High School DxD / High School DxD Volume 25 Chapter 2

The next dayー.

It happened when the class that Rossweisse-san was in charge of had a quiz.

Rossweisse-san was standing on the teacher’s platform as she looked up blankly towards the ceiling. It had always been like this recently. Even at home and in school, she always had this vacant look on her face as she either looked up at the ceiling or in front as if her mind was elsewhere.

“Sensei, sensei, the time is over.”

The female class head confirmed to Rossweisse-san that the time for the quiz had ended. When Rossweisse-san noticed, she quickly pulled herself together and said to everyone

“Ah! Y-Yes! Ok, that’s it! Please pass the test papers forward from the back.”

Well, the class went normally after that, but…

Rossweisse-san’s condition even became popular inside the school, and rumours such as “Did something happen at work or with her private life?” began to spread among the students.

“It must be a boyfriend! She must have found a boyfriend!”

“That Rossweisse-chan has a boyfriend? That’s impossible! That can’t be true, right?”

“She probably lost her money?”

“As a cheapskate who uses 100-yen shops, is she really that troubled by money?”

“Did she get fired?”

“But, she is super serious, isn’t she? So that shouldn’t be the case either, don’t you agree?”

“In that case, boyfriend it is then!”

Various amusing and interesting conversations were held between the girls as well. Watching this from one corner of the classroom were me, Kiba, Matsuda and Motohama. After taking a sip of his popper juice with a straw, Matsuda asked me and Kiba.

“So, what’s the real situation? I mean, as the Occult Research Club advisor, she spends a lot of time with you guys, right?”

While fixing his glasses, Motohama added

“Also, Ise lives together with her. It wouldn’t be weird if you know something. No! If anything, you must know everything! Don’t tell me that she is leaving…”

And so my two dubious buddies asked me and Kiba something like that, but..

Me and Kiba looked at each other and were weren’t sure how to answer those questions.

“It’s not something that should be spoken to you guys. Anyway, what I can tell you now is that  she is not going to quit this school.”

I had no choice but to answer like that. Well, it’s exactly as they said, we actually do know the reason why Rossweisse-san’s been dazing off lately, however…

Yesterday, Rossweisse-san received a partly-forced-request to have a marriage meeting from her hometown, the Norse mythology.

Not only that, the partner is the current chief God of Asgard, Vidar-san! “To have a marriage meeting with a chief God”, when we heard about that, we couldn’t help but feel surprised! We also got an explanation from Rossweisse-san’s grandmother, Göndul-san too. It seemed like, even Göndul-san’s opinion was ignored as it had already been decided by the higher-ups. And because of that, cancelling also became impossible at this point.

Göndul-san, via a communication magic circle, said

“I am really sorry… I’ll head there tomorrow”

She sounded like she was really sorry about it. It seemed like, Göndul-san was actually opposed to her granddaughter’s marriage meeting this time. But, because of the pushy proposal by the Norse Gods, it had become a situation where Rossweisse-san’s parents were forced to concede, and even Göndul-san was unable to reject the proposal either.

Wait. I am the one who is done for! Because at any rate, Rossweisse-san is still my servant.

Since Asgard set up a marriage meeting without giving me any information beforehand, I did shoot them a protest letter as both a high-class devil and her master, but…


We only got such a reply. Nonetheless, me and Ravel kept on requesting them to give us an explanation that we could consent to, however….

“In the end, the marriage meeting will still happen, huh….”

I sluggishly said while looking at the hall’s ceiling. Kiba and I then said that we’d go buy something to drink, and we left Matsuda and Motohama behind. At a nearby vending machine that was inside the school, we talked while standing and drinking the juice.

“Rias-oneesan also requested an explanation of the the current circumstance via the Gremory family.”

Just as Kiba said, Rias did send a protest to Asgard as well. And even though Rossweisse-san wasn’t Rias’ servant anymore, the fact that Rossweisse-san was still part of the Gremory household didn’t change, and that’s why we also made an official request via the Gremory House.

The answer from them was


A successor problem! Or so it seemed, however…  On that side, the chief God Odin-jiisan along with his eldest son, the God Baldur had gone into the Isolation Barrier Field to exterminate Trihexa. The ones who remained here were Odin’s children, and the one that Asgard chose as the next generation chief God was Vidar.

However, although Vidar-san had many mistresses, he hadn’t gotten married yet. And so, it was precisely because he had become a chief God that the Asgardian Gods began to introduce him to candidates for marriage one after another, rushing him to make children as soon as possible. After arguing back and forth with Asgard, we were finally able to feel a bit relieved when they responded

“There is no need to be engaged anymore, but for now, please just attend the marriage interview..”

And such was the answer we got.

“Because it’s the Gods who set this up, there are also some points where you can’t easily pull back huh?” said Rias.

But… I feel like there are so many Gods that are so prideful. In the end, the final decision would  be according to Rossweisse-san’s own will. Although she herself was extremely surprised and confused, she didn’t have any problem with attending the meeting, regardless of whether she intended to get married or not. Such was the answer we arrived at. Even though the talk was forced and hurried, because she felt that she had been looked after by the Gods in her hometown all this time, and the conditions had also been relaxed a bit, it was quite difficult to decline.

And with that, it was official that tomorrow, Rossweisse-san would have a marriage meeting with Vidar-san in Japan.

…A God’s marriage problem, huh. Well, the marriage of a mythology’s representative sure is important, but…. Why does it have to be one of my servants, Rossweisse-san of all people? Even though she had been abandoned by Odin-jiisan, there was no doubt that she was an excellent valkyrie. Her magic ability was good, her acquired knowledge on powerful barrier techniques was also good, and even among her fellow Valkyries, her strength was undoubtable. That must have been the reason why she caught the attention of Asgard. Well, Rossweisse-san also contributed much to the Evil Dragon War, after all…it’s only natural that her value rose. But there was also this feeling inside me “Please don’t decide things on your own” that I strongly felt! It’s because she is my comrade… or rather, because she is my servant. She is also participating in the tournament with me, as well as doing devil jobs together. Either in battle or in jobs, Rossweisse-san is important! What we’ve achieved until now, it’s our precious…. If left like this, they will continue to decide things on their own until they are married.

“It’s okay, you can still stay as a servant, so can you become Vidar-sama’s wife?”

The day I hear something like that, as expected even I would…!

“Ise-kun, you should think calmly. I know you are angry, but the other party are the Norse Gods, if you just charge in recklessly, we might not only leave a bad impression but also damage our relationship with them in the future.”

Kiba said to me. Being told like that, I suddenly realised, and asked Kiba

“Do I look like I am angry to you?”

Kiba nodded with a forced smile.

“Whenever you think about Rossweisse-san, your expression looks somewhat bitter. Not only Ise-kun, but everyone who is a member Rias-oneesan’s peerage too. But, I understand how you feel. Especially Ise-kun, since you are her master, it’s all the more.”

……Everyone, starting from Rias’ peerage (my servants included) always made a bitter face whenever this topic came up. Looking from the perspective of me and my comrades, it’s only natural that we got mad.

Well, in reality, it’s not a topic that we can welcome. To be honest, I want to say a thing or two to Vidar-san and the gods of Norse mythology. After finishing the drink, Kiba then said

“You are going to talk with Rias-oneesan and Akeno-san after this right?”

Just as Kiba said, I was planning to go to the university branch of Kuoh Academy after school. It was because I wanted to discuss things regarding Rossweisse-san once again with those two. After all, the marriage meeting was just two days away—.

And with that, I went to the University of Kuoh Academy after school. Because the university was close to the high school, it wasn’t like I had never come here before. However, the students who attended the university wore their own clothes. So for someone wearing a uniform to visit the university, I did stand out from the others.

The appointment location was a cafe that was situated in a corner of the university campus. It was essentially a cafe run by the university students, but students from Kuoh High School and people who came to the university for work  went there sometimes as well. Rias and Akeno-san frequently sit together at their usual seats on the terrace, however…it seemed like there were some other girls sitting together with Rias and Akeno-san today. Were they university friends? I wasn’t sure, but they seemed like they were having fun, so I didn’t want to ruin the mood by being a nuisance. I guess I’ll just come back later.

And after having that thought, it was as if Rias and Akeno-san noticed me, so they simultaneously waved their hands at me.

At times like this, I tend to think that Rias and Akeno-san are good at sensing my presence. As I couldn’t afford to run, I walked over to the seats that they were in. You could say that the gazes of their friends hurt me, or rather, it seemed like I was being watched with keen interest. I was super embarrassed!

I sat down in the chair between Rias and Akeno-san. Rias then introduced me to her university friends.

“He is my and Akeno’s boyfriend. As I said earlier, we’re engaged.”

─. What a shocking introduction! She even told them about me being Rias’ and…Akeno-san’s boyfriend + our engagement! Normally, people would have been shocked by that kind of talk! I couldn’t help but feel surprised by the sudden introduction, but one of their friends suddenly screamed out “Kyaa!” with a high-pitched voice.

The friends then began to talk.

“He is Gremory-san and Himejimsan’s boyfriend!? I heard that he is younger!”

“Amazing! To be able to get these two beautiful girls as girlfriends!”

“In Rias-san’s country, it’s normal to have several wives, and it’s also okay to have a lot of husbands, right!?”

“On the contrary, I wonder how would it feel to have a lot of boyfriends? I might even be admired!”

Ah, so that’s what they were talking about. Well, it’s certain that if it’s Rias’s country, the Underworld, then harems and reverse harems do exist, so what Rias said technically wasn’t a lie. Rias seemed somewhat proud. Was she satisfied that she was able to introduce me?

B-But, if I were to be known as their partner, this talk would spread like wildfire to the high school and could turn out to be a terrible thing….

The fact that Rias and I were going out with each other was basically a secret from the students after all. I had only told several people about it (Matsuda and Motohama know, but they keep silent for me). But, Rias’ friend was a friend from the high school escalator program, so she must have known me as a bad person, but….

Akeno-san whispered to me

(I used magic so that basic information about Ise-kun won’t get exposed. The only thing that they grasped was the fact that you are my and Rias’ boyfriend, that’s all.)

Ah, manipulation magic. Now that I looked closely at their friends, their eyes did look like they were soulless as if they had been hypnotised. So that’s why they didn’t find out about my true identity. Hold on, but that means the boyfriend that they’ve been introducing until now is…. Akeno-san then laughed cutely.

(After all, I am a uni student. It’s only natural that I want to boast about having a boyfriend, right?)

AAAaaAAAaaAAAA! If you say such maidenly words to me, I won’t be able to resist! Please, please, as long as my basic information doesn’t get leaked out, please boast about me as much as you like! If I were to be honest, I also wanted to tell the truth that I was their boyfriend, but, it would definitely be troublesome in many ways. And because of that, I had no choice but to endure.

One of their friends asked Akeno-san

“How do you feel about having a younger boyfriend?”

Akeno-san’s cheeks turned red and she happily answered

“He might be younger than me, but he is dependable. If I really had to decide, then I feel like I am the one who gets spoiled.”

“The big-sister-like Himejimsan gets spoiled instead? I thought it was the opposite!”

“I might also want a younger boyfriend!”

And such was the girls’ talk that the friends joyfully engaged in.

Because Rias and Akeno-san seemed like they were having so much fun, I joined in and participated in the girls’ talk for a while. After all, being able to talk with female university students sure is fun!

“─So, what happened? You came here to talk, right?”

Rias asked me after the talk while being surrounded by university girls ended.

The topic was my original purpose, which was to ask for advice about Rossweisse-san.

Rias then continued

“I personally don’t agree with the forced marriage meeting either. But, right now, her master is you, Ise. While respecting her thoughts is reasonable, your thoughts are also important.”

‘…What would you do in this situation?’ If I were to ask her opinion like that, I’m sure she would feel disgusted. After all — I am a high-class Devil, the master who made Rossweisse-san my servant.

Rias also said

“Everything will soon be clear. Ise, how do you feel about the marriage meeting? —Yes, what is Rossweisse to you, Ise? Is she just a servant? Or is she…”

Rias then stopped.

To me, Rossweisse-san is… But, one thing is clear. When Rossweisse-san and Vidar-san’s marriage meeting got decided by the Norse Gods on their own, I was extremely mad. Disgusted even. The unpleasant feeling about my precious servant being forced to attend a marriage interview was one of the factors, but the memories that I spent together with Rossweisse-san until now kept flashing across my mind one after another….

I strongly felt that ‘my precious thing is going to be taken away’. Rias looked at her watch and said “It’s time” as she stood up.

“Leave the bill to me. Akeno, I’ll go on first.”

After saying that to Akeno-san, Rias then said to me while smiling

“I’ll always be your and Rossweisse’s ally, you know? That fact won’t change no matter what. That’s why you should find your own solution.”

Because Rias had to finish some personal errands for the Gremory House, she left first. Akeno-san and I were left behind. Akeno-san smiled as she said

“Hey, Ise-kun. Do you remember the engagement party between Rias and Riser Phoenix that was held last year?”


Ah, that’s right, it’s been more than a year since that incident huh. Because there were so many things that happened, it felt as though that incident happened long ago.

Akeno-san then continued

“Rias might not say it in words, but this incident seems like a repeat of that time. ”

Her engagement and Rossweisse-san’s marriage interview… That’s right, even though the circumstances are different, the fact where their future was decided one-sidedly is the same. It’s only natural that Rias thought that Rossweisse-san’s current situation is a repeat of that.

Akeno-san continued

“At that time, how did you feel, how did you think, and how did you act, Ise-kun? Rias and Rossweisse-san are different, but Rossweisse-san to us, and above all, to you is a precious servant, Ise-kun. That is certain, right? I don’t know how things will turn out in the marriage interview, however, when Vidar-sama decides that he wants to  marry, your feelings and actions will inevitably come pouring out. But, Ise-kun, this is the one thing that you should remember.”

With a serious expression, Akeno-san said

“At the time you said “No”, your enemy was the Phoenix House. But, this time — it’s a God. You should prepare yourself to have the determination to take back Rossweisse-san from a God.”

Taking Rossweisse-san back from a God…

Akeno-san then suddenly changed her expression

“But, you’ve also grown a lot from your experiences over the past year. Compared to the time you charged in recklessly, you’ve become far more mature…. Looking at your expression now, you seem calm. Surely, if this were a year ago, you would have charged in recklessly to Asgard and Rias would be mad.”

Ahaha, that might be possible. I did charge in to Rias’ engagement party that time. After that, due to various things, even if something crazy happened, I would think first and ask other people for their opinions.

…I became a senior in high school, and also became a high-class Devil, and above all, I understand that my power — the power of the Heavenly Dragon and the Dragon God might have an influence on the world. If I don’t think first then act, I might cause trouble to other people.

…That said, when the moment comes, I have to take back my precious servant from a God huh. The enemy isn’t someone whom I can challenge half-assedly. But I— . After all, Rossweisse-san is important to me because as a servant, or perhaps—. That was a question that I had to answer—.

And then, it was the day of Rossweisse-san and Vidar-san’s marriage interview—.

We, the authorised people (the new and old Occult Research Club members) gathered in a certain traditional Japanese restaurant in Tokyo. To our surprise, Vidar-san’s faction chose a traditional Japanese restaurant (a valuable shop as they handle even supernatural beings). So, we also adapted to them by having Rossweisse-san wear an elegant kimono. By the way, it was Akeno-san who was in charge of dressing her up.

All of the concerned parties were waiting in a room—.

“Thank you for waiting. Everyone, you look the same as I last saw you.”

The person who appeared was Rossweisse-san’s grandmother, Göndul-san! That person was still the same as when I met her before, she had this strict atmosphere around her. After taking a glance at her granddaughter, Göndul-san apologised to us.

“I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused. Especially Hyoudou Issei-kun. Even though my granddaughter is an important servant… I could not reject the higher-ups’ decision.”

She also apologised to me directly. I also—

“N-No, no, basically, I also disagree, but for now, let’s just watch over her. We’ll answer after that.”

I replied.

As soon as Rossweisse-san noticed  her grandmother, Göndul-san, she looked displeased.

“On this occasion, even though it’s a proposal from my hometown, I have so many things to say.”

Göndul-san took a breath as she sighed.

“I understand that, Rose. But, it’s also your fault that you didn’t marry and raise a family quickly. Because you showed them an opportunity, it has now become a situation where even I can’t reject them, you know.”

“D-Didn’t marry and raise a family, you say!?”

Göndul-san scolded Rossweisse-san for being hesitant.

“The truth is, you could have just let your master, the Sekiryuutei who went to the trouble of making you his servant approach you and establish that fact, you know.”

“Even if you say that, I don’t know a single thing about men!”

The grandmother and granddaughter began to quarrel!

“I thought I already told you to let him do perverted things to you!”

“You don’t have to say that to me, grandma! E-E-Even I, w-w-w-want to do perverted things you know!”

What are these two talking about!? Rossweisse-san whose face had become red said that with a loud voice! Hearing the conversation between those two, the girls fixed their gaze onto me. Shirone a.k.a. Koneko-chan asked me

“Why didn’t you do perverted things to her?”

K-Koneko-chan! You’ve become quite brave to say such things after the proposal, huh!? I then scratched my cheek as I said

“T-That’s, umm, because the tournament and the jobs as a high-class devil piled up… I-I also want to do many perverted things!”

If I could do those perverted things, of course I would do it! But because of my jobs as a high-class devil, my position as the Oppai Dragon, and also due to our participation in the World Tournament on top of school life, I was quite busy, you know!?

I did come across a perverted situation occasionally, but there were only busy days besides that. If anything, that was the reason why it felt like oppai were distant. Xenovia nodded as if in agreement with Rossweisse-san.

“Well, we also rarely find situations where we can do perverted things.”

Irina also agreed

“Because there are so many girls, even if we were to use the room, there might be someone who comes in and interrupts.”

…You guys, perverted this, perverted that, this is a place for a marriage interview, you know!? Well, I also did talk about perverted things with a loud voice too. Ravel then replied

“Perverted this and perverted that, everyone, please remember that today is Rossweisse-sama’s marriage interview, okay?”

The quarrel between granddaughter and grandmother made the atmosphere inside the room so awkward that we couldn’t say anything. But, a shop employee came to the room and said

“The partner is ready for the marriage interview.”

The time for the marriage interview finally arrived, without waiting for us—.

Now, about the marriage interview…

The representative of Rossweisse-san’s family was her grandmother, Göndul-san. And since Rossweisse-san is currently a member of [Hyoudou Issei’s Peerage], I sat on the same side as her master. While Rossweisse-san and Göndul-san dressed formally, I on the other hand was wearing my uniform… Well, I certainly am still a student though…

However, we only intended to greet each other. After that, it was supposed to go like ‘Let’s leave it to them, shall we’, and we planned to leave those two alone. Well, it was like a normal Japanese marriage interview. Because they were doing it in Japan, they wanted to do it the Japanese-style.

There was a table placed in the middle of the spacious Japanese-style room, and we sat on one side together with Rossweisse-san. In the garden that could be seen from the Japanese-style room, a small bamboo fountain made a small pleasant “koton” noise. By the way, Göndul-san used magic so that my comrades waiting in a different room could see what was happening in this room live. Because my friends were essentially peeping, I didn’t think that the strict Göndul-san would have allowed such a thing, but…it seems like this incident had many things to be considerate of.

While waiting and sitting in seiza[1] style, Vidar-san appeared in a white suit with three ladies who followed him. He was a handsome man with an unshaven face, platinum blonde hair and gold pupils. From his looks, it seemed like he was only in his early twenties. The three ladies who followed him were all beautiful, but they all showed a strict expression. Because their aura felt like it had a God’s nature, I thought they were all Gods, but…

Vidar-san looked at me and Rossweisse-san as if he was evaluating us. No, I was certain that he was evaluating Rossweisse-san and me, her master—. As if he could already tell what the ladies’ expressions looked like, Vidar-san took a breath and said

“Fulla, Hlin, Gná, I told you not to stare with those stern eyes. We’re being rude to them, are we not?”

The women responded to Vidar-san with a stern voice.

“Vidar-sama, we’ll leave the rest to you, but…”

“This is an important duty as the current chief God.”

“Even if the other party is a former Valkyrie, this is also for the sake of Asgard’s future.”

Vidar-san looked annoyed by the ladies’ words, and gestured with his hand to shoo them off.

“Yeah-, okay okay. It’s fine, so please leave the rest to me”

The ladies then reluctantly left the room. Rossweisse-san and I felt unsure of what to say, and Göndul-san looked a bit displeased as she raised an eyebrow. Judging by that attitude alone, we could only imagine that the relationship between Göndul-san and those three women wasn’t very good. Vidar-san then sat down in front of us. He immediately sat cross-legged and made a bitter laugh as he said

“My bad. Those three goddesses are my…to the family of Odin, they’re like maids who have served us since a long time ago. They have also been looking after me since I was small. It was also them who took the initiative of choosing this place…. Well, it’s something that not even I could decline.”

After saying that, Vidar-san then greeted us.

“I am Vidar. The chief God of Norse mythology. Please be generous and overlook any problems.”

And then, it was Rossweisse-san’s turn to return the greeting

“I am Rossweisse. I was Odin-sama’s personal Valkyrie until last year. I am currently under the care of Hyoudou Issei-sama as a Devil servant.”

Next, Göndul-san gave a simple greeting

“I am her grandmother, Göndul.”

I lightly cleared my throat and said after adjusting my posture

“I am Hyoudou Issei, a high-class devil and currently Rossweisse-san’s master. Please take care of us.”

It was a formal greeting, however…well, I’m sure it’s going to be fine like this. Then after the greetings, Göndul-san said,

“…Well now, let’s leave the rest to these two, shall we?”

Right when we were about to leave our seats — Vidar-san gestured with his hands to stop us.

“You guys don’t have to go. I don’t mind letting both of you stay.”

The sudden offer made me and Göndul-san look at each other. …Vidar-san said that while laughing, however he seemed like he was serious about it, so we remained. In the meantime, we ordered drinks and chose oolong tea, while Vidar-san ordered — beer. To order a beer in a marriage interview…it just proved that he really was Odin-jiisan’s son.

After that, Rossweisse-san and Vidar-san started talking casually. At first they started with something simple like ‘Today is nice, huh’ or ‘How is your life being a teacher in Japan?’, but eventually, the subject became Odin-jiisan. Vidar-san said with a bitter expression

“My father is the best and won’t lose to the chief Gods of other mythologies when it comes to perverted things. Oftentimes, before I knew it, new brothers and sisters had been born, you know? He holds many titles, such as ‘The All-knowing’, ‘The Great Noble God’ , ‘The Father of Victory’ , and ‘The One-eyed Hero’. However, I think the most appropriate title for him is ‘the perverted old man’.”

Rossweisse-san also agreed.

“Odin-sama really is a perverted man. When the various mythologies were trying to form an alliance, he did go to all of their places, however, he always became interested in the girls of each place. And when I noticed that he was already gone, he always ended up in human towns where he’d be picking up girls.”

“The Goddesses in that land are charming. There are female humans in this land and in that land have perverted customs, or something like that. No matter the Goddesses’ race, he will pay attention to the perverted customs of each destination.”

Vidar-san’s story got swallowed by Rossweisse-san as she said “That’s right, that’s right!” and nodded as she expressed her strong agreement.

“Even when he came to Japan, he suddenly somehow knew about all of the lewd shops and forced me to go with him… Argh, just remembering it makes my blood boil!”

After that, Rossweisse-san and Vidar-san had fun bad-mouthing Odin-jiisan. Me too…because I didn’t know what to say, I had no choice but to show a forced-smile, whilst Göndul-san who was sitting beside me also sighed as she struggled with the atmosphere.

Rossweisse-san had gotten quite heated-up over that topic. Vidar-san put his hand on his chin and looked at Rossweisse-san with great interest. Rossweisse-san said

“Anyway, I still have many things to talk about regarding Odin-sama!”

Vidar-san then asked Rossweisse-san

“Well, at first I thought you were a chaste woman, but you are actually pretty cute, huh”

Rossweisse-san was astonished by those words, and after she understood the meaning, her face turned super red. Rossweisse-san panicked as she said

“W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-What did you just say!? G-Geez!”

As she panicked, Rossweisse-san picked up all of the refilled drinks that had just been brought over, and drank all of them at once.

Vidar-san then exclaimed ‘Ah!’

“That’s my beer, you know?”

That’s right! I also noticed that! The drink that Rossweisse-san gulped down wasn’t oolong tea, but the beer for Vidar-san! It was liquor! It was alcohol! I remembered what happened at the field trip last year! When we were attacked by the Hero Faction at Togetsu Bridge, Rossweisse-san was — drunk! After that, Rossweisse-san…! Göndul-san seemed to recall something like this happening before as well, and she said “Oh no…” as she put her hands on her face.

And then Rossweisse-san herself… After drinking all the beer at once, she slammed the glass back down onto the table.

“Hick-, like I fwaid, that damned Odin-jiji is really-really perverted, vyou know?”

—It had already started!

Yes! This person instantly became like this if alcohol entered her body! A Valkyrie whose personality did a complete one-eighty when drunk! In a completely intoxicated manner, Rossweisse-san yelled

“Five more beers please!”

Vidar-san was completely confused and his mouth hung wide-open. Rossweisse-san then approached Vidar-san.

“Vidar-sama! You understand right? That you are also perverted! Because you are thwat old fart’s son, it’d be weird if you aren’t perverted! After all, you probably attended this marriage interview just because you want my body right!”

Without delay, Rossweisse-san drank the beer that just arrived, and after drinking yet another glass of beer — to my surprise, she suddenly hugged meeeeeeeeee! With moist eyes, Rossweisse-san then said

“Too bad! But I! Will become Hyoudou Issei-kun’s! Wife! It’s the pwomising Oppai Dragon, you know? It means I will be married to a rich man with power! And on top all that, he is also kind to me!”

Rossweisse-san then swigged down another glass. She drank all of those beers at an unbelievable pace!

“Compared to Valhalla, the conditions in the Underworld are more favourable! The people around me are also kind!”

As if he had gotten used to the drunk Rossweisse-san, Vidar-san amusedly asked

“You want to become the Sekiryuutei’s wife because you want his welfare, huh?”

‘Rossweisse-san ‘smack’ slammed another glass down on the table.

“Welfare! To a working woman, it’s a privilege! Even though that might be the case, Ise-kun is…someone who will do anything for my sake! He might be younger, but he is a master who is dependable! For my sake…”

Suddenly, Rossweisse-san began to weep. So crying was also one of her drunk habits huh…

“He risked his own life to save me, after all! He immediately came to my rescue when that sister-loving bastard Euclid kidnapped me! I was so happy! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

…Aa~ah, she blubbered while holding on to me….

This was no longer a marriage interview. As if a hard-fought war had ended, Göndul-san also dropped her head broken-heartedly. Vidar-san wasn’t even mad though. He was just looking at the current situation with one of his hands on his cheeks, looking somewhat amused. This man is a big-hearted God, huh. Even in this super-rude situation, he wasn’t even mad and followed along with us. Having no choice, I said “Okay, okay. I will always save you, so please stop crying” while comforting her by patting her back.

I also thought to myself “What in the world am I doing?” but my current priority was to put Rossweisse-san in a good mood again. Finally, Rossweisse-san stopped crying.

A girl then appeared from the balcony—. A woman with light blue hair wearing a black suit — she was super-duper beautiful! I had never directly met this person before, however, I had seen her on the TV several times. The beautiful girl swept her long hair aside, giving Rossweisse-san a stern look.

“You are weak to alcohol as usual huh, Rose.”

Rossweisse-san reacted to those words, and looked at the source of that voice. And then, her glassy eyes turned into a surprised look.


Although she should’ve been drunk, Rossweisse-san stood up and straightened herself. Rossweisse-san had been heavily drunk until just now, but her expression stiffened as she said

“My intoxication has completely disappeared.”

Indeed, it really did seem like she had awoken from her intoxication. And the woman who could make Rossweisse-san regain consciousness in a single moment was — Brynhildr-san. She was a member of the [Leisure of the Kings] Team that Vidar-san also belonged to.

Ravel had explained to us earlier

[She is like a representative of the Valkyries. For generations, it has been the name which is inherited by the most powerful Valkyrie.]

That’s right, this beautiful woman is the strongest Valkyrie, Vidar-san’s team member, and also Rossweisse-san’s senior in the Norse mythology. Every time we see this woman on screen, Rossweisse-san always looked terrified. It seems like she was often reprimanded back when she was a Valkyrie in the Norse mythology.

Rossweisse-san then said

“You came here, huh.”

“I am currently accompanying the present chief God, Vidar-sama. I didn’t think that I would be able to see your poor drunken behaviour here, you know?”

Rossweisse-san didn’t have anything to say in return to her senior. Brynhildr-san coldly continued

“It is you, after all. I am sure that you mistook Vidar-sama’s drink for yours and drank it…that clumsiness of yours, it looks like it hasn’t changed since then, huh. So, do you think you are fit to be Sekiryuutei-dono’s servant?”


Rossweisse-san looked like she was unable to say anything in return. Brynhildr-san interpreted Rossweisse-san’s silence as ‘so-so’.

“Brynhildr, it’s fine isn’t it? It was fun for me, you know?”

Brynhildr-san sighed in response to Vidar-san’s statement.

“…For God’s sake, you’re just like Odin-sama. You really do like these kinds of things.”

Vidar-san’s mischievous laughter was just like Odin-jiisan’s. Then, he looked at me and Rossweisse-san and said

“I quite liked this marriage interview. Why don’t we get engaged, Rossweisse?”

…Me and Rossweisse-san were stunned by the sudden statement for a second, but when we realised it—.


We simultaneously cried out aloud, and from the other room as well


Many such voices of surprise could be heard. It seemed like the other guys who were waiting in a different room overheard our conversation via magic, and they also exclaimed in surprise. Of course! Even though he saw Rossweisse-san’s drunken behaviour, Vidar-san gave an ‘OK’ as he laughed! All of my comrades believed that this marriage interview was doomed!

Vidar-san then added

“Rossweisse said this. [He will do anything for my sake. He risked his life to save me], and such. If that’s really the case, I want to see it.”

Vidar-san laughed fearlessly as he pointed his finger at me and declared a war!

“In the upcoming match, why don’t we make a bet over Rossweisse. If you win, I won’t marry her. How is that?”

A challenge from Vidar-san! Nearby, Brynhildr-san put her hand against her forehead, seemingly disappointed by the chief God’s response. But… As for us — it ain’t a joke! Originally, I had never planned to give Rossweisse-san away just like that, and I also have things to say regarding this matter too!

I then replied to Vidar-san with a serious expression

“The problem is not Rossweisse-san being the object of our bet! It’s because you guys keep making decisions on your own it feels unpleasant to not even be consulted about such things. But since your mythology has its own circumstances, I forgave this marriage interview. However, that is merely a formality.”

I declared to the chief God of Asgard.

“This person, Rossweisse-san, she is my precious comrade and servant! Even if my enemy is a Norse God, I have no plans to give her up just like that! Things like bets don’t matter. If you are targeting Rossweisse-san, then that means—”

I approached Vidar-san, and our faces were so close that our heads almost collided as I declared

“Even if you are a God, I will defeat you!”

A year after the incident of me breaking into Rias’ engagement party, I thought I had become more adult-like and could think calmly, but… As expected, I can’t stand things like this. Those who try to steal what’s mine, even if they are Gods — I have no choice but to defeat them!

Vidar-san stared at me as he heard my declaration, and his expression became uplifted.

“This is it! This is it! A fight against a Heavenly Dragon. It wouldn’t be real if you didn’t say such words!”

Vidar-san and I glared at each other.

The impending match between the [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth] Team and [Leisure of the Kings] Team had gotten even more heated-up before the curtains were even raised—.

Formal sitting position

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