High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 78

A huge battlefield was made especially for the duel; the sky was distorted and was red and violet in colour .

The match was being watched by all the higher ups of the Devil faction, expecting to see what will be the outcome .

On one side of the battlefield it was Raiser, and on the other was Issei .

Grayfia made the announcement, “Let the duel begin”

With a evil laughter and burning arms, Raiser says,” You should have ran away when you had the chance, now you will die, since there is no knock out system”

“Stop your blabbering and start already, after all ‘Barking dogs seldom bite'” Issei mocked Raiser, which made him pissed even more .

With anger, he used his ability, “[Massive Blast]”

A huge fireball, actually a massive fireball headed straight for Issei .

What would happen, will he counter attack or will he dodged it or is he stupid enough to block it, every spectators as well as Raiser was anticipating what was about to happen .

But they got their answer in the next instant, he neither counter attacked , neither dodged or blocked it, he took the attack head on .


A huge blast, since the attack collided directly with Issei .

“What a stupid guy, this battle was over even before it started”

This was Raiser said by Raiser .

Therefore, the other spectators make the same assumptions but then they got their answer .

Issei was unscathed; absolutely no damage was done to him .

Raiser was speechless, his attack did absolutely no damage, but how was it even possible, and this must have been some kind of cheating .

“Are you done?” Issei said with a straight expression .

“Don’t you dare look down on me, you lowly little demon”

After that Raiser used multiple attacks, but then it was fruitless, do damage was done .

Issei was now standing in front of Raiser . . .

For the first time, Raiser was feeling fear; he started to use melee attack but then, it was still of no use .


With a single punch, even the immortal body of a phoenix took heavy damage as he started to bleed from his nose and his mouth .

Raiser wanted to get up, but he could not his legs were shaking . . .

“What’s the matter? Can’t get up?” Issei mocked .

Raiser wanted to reply but he couldn’t instead he said, “Do not interfere, in the higher class devil business you lowly rat, it’s for the future”

“Shut it, didn’t Rias give her answer just now”

“You, you shit—”

“Its overkill, but I need to implant fear within you”


“I need you know the difference within us, the difference between a dragon and a phoenix, Raiser, let me show how, how dangerous I can be”

“What? Dragon? What does that mean?”

“[Welsh Dragon: Balance Breaker]”

After Issei said that, a hoarse mechanical voice was heard .

Then with a huge explosion, . . . everyone became speechless .

Issei was now covered by red armour with, a tail that ran through his nape .

The armour was decorated with green orbs, and the aura it was radiating, was even destroying the field, it was even affecting the spectators, they too were feeling fear .

“Are you . . . no way? Red Dragon Emperor” Raiser finally spoke when suddenly a huge red fireball was shot at him .

It was so strong that the area nearby was destroyed and Raiser’s body, even though it was immortal, burnt . . .

He was shivering, he was in pain, and he feared the existence named Issei Hyodo .

He accepted the wrong challenge, the person he was calling a pheasant was an existence he never hoped that he could match .

He wanted to beg him to stop; he was in tears, what marriage? In addition, what Rias in his bed?

If he knew doing something like this, will cause him the result today, he would have kicked off the marriage proposition long time ago, but now? Now what?

He only saw Issei Hyodo in air, preparing a massive fireball, red in color . . .

He is going to kill me, I am dead, I am dead, I am dead . . . . .

Raiser’s mind and heart now were conquered by fear, just as Issei wanted to .

The next attack, even a novice knew would kill Raiser .

Then a girl screamed . . . .


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 79:- From now on

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