High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 73

Every member of the Occult Research Club was waiting in the clubroom . . .

Everyone had a serious expression, except for Merlin because she was not participating .

At that serious moment, everyone heard giggling sound and felt an intangible pressure, surrounded them, all of them turned their sights towards Issei directly .

Indeed, it was Issei, he had an evil grin on his face, and he was giggling nonstop and blabbering something . . .

“Hoho~ I have been waiting for mass destruction . . . finally . . . today . . . he’s a ‘Phoenix’ right? This means an immortal body . . . Ho~~~~ destroying an immortal body~~”

“Ise, calm down will you,” Merlin said, in a straight voice .

After hearing, her Issei realized that he was letting his [Aura] flow too much .

“I apologize” Issei smiled as he said that .

Rias, Akeno and Asia remembered something, something that Merlin told them when they were training . . .

“Ise, is actually a battle maniac he likes a honest face to face battle, I doubt anyone exist that can defeat him in a face to face battle, not only he has power he has brains as well, he is a perfect personification of the word ‘Warrior’,”

After that, she continued yet again “if by some chance the enemy team pisses him of, I hope they rest in peace”

At that time, they thought that Merlin was joking, but now when they saw Issei’s current face, he seemed a little stranger to them .

Few moments later, a massive red magic teleportation array forms from where, Grayfia steps out, points her finger towards the array, and then speaks . . .

“Step on the array, this will teleport you directly towards the arena where the ‘game’ will be taking place, the moment you enter your positions you will be provided with rules, and after half an hour the match shall begin”

After listening to what Grayfia had to say, all of them got up and were about to depart, Merlin bid farewell and success to them .

When all of them stepped on the magic circle, Issei did not he stared at Rias and said . . .

“Bucho, today, I will move as you say, you will command me, remember if you use me well, victory shall be yours but if you cannot bring out the fullest extent of your team and yourselves you should give up now”

Issei was serious . The pressure from his words could be felt .

Grayfia’s lips arched upwards as she knew what Issei was doing .

In the crucial moment, he is testing Rias weather she is capable of facing an enemy who is much stronger than she is .

Weather she can use all their servants to their fullest, and make sure she has the ability to takedown the enemy .

‘This is my first experience after working for so long under the ‘Demon King’ but it’s my first meeting a servant who challenges his own master, weather or no she will be capable of facing or will she falter’

Grayfia was thinking as she continued to do so, ”Demon King’, looks like your kid sister has found the best servant there is, an unparallel one, I will be all eyes and all ears to Rias and her servant Issei’s future’

‘That will be a nice future’ suddenly Grayfia heard a voice in her head .

‘Yo it’s Merlin’ Grafia turned her head around to see Merlin, who apparently was talking through [Telepathy] .

‘You sure are an unusual mage, for able to use [Telepathy] against me’ Grafia replied in her mind .

‘I get that a lot’

“Ise, I promise you, that the ten days of intensive training did not go to waste and that I will bring out my full potential and my peerage’s as well” Rias replied with determined eyes .

Issei smiled as he got on the teleportation array, so did Grayfia, bidding farewell to Merlin all of them teleported .

After some moments when all of them left leaving Merlin alone, she received a call .

A magic array appeared near her ears and she spoke . . .

“It’s a me Mario- I mean Merlin”

“Stop with your shitty jokes, woman” a man’s voice was heard on the other side .

“Arara, does Dofflamingo hates my jokes”

“I do, now shut up and listen”

“Go ahead”

“The Norse Gods have hired {D x D} alliance’s Mikasa’s faction for being their vanguard since Evil-Dragons have begun their attacks”

“It began much sooner than we anticipated”

“Correct, Mikassan, told me to inform you and that she will be making the move”

“I see, I will inform this to Ise, anything else?”

“Yes, there has been a rumor of strange cave, which appears in the deserted area, that’s all”

After saying that the line was cut off .

However, Merlin’s smiling face had already turned grim as she used another call spell . . .

The call connected,

Merlin spoke with a serious face, “When are we launching attack against the {Dwellers of the Shadow}?”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued: – Chapter 74: – A battle which ended in failure .

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