High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 76

Grayfia was now at a complete loss of words, of course she had heard about the {D x D} alliance before .

Who doesn’t know about that alliance, the only public information that was shared regarding the {D x D} alliance were as the following .

They control Realm 9, the broken Realm .

They will stop all the wars regarding were they occur .

They take hefty price, but they can be hired .

They do not take in members anymore .

For contacting them, one must send a message after which a maid will come to the sender, taking the request .

There are seven founders of the alliance, and each founder has a team prepared to take actions at any call’s moment .

{D x D} takes steps on their own accord as well, to see that no war are triggered, one of the reasons the peace has been existing .

If someone triggers war against {D x D} ,alliance that faction will seize to exist .

Nevertheless, to think that Issei, one of Rias Gremory’s servant would be related to {D x D} alliance, and he is the goddamn leader as well, Grayfia now did not knew what she expression she had .

“I see, I had my suspicions but to think you are a man of that calibre, and on our side, I am grateful”

“Please don’t say such things, you will make me blush”

After that, the Great Devil King disappeared through the array .

After some time Issei spoke, “Anything else, Grayfisan?”

Hearing Issei’s voice Grayfia snapped back to her senses, and coughed .

“Here, this is a teleportation talisman, which will send you directly near the marriage hall, after that-“

“I will ruin it, that’s my specialty”

Grayfia nodded as she left through the magic array as well .

Issei stared at the talisman and laughed, as he thought, ‘I was about to ruin the marriage anyway, but then they gave me a job to do so, how lucky I am’

Soon he heard a knock on his door .

“Please come in”

It was Asia, in her gown . She looked cute as she sat near Issei, she just like Issei did not went to attend the marriage .

“Ise-san, what’s going to happen to us now? Rias-oneesama has been so kind to me, just like a family and others, as well, . . . I just do not know what to do, and I wasn’t fast enough to help her”

Asia started crying, indeed, when someone gets the warmth and happiness of a family, they would want to cherish it forever, and especially for those who never had a family .

Issei hugged Asia and said, “Do not worry, I will bring her back”

“Huh?” Asia asks with teary eyes .

“Asia, do you trust me?”

“I-I do Ise-san”

“Then leave this to me” with determined eyes, Issei got up and went to the ground floor and screamed .

“Dad, where’s you suit, the black one I need it”

“Why do you need it?” Issei’s dad said .

“I want to ruin a marriage, I wana do it in style”

. . . . .

At the changing room, Rias was in her bridal dress, with long crimson hair and her beautiful body she looked stunning .

At that time, Raiser barged in; who was wearing a groom’s dress lecherously stared at Rias’s body as he walked near her and put his arm around her waist .

This gave Rias disgust being touched by someone like him .

He brought his lips near Rias’s ear and said in a low voice, “Wait till I remove this dress on my bed, finally you are mine”

After that, he left the room, leaving Rias to tears .

. . .

Many people had gathered for the marriage of the era, Raiser Phoenix and Rias Gremory .

Two upcoming rookies, who will be securing the future of the devils .

Among the gathered people, the most delighted people were Raiser’s peerage and the most disgusted ones were Rias’s peerage .

They were not happy; all they waited was for a miracle to occur . That Rias comes back to them .

Then at the altar, the first person who shows up is Raiser, in his groom’s dress with a war-winning smile .

He took the mic and spoke, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the devils who are present here, let me give you my thanks for being able to attend my marriage, now I can tell you with ease that our future is bright”

Then he continued yet again “Let me introduced you all to, the ‘Rune Princess’, the ‘Heir to the family of Gremory’, Rias Gremory, the very sister of the Great Devil King”

Then moment when Rias stepped on the altar, everyone present there clapped, except for her peerage of course .

Holding on to her shoulder Raiser was about to speak something when suddenly . . .


The loud noise startled everyone .

The smoke came from the main door that was destroyed, from where a handsome boy stepped in; he was wearing a black suit and white shirt, with black pants .

His brown hair was tied, revealing his handsome face .

“Hello there people, I do believe I am here to ruin the marriage”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 77:- Feelings

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