High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 80

“For hell’s sake I do not wish to take your property or you queen at that, I do not wish to trade my pawn, please do not contact me any further”

Rias banged the telephone like, which was activated through a magic spell .

“Again?” Akeno asked .

Currently in the clubroom the only people present were, Akeno and Rias . . .

“This is the fourth Ultimate-Class Devil, who wants their dirty hands on my Ise”

“Ara . . . ara . . . hasn’t our Ise-kun, has became a little too popular”

“Correct Akeno, he didn’t even show what he was capable of, during his fight against Raiser, all the High-class and even the Ultimate-class wants him”

“There is more, isn’t it?”

With a long sigh, Rias continued, “Yes, since, his actual face is too handsome”

“The female High-class devils want him much more right”

Akeno completed Rias .

Rias got up and said, “YES, I HATE THAT, for what part they don’t understand that he is my Ise, my!!!!! I won’t give him to anyone”

What Akeno was thinking that Rias did had a cute expression during that time, whether she liked it or not, slowly even Akeno was tilting towards Issei .

. . .

The next morning, Issei felt something heavy on him . . .

It was none other than, the naked Rias herself .

Slowly even she opened up her eyes and gave Issei a seductive look,

“Morning Ise~”

“Bucho, it’s my room you know”

“You’re my Ise, you know”

“Oh well”

“Hey, Ise~”

“There is still sometime before breakfast, how about we have some sexy time~”

“Eh? Can we?”

“Of course”

“Then I will gladly-“

There was a knock sound on the door, and then from the other side voice came . . .

“Ise-san, wake up, we need to go to school early today remember, since they will be renovating the old school building”

At that very time Rias spoke, “Oh shoot, I forgot, Ise we will continue this later, Asia give me and Ise some time to change we will there”

‘I know where this is going’ Issei thought in his mind .

The door swung open and Asia, who just witnessed the scene, had teary, eyes .

“Asia, you could have waited you know” Rias said, still have the seductive expression on her face .

“Were-were Rias-oneesama and Ise-san doing perverted things together . . . I-I won’t be left out either”

“What?” both Issei and Rias said at the same time .

Asia stripped her clothes and jumped directly on the bed .

. . . . .

At the breakfast table of the Hyodo residence,

“The food both you and Asia prepare is very delicious” Issei’s mom praises genuinely to both Rias and Asia, to which even Issei’s dad affirms them .

“Mother and Father, since the old school building will be renovating would you mind if I bring the club members here just for today?” Rias asks, in a very polite manner .

With a smile Issei’s mother replied, “Of course I see why not, for what reason”

“To hold the club meeting of course”

‘Club meeting in my house, eh’

. . . . . . .

The following afternoon,

Issei’s room was now packed .

Rias, Akeno, Asia, Koneko, Kiba as well as Merlin, all of them were took their places in his room .

From a beautiful girl to a strict President, Rias instantly converted her attitude and manner of speaking . . .

“Now we shall start our meeting, Akeno you got twelve pacts”

“That is correct”

“Kiba, seven”


“Koneko, five”


“Asia, three”

“No way, Asichan got three that’s really nice,” Kiba said .

“Certainly” Akeno affirmed as well . . .

Hearing all the praise Asia blushed . . .

“And lastly Ise, one hundred and seventeen”

“That is correct”

“So Ise-kun still beat us”

“fufufufuf . . . that is very true”

Both Kiba and Akeno said this with smiling expression .

“Yes, Ise, the summoners have termed you the most eligible devil as well”

At that very time, there was a knock on the door, and it was none other than, Issei’s mom .

“I have brought tea, and do you know what else? Ise’s childhood pictures”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 81:- A little bit about his past

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