Historic Ghosts And Ghost Hunters

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If you are into vampires, werewolves, witches, phantoms, this novel will interest you. There are 9 thrilling restless stories about underestimated detectives that prey on ghosts, inquire about clues of any activity. The fame about the sleuths was so high, that their faces were on the city’s magazine covers. They were famous but in some years became forgotten. Now it’s time to remind people about the heroes. The spotters own paranormal sense and start their prosecutions in popular ancient places where eminent Sherlock Holmes and miss Jane Marple were searching and reached the outcome. Make sure if there’s a confusing or negative agenda, Dr Munsing, Mason Bell, DeGrandon, Moris Klaw, Flaxman Low or Carnacki won’t delay assisting in a capture. They never explain any occasion like a simple coincidence and if the detectives find any traces, they won’t say that it was just a dog.

Vampires seeking a fresh victim or phantoms walking in buildings won’t surprise our heroes. 9 stories unite in a list of rare and antique legends that turned real. The omnibus retells about talented specialists among which a reader meets with Gordon Acreage’s Dr Munsing in “The Exorcist”; Seabury Quinn’s Jules DeGrandon in “Body and Soul”; Sax Rohmer’s Moris Klaw in “The Headless Mummies”; E. and H. Heron’s Flaxman Low in “The Grey House”; T. Meade and Robert Eustace’s Bell, Master of Mystery in “The Warder of the Door”; Conrad Richter’s Mason Bell in “The Toad Man”; William Hope Hodgson’s Carnacki, Ghost Finder, in “The Whistling Room”; Victor Rousseau’s Ivan Brodsky, Surgeon of Souls, in “The Tenth Commandment”; and Algernon Blackwood’s John Silence in “A Victim of Higher Space.” The heroes will stay in everyone’s memory for a long time. No doubt, you’ll wish to know more about each spotter’s destiny.

Historic Ghosts And Ghost Hunters



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