High School DxD / High School DxD Volume 25 Chapter 0

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Transcendental reason

One day—.

Amidst the Rating Game World Tournament in which all factions were participating, a secret meeting took place on the rooftop of a certain building in the human world. In the rooftop garden, a table and chair were placed in the centre.  The man who sat in the chair — the Maou Ajuka Beelzebub greeted the young man who silently appeared from the shadows of darkness, Ikuse Tobio. As Ajuka closed the book that he was reading, he began to speak to that man — Slash Dog.

“Sorry, Ikuse Tobio-kun. Even though we’re in the midst of the Tournament, I’m still getting you to move behind the scenes.”

“No, it’s quite alright. I don’t dislike working in concealment.”

“So, does that mean you’ve been able to confirm something regarding that matter?”

Ikuse Tobio laid out several photographs onto the table. Depicted in these photos were a man and a woman walking along a less-travelled road. Judging only by appearances, the pair seemed as though they were the age of high school students. Ikuse Tobio pointed to the young man who was shown in the photos.

“It wouldn’t even be possible to capture his shadow by conventional means, but by using a filter that the Grigori specially made, I was finally able to capture his appearance. That man is…Kanzaki Mitsuya.”

In response to this report, Ajuka narrowed his eyes.

“…Ah, just as I thought. …[Innovate Clear] and [Telos Karma]’s…”

Ajuka placed his hand on his chin and sank into thought for a while. Rather abruptly, he asked Ikuse Tobio

“…What do you think? I want to know what your frank opinion is, given that you’re someone who has seen the other side of every faction.”

“There is no doubt that they have responded to the suspicious movements of the leaders of hell that the god Hades began.”

Just as he said, including Hades, the leaders who governed hell within each faction had all begun to act suspiciously. Although every faction was ostensibly enthusiastic about the Tournament, they were also paying close attention to the movements that Hades and the others were making in the background. And at the same time, the Longinus which was beyond the common sense of this world had also begun to move. There were rumours that Hades and the other leaders of hell had formed a secret alliance, and had marked the VIPs and Longinus possessors of each faction as their targets. These rumours began to grow closer to the truth with each passing day. There was no doubt that the mysterious Devils who assaulted every faction were also connected to Hades and the leaders of hell. That was where [Innovate Clear] and [Telos Karma] began to take action. Ikuse Tobio said

“The thing that concerns me the most is contact between them and the Two Heavenly Dragons of this generation, who will have a tremendous influence on the future of the supernatural world. In particular, if the possessor of [Telos Karma] encounters Hyoudou Issei-kun…I can’t even begin to imagine what might happen.”

 “…Indeed. I can’t imagine that either. Hyoudou Issei-kun’s existence is considered to be like a miracle to many people. If he suddenly encounters [First Dark], who falls outside the bounds of logic, and whose very existence has been erased, then…. Exactly what kind of phenomenon will that cause?”

However, Ajuka also thought about this. It was the wish of Former Governor Azazel to bring all of the Longinus possessors over to this side before they made contact with [ExE]. And so, if that was the case, then he intentionally—. 

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Continues on to Life.0

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