High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 74

All of the members were teleported to the battlefield, or rather the clubroom again?

“Eh? We did teleport didn’t we?” Asia said with a confused expression .

“This is indeed the place where the match will begin; this is just the replica of our school, which gives us an advantage doesn’t it?” Issei said as he looked up at the distorted violet sky .

“Correct Issei, this match will also be broadcasted the ‘Devil King’ and the ‘Sitri’ peerage have the privilege to watch our match” Rias stated .

“I see, so then Bucho no King what’s the plan?” Issei asks with determined eyes .

The plan made by them was simple, and with Issei thinking accurate . . .

Raiser has a whole set of servants . . .

A queen, two knights, two bishops, two rook, and eight pawns each .

At that moment, through a mic, Grayfia’s voice was heard .

“Hello participants, I Grayfia servant of the great Devil King will be your host and I will now explain the rules .

Participant Rias Gremory ‘s team has been placed in the Old School building whereas Participant Raiser Phoenix’s team has been placed in the New School building .

The pawns will be promoted to Rook, Bishop, Kinght or Queen if they reach the enemy’s home base depending on what they choose to be .

The match will be over if the King loses of surrenders .

There will be penalty for destroying the stadium . “

. . . .

In, an office room, Sona and Tsubaki were watching both of the teams through multiple screens .

Sona brings a screen near which shows Raiser’s team, he was surrounded by the girls of his peerage all were giving him lewd looks .

“Who do you think will win Sona [1]?” Tsubaki asks .

“In terms of strength in numbers Raiser has the upper hand, but something as battle is not decided by mere numbers” Sona replied as they continued to speak .

. . . .

Everyone from Rias’s team moved out, leaving Rias and Asia behind .

Issei walked near the second building and touched it, and closed his eyes .

This was one of his martial arts ability; he can sense number of enemies around the area .

‘Four pawns and one knight, eh!’ Issei thought in his mind .

His left arm was radiating red aura, and he smashed the building the entire building collapsed and the land and space was destroyed as well .

This activity made a lot of sound that startled everyone .

Then Grayfia’s voice was heard . . . ” Participant Issei has defeated one knight and four pawns from Raiser-sama’s team .

Participant Issei destroyed forty percent of the field; his penalty will be forbidding moving for the next fourteen minutes .

A barrier surrounded Issei .

He could only sigh and think why he overused his power .

. . . .

“What-What power?!” Tsubaki exclaimed .

“Indeed Tsubaki, indeed, if in future we face Rias’s team, I highly doubt that we will be able to do anything against him, he is a monster among monster”

Sona stated calmly, but her fingers were shaking .

. . . . .

‘What power!’ entire Rias’s team were at shock, at first when Issei had told them would it be fine if just destroys the entire stadium, they thought that he was joking but now they realized he wasn’t joking .

In addition, why Grayfia added in penalty for destroying the field was understandable as well, since she knew how strong Issei must be .

‘So Ise-senpai defeated five members at once, I must win as well’

Koneko was thinking this as she reached gymnasium where she found two pawns and a rook waiting .

‘Just as Bucho predicted’ Koneko thought as she launched her attack .

She gave a direct hit to the rook but she was only pushed back, she was not damaged much .

On the other hand, she had been dodging the rapid attacks done by the two pawns that were twins and were using chainsaw .

“Your punch was good, but I am still not knocked out” the rook said she too joined attacking Koneko as well .

Koneko was at a serious disadvantage now she was dodging attacks from three but still was not able to do much . . . but then she remembered something .

Something that Issei had said to her during her training period . . .

‘Remember that use [Touki] only when necessary, do not needlessly waste it’

Koneko took a stance, and released her [Touki] a viscously spinning sphere was formed .

“Using some tricks won’t help you,” the rook said as she launched her attack .

The moment her punch entered the sphere, it became slow, but the user was unaware, at that moment with one great hit, Koneko knocked out the Rook and then both the pawns .

At that very moment, Grayfia’s voice was heard, “Participant Koneko has knocked out one rook and two pawns from Raiser-sama’s team”

. . .

On the other side, Kiba faced off against one knight and two pawns .

The knight that Kiba faced off was indeed strong, she used [Brutal Flame Sword] that has been destroying the swords he created . . . but that was annoying knight, so she asked the pawns to join as well .

Just as Koneko, Kiba was at a disadvantage here, but he too knew what to do .

He created a black sword capable of devouring any flame, next he released his [Touki[, a silent light blue sphere was formed, the moment the knight entered the sphere, Kiba swung his sword and destroyed the [Brutal Flame Sword] knocking out the knight and the two pawns .

Just as before announcement was heard, Grayfia stated, “Participant Kiba defeated, one knight and two pawns of Raiser-sama’s”

Raiser did not show but he was being annoyed as he got up and decided to enter the enemy base himself .

Koneko and Kiba rejoined and both were about to say something but all of a sudden a huge explosion was heard . . .

“Participant Yubelluna has defeated one knight and one rook from Rias –sama’s team”

This announcement was made .

Rias was shocked, they were doing so good, but in fourteen minutes, Kiba and Koneko were knocked out .

Both Rias and Asia decided to go to the top of the building .

. . . .

It was during this time; Issei penalty was over as he dashed forward and ran towards Raiser’s base .

. . . .

“So we meet, Priestess of Thunder,” Yubelluna says, with a seductive expression .

“We do, Bomb queen” A sadist expression appeared on Akeno’s face as the battle between the two queens was about to start .

. . . .

On his way, Issei saw lightning and fire blasts he knew it was Akeno and Raiser’s queen,

Soon a rook and the last bishop interrupted him .

“I see you are the pawn pretty unbeatable are you?” the blonde twin tail girl said .

“I see, so you are the fried chicken’s sister, but I pity you,” Issei said .

“What? What do you mean?” she was annoyed, just like a tsundre .

“You and I both walk in the path of Supremacy, but I think your brother refuses to take your help, and that’s one of the reason he will never reach the top”

Hearing this the rook became annoyed and dashed in front of Issei, but with just one punch he knocked her out as well and the announcement was made .

He left the bishop, behind and dashed forward .

. . .

The battle of the two queens had already reached its climax; both of them were severely damaged . . .

“You are strong, Priestess”

“So are you”

“But now I have to use this” Raiser’s queen took out a red and yellow bottle and drank it and she healed instantly .

This was [Phoenix’s Tears], which had ability to restore stamina and cure any physical wound .

Akeno was already out of stamina and strength and Yubelluna’s next attack knocked Akeno out .

The announcement was made .

Yubelluna when thought she won, suddenly she saw a man flying towards her and then . . .


Grayfia’s voice was heard again “Participant Issei has defeated Raiser-sama’s Queen”

Issei turned and was about to help Rias when he heard something he couldn’t believe, an announcement . . .

“Raiser-sama has defeated the King Rias-sama, it is his victory”

Issei could only say in shock . . . “What?!”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued: – Chapter 75:- Another Chance

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