High School DxD / High School DxD Chapter 81

“Ise’s childhood pictures!” both Rias and Asia’s eyes were sparkling when they heard Issei’s mom, brought the album .

Within moments multiple albums had spread open and every member were watching Issei’s past .

“Ise-senpai’s naked childhood revealed” Koneko said, as she went through the albums .

“Well I am sorry”

“It’s an ity-bity-titty Ise” Rias said, her eyes were now shooting stars .

“Yes, he’s so cute-cute” Asia joined in .

“Isn’t it Asia, I knew you would understand me” Rias complemented Asia as they still went through the albums .

Seeing all this Issei was embarrassed as why is her mother revealing his childhood pictures, he giving signal to his mother to leave, but her mother just turned him down .

“It’s nice to have parents like this right” Kiba said this to Issei .

“You don’t have one?” this question would hurt anyone, asked by Issei to Kiba, but he just ignored the question by laughing it off, but he did had a sad face .

In all this commotion, Kiba was seeing a picture of kid Issei with another kid, but what interested him the most was the sword hanging on to the wall, seeing that his expression had turn grim as he called Issei and asked,

“Hey, Ise-kun, do you know what this sword is?”

“Hmm . . . That’s a holy sword, why do you ask?”

Issei saw the grim expression, and realized what was going on, but he kept quiet for now .

“Here, these two albums are special; these were taken from the days, Issei used to sing”

“Ise-san used to sing?” Asia turned towards Issei and watched him with sparkly eyes . . .

Then her mother continued, “This has images of Ise and Yozora”

“MOM, STOP” Issei screamed at the top of his voice, everyone was startled .

Even his mom looked up to see, what was going on, and with gentle expression she said, “Why don’t you show them, aren’t they your friends?”

Issei moved forward and snatched both of the albums and spoke in a very rude manner,” That is MY business, IF I DON’T WANT ANYONE TO SEE, NO ONE WILL SEE . . . . please leave mom”

Her mother did not say anything she took the teacups and left .

In his heart Issei knew what he did was wrong .

However, everyone here was shocked to see, whom Issei behaved, as if the current Issei was now shrouded in mystery .

“Merlin, use [Incinerate] and burn this two albums”

Issei threw the albums in the air, and with Merlin’s magic, the albums turned to ashes .

“Why did you do that Ise?” Rias got up and asked .

“It does not concern you” he replied coldly .

“It does, I am your master” Rias didn’t give up either .

“But you do not control MY LIFE” with angry expression Issei left the room, more accurately he left the house, the moment he left Merlin said,

“Don’t worry, I will go after him, just if you want to know something ask his mom”

After saying Merlin teleported and disappeared .

The current Issei’s behaviour displeased and caused sadness in everyone, Rias specially wanted to know what was going on .

However, there was another member who had a grim expression on, he was none other than Kiba, but due to the commotion caused by Issei, Kiba was ignored .

. . .

Yukihira Diner,

It was nighttime and Merlin entered the place mentioned above .

The diner usually stays closed this time, but was open just for one person or rather, for a specific group .

Issei was sitting at a place, eating Oyakodon [1] and Sake [2] his cheeks were flushed red .

“You are underage, why are you drinking alcohol,” Merlin said as she sat next to Issei .

“Shuft uwp woman, lemmme drink, olfd memories hurting me . . . SOUMA, passh mfe another saakeee (Shut up woman, let me drink, old memories are hurting me, Souma pass me another sake)”

“You are totally drunk, even though you are underage”

“Fwuck, underage (Fuck, underage)” Issei slammed the table after which he fainted . . .

“After all you drank thirty bottles, don’t worry I’ll pay” Merlin said to the sleeping Issei .

“How are you doing Merlin?” a boy’s voice rang .

“Souma, thanks for taking care of the captain of ours, I know he must have caused trouble”

“Its fine, we are always happy to help any {D x D} alliance member” the red hair boy smiled .

“Yes, I heard you got selected to the Cooking Tournament Blue, congratulation”

“Thanks, thanks”

“Lemme pay the bill,” Merlin said as she got up .

. . . . .

Issei’s mother was cleaning the kitchen, when two girls came up to her . . .

“Ara . . . Rias-chan and Asichan, is there something you need?”

With determination Rias asked, “Mother I want to know, who Yozora is?”

Issei mother who was cleaning stopped, sadness appeared in her face, seeing this Rias asked, and “We shouldn’t have asked that, should we?”

“It-It’s fine dear, she-she was our daughter and Issei’s younger sister, a year younger than him,” she was stammering as she spoke .

“What happen to her?”

“She-she passed away in a car accident”

Issei’s mother sat down as she began weeping, both Rias and Asia comforted her .

. . . .

Issei was dropped down in front of his house, by a teleportation magic performed by Merlin .

“That hurts, next time I see her I am gonna spank her, real hard,” Issei said as he got up as he cleared his butt and found a piece of paper in his pocket, which read, “Don’t forget, tomorrow is April 30th”

Issei folded the paper as he kept it back in his pocket .

‘Like hell will I forget’ Issei thought in his mind as he got inside his house .

He saw his mother cleaning his dishes, what he ignored that Rias and Asia were watching him through the stairs . . .

He walked near his mother and held the end of her apron tightly . . .

Seeing this action, his mother smiled and her eyes showed that she was waiting for something . . .

“I apologize for the misconduct I caused, won’t happen again”

His mother turned and hugged him, with a smile on her face she said, “Its fine dear, all good”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued:- Chapter 82:- Brother Before The Grave

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