to him, was cut into two pieces and drops of blood were on his face .


Another was cut down, and on one could see who did it .

Slowly and slowly, horror was building in the hearts of the intruders .

The melodious song now had turned to a horror one slowly and slowly the twenty intruders from the church who came inside the cave, only one remained, and the remaning one was the leader .

His eyes filled with horror as he heard a metallic stomp but could not see . . .


The leader’s body at that moment was cut down into two .

All he could see was metallic armour, which was dancing and entered the door, which soon closed down .

There was something written on the door, which they ignored, in his end moments he could only speak, the word written on the door .

“Yozora . . . Hyodo? . . . “

Finally, his life sapped away .

. . . . . . . . .

The intensive training was ongoing for everyone in the Gremory team .

The opposite end of the field, Merlin was teaching the basics of how have full control demonic energy and magical energy .

“So ladies, what did you learn the difference between Magic and Demonic powers?”

Merlin asked .

Akneo replied, “Demonic energy, its use is based on how strong can the devil imagine in other words it all depends upon imagination”

“On the other hand, Magic requires extreme equations and calculations, and extreme equations and full concretion is needed . One mistake and result will be a failure in magic, advance magic required advance equations but I have a doubt now, it’s regarding Ise’s right arm” After answering Rias asked the question .

“You mean the [Anti-Magic]?”

Rias nodded in response .

“It’s not actually [Anti-Magic], Ise just like that name that’s why he calls it, it’s actually [Gram Demolition]” Merlin replied .

“What is that?” Akeno’s curiosity peeked as well .

“Every imagination can be blurred, every equation can be solved, but one must have trained their mind to the point that they can cancel out any abilities thrown at them . . .

[Gram Demolition] helps the user, to calculate the equations faster and solve it or blur any imagination,” Merlin said then Rias continued . . .

“Enabling him, to completely destroy any spell or demonic or angelic abilities”

Merlin only smiled, as Rias continued yet again, “But, how did he get that?”

“That is something I cannot say” Merlin rejected that question .

Rias and Akneo both wanted to say something, but then Issei, Kiba and Koneko arrived .

Issei spoke, “Get the rest guys, tomorrow is going to be a big day”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued: – Chapter 73: – Showdown Begins

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