I Became A Hero In A Pandemic / I Became a Hero in a Pandemic Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Abduction

“How shall I capture them……”

I sat down on the usual stairs that are connected to the underground stores and was thinking.

I plotted something for the time being……It isn’t quite great, but the method is thought about. Packing tape is useless and even if there are strong handcuffs, it’s insignificant. I feel no pain……I still don’t know why I didn’t become a zombie, so without minding being bitten even if at least these guys don’t tear off my arm. Therefore I aim for their feets.

Their movement is stopped by a blow if I smash their heads, however there is no meaning if I kill them. At least they should be alive, although they are dead.

Therefore I stopped at the sports shop and obtained a bat.

If their feet are crushed, the threat falls at a dash. Of course those zombies will go all out even when their lower body was handicapped to defeat me, it is easy to deal with them. It is easy to do…..but you can expect that it won’t work straight.

Therefore, I´m worried. Their movement can be sealed off comparatively safely, moreover the bat becomes my weapon in a pinch. Isn’t there another one which matches the condition more than that……Possibly there may be, surely there will be. However I think this is the best option, because there are no other proposals. I should have consulted Aya-chan, but unfortunately, Aya-chan can’t talk. Then, is this my only choice?


I stood up and went downstairs.

In the first place it is still in the experiment stage. To the act to which my flesh and blood are given, there is no guarantee that the zombie will change back into a human. So it is necessary to compromise. First of all it is okay when the zombie body is damaged as long as he is alive.

The fire door is opened. While slightly creaking whether because it was rusted, I was able to open it without being caught. The worst pattern is that I am attacked suddenly here, but the basement is quiet as ever.

Even so, there is nothing. I dont hear a breathing, but there is a sign. If there is a existence that is different from myself in this world, I will know it immediately. It is important to remove the sign from here, but it is originally reverse now. This time (,,,)it was different, it’s necessary to keep recognizing the sign.

“……Please, come alone”

To deceive the tension, my mouth is moved and I knocked on the floor with the bat lightly. The change is not seen though perception and a dry sound sound through the area. I sounded a sound to call a zombie of the within easy reach of together, It was indeed too small and did not seem to notice.

I knocked on the ground with my bat again――――and a sound rang.

Instantly innumerable signs are felt to turn here, so I got goose bumps on my whole body.


My hands tremble. I made a mistake in the insertion condition of the power.It is a simple mistake, but is not laughable at this place.

Immediately a door is behind me. Although both sides are blocked with clothes that are packed for a bargain sale, I may go ahead while pushing it aside. When I´m attacked from right and left simultaneously, I will go to the next world then.

For now no one is seen, when I light up the area before me with the flashlight. In the place where I am I can see the area left and right from me, but I can’t see what is behind me. I don’t know what happened because there was no case that I searched here accurately, however there seems to be some space.

Because it is connected to the outside, it is a dead end. Possibly the left may be connected to the right. I don’t understand how, but I can’t escape anymore and it may be a lie but this place is dangerous.

I´m able to sense a sign only from the front just in case, but I seem to lose my concentration soon. I can’t really see if zombies approach from right and left while I confront zombies from the front.

If I return now, there are still plenty of chances after this…….however I can’t advance if I escape from an pinch and till when will it pass. I won’t be able to enjoy this world when I can’t enjoy a little danger.

……I made up my mind and fixed my eyes on the front.

One zombie was only 10 meters ahead. Although it is dark and I can’t see much ahead, there surely are several zombies.

They still walk slowly, because they walk step by step and when judging from an element, it doesn’t probably become threatening. Although their power cant be disregarded when they approach, they won’t be a big deal if I can’t hit them.

30 seconds. I can return to the top safely if I kill it in 30 seconds. By any chance, if I’m overtaken by the zombies in the back and have trouble to control them, it’s game over.


Near. It is already in front of me. Two bat-lengths away, so an attack won’t hit. It is enough distance to disappear in an instant if the zombie approached me to push me down. I can’t be careless.

One step.

It is one step again.

Suddenly, the question how much force is needed to break a foot, when I swing my bat floated in my head. Well, I thought it was certain and easy doing it with full strength.

A zombie stepped further forward by one step. Although a flashlight was attached to my waist, I didnt need to light it up directly, because the distance was enough to show its face.

The zombie was a man who can’t see.


I dropped my waist and aimed at the left foot of the man like a full swing at baseball.

Just after that a terrible sound sounded through the area. It is not the ratio when I knocked on the ground with the bat. I thought carelessly that I hit an iron desk, however I broke a feet, my arm became numb and the zombie fell down to the ground. The foot slightly shone on turns to the opposite side and something white came out from the knee pit.

A red liquid began to gradually leak from there and the surrounding was filled with an iron smell.


I modified him a little. It was almost close to a full swing, but I didnt use full strength. I’m not sure in this situation……but in the first place was a zombie fragiler than a human?

To me who don’t know if that man is alive or not, there was no hesitating time and I hit him again.

I step over the zombie toward his other foot while swinging down the bat――――It was too weak this time. The feeling of the impact tells me that it isn’t broken.

The bone broke with a light sound when I flung the bat again. The degree was difficult, but I think I could get the hang somehow. When a blow is also given to his left arm so as not to forget the feeling, I failed again. It’s proper talk, but the endurance seems different by an arm and a foot.

When I swing my bat down by keeping that in mind, I succeeded in breaking the right arm neatly.

“……Do I do this with other zombies this time?”

I forgot where I was, probably because I got absorbed. Plural zombies are swaying here and form a line. Will it be a successful shop? An unamusing joke.

I gripped the foot of the zombie who slightly raised a groan voice and left the place while dragging him with me.

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