High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 79

“STOP!!!!!!” a girl’s voice rung .

At that very moment, a blonde hair twin tail, girl stood in front of Raiser, and spread her arms indicating that she will be protecting him

“Little girl, just for your sake, I am going to spare this chicken, your so-called brother that is”

Hearing that the blonde hair girl blushed .

“Next time, if there is a next time, don’t look down on others, and try to think how inferior you are, Raiser,” Issei said as he walked away .

. . .

“Your sister has got one hell of a pawn, Sirzechs” a man who looked in his twenties with sickly green-black hair said to the Devil King .

“Yes, that is correct Ajuka, I look forward to see, what this generation’s Red Dragon Emperor, going to aid the Devils”

The sickly green-black hair man, called Ajuka picked up a file in front of him as he spoke, “Are you sure about you new scheme?”

“I am, this time, we will maintain peace with all the mythologies and other factions, and we do not want another war, do we?”

“I would just love peace and do research, that’s all I want”

“That’s why I have brought someone who is going to help us out and also act as a mediocre between us and the {D x D} alliance”

“You have been thinking that far, Sirzechs?”

“Yes, I have been so . . . Please come in”

The door, swung open and then a beautiful woman, who was wearing a violet jacket and purple panties, that is all . . . make her look too much sexy .

“Hello, Sirzechs Lucifer and Ajuka Beelzebub, I am Merlin, one of the members of the {D x D} alliance”

. . . . . .

There were two men, standing near a balcony .

“Lord Phoenix, I apologize for the trouble caused during the marriage”

“Not a big deal at all, Lord Gremory after all that bloody war had made our vision go blur, that pawn which belonged to your daughter actually snapped us back to our senses, we should have taken our children’s feelings in this to account”

“Guess we had just became a little too much greedy”

“You are certainly correct, but to think that obnoxious dragon to come to our side”

“‘Welsh Dragon’ or ‘The Red Dragon Emperor’, I have to admit, devils this time have got heavy amount of power with them”

“But after today, your daughter’s life won’t be the same anymore”

“Well, that is correct”

. . . . . .

“Why isn’t you left arm reverting back to normal?” Kiba asked this to Issei .

The entire Gremory peerage including Rias was outside the castle .

“Mr . Handsome, I had sacrificed this arm long ago, in exchange for power, when I use ‘balance Breaker’ it takes time to revert back to normal,” Issei said after which he sighed . . .

“Wait that arm isn’t yours?” Akeno asked with revealing a shocked expression .

“Yes, this arm of mine belong to the dragon” Issei said as he lifted his left arm .

Rias held his arm, and brought close to her cheek,

“Thank you Ise”

Seeing her cute expression, Issei was unable to speak anything .

Akeno revealed a cute expression as well; she indicated the other to give both of them some time alone as the former left .

“There is no need to be polite Bucho, I did what I was reincarnated for, helped out my master in times of distresses”

“But you risked so much, why would you go to such extent”

Seeing the little disappointed Rias he lifts her chin up as he continued,

“No matter who it is, not even ‘God’ can defeat me when I have a mind set to do anything, so rest assured, I will defend you until you find your guy”

What Issei didn’t knew that the next instant, his lips were feeling a warm sensation of another lips .

Rias kissed him!!

After that, she retreated with a devilish look on her face, “That was my first kiss, did you like it take that as a thank you gift”

“I am grateful for the gift and I gladly take it”


“Wasn’t it your first time too?”

Many images flashed through Isse’s mind, and each of them were, girls who had kissed him . . . or had been a little too intimate .

“Yess~ it was”

Rias was about to say something, when she heard someone’s voice .

“Good work out there Ise-kun”

When she turned, she was shocked to find it was her own brother, the Great Devil King .

“Onii-sama, what are you doing here?”

“Here to see how are you doing, but judging by your expression, I am taking that everything is fine”

“It is Sirzechs-san” Issei replied .

“Yes, as well as you Ise-kun, I look forward for a bright future with you” the Devil King said with a smile as he puts his hand forward for a handshake, to which he receives one .

He then continues, “Now that you all must return, should I prepare something for your departure”

“It is not needed,” Issei said as he turned towards Rias and continued, “Want to see my summoned creature?”

“But if didn’t you said, you don’t need one”

“Because I already have one”

Issei then pointed towards the sky as he continued . . .

“Pay heed to my voice, and come down slashing the sky, you who govern it . . . come Azure Dragon”

A huge golden array was formed through a long, blue-green scaled dragon exited; he did not have wings and red eyes as he floated the way and stood near Issei, bowing his head .

“Let’s get on it shall we?” Issei asked the shocked expression Rias as she took Issei’s arm and departed with him .

“Ise, I have been thinking something”

“What would that be?”

“I will be living with you”


. . . . . . . . .

“So for this reasons, I wish to stay here, Mother and Father”

Rias said these to Issei’s parents who did not knew what expression they had .

Asia was angrily pouting as the only privilege she had with her Ise-san was now taken .

Issei was thinking my daily life yet again .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued: – Volume 4:- Excalibur Under the moonlit sky .

Chapter 80:- Most eligible devil

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