I Became A Hero In A Pandemic / I Became a Hero in a Pandemic Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Primary school girl ★★

Even though she is a elementary school girl, it isn’t necessary to be reserved.

Disregarding the girl that sips my sperm eagerly, I went on the top of the bed. My glance move to her lovely hips and this is a true side glance.

“That was delicious”

When I was young, I was also laughing at worn-out jokes, but I can’t laugh this year. This way when I keep remaining my age will I be able to laugh again?

Although I wish sincerely that it won’t be so, I apply my son against the girls still immature pussy, before a certain thing was noticed.

“I can’t enter”

This girl’s vagina wasn’t wet at all.

Recently Aya-chan gets wet between her crotches from fellatio, Because she was trained to become a lewd girl, I forgot even such a common-sense thing. I don’t know whether a common zombie gets wet as expected, so shall I try it?

……When I think so and unclothe her shirt, a grotesque wound appears.


I closed her shirt quietly. As expected, my son doesn’t has spirit either.

I have already become accustomed to kill a zombie and even if a bloody heart or a piece of meat are seen, my appetite doesn’t decline. But I’m also not sexual thrilled.


I think it isn’t necessary to make my son who withered nerve itself to serve for the experiment for the time being. Oh, I was beginning to give up when the ingestion is all right on the first day, when I noticed Aya-chan.

Slightly from the front before leaning to the right, I stand up so that I may call her here. Being jealous of our act somehow or because she is interested, Aya-chan seem to come to look at us……. Although she is lovely in such a situation, when I still remember that Aya is a zombie, life seems to be easy.

After she finished having her meal and disappeared, while I don’t know the habits of a zombie I think she came here because of the noise we made.

In the first place it is only Aya-chan who is important at the moment and the others don’t matter.

“Aya, come here a little”

Aya comes here when I asked her without showing the behavior that she dislikes it. Oh and she doesn’t show a joyful behavior either.

“――――Hey, stop stop!!”

Aya-chan approaches here from the front and gave a lot of care to the bed. Although she tries to come here as said, she wants to sip my semen and to be eaten by me. To make a detour while rushing, I try to issue instructions――――and I noticed that the zombie girl did not show a reaction to Aya at all.

The zombie girl who is tied down is struggling in order to eat me somehow, even when Aya-chan is in the neighbor, she doesn’t seem to mind it at all. As for the fragment not showing interest to the existence that is tastier than myself who is an old man. Is this because Aya-chan is a zombie?

Zombies are eating humans, but dont surely prey on one another. And it can be said that I a human is approached by Aya who is a zombie.

I should have been able to assume this phenomenon, however I’m not able to hide my surprise when actually witnessing it.

I who was bitten by a zombie and didn’t become a zombie is special, while Aya’s existence fits further in this world. Even if I was bitten, I don’t became a zombie, but when I’m bitten by a great deal of zombies, I’d die ordinarily. And Aya isn’t aimed at at all.

The symptoms of Aya are improving, so will this phenomenon continue even when she completely became a human again? And I don’t know whether it’s only now while she is a incomplete zombie that she doesn’t need to eat something to survive. It is sure that I have to go underground before it’s too late.

I am honest and Aya-chan who doesn’t know that I think about such a thing either follows my words and stand still like a maid waiting for the next order. Because I sat down now, it didn’t take much time for me to notice it because her crotch was in front of my face.

“Aya-chan, you already got wet. Nothing is done……that’s impossible, did you expected it?”

When I asked her with a laugh, she avoided my face.

What a cute reaction.

“Oh well, let’s stop the allusion. ……Get down on all fours here first of all”

I give her the instruction to get down on all fours on top of the other girl. Aya-chan then moved as I said and the lovely elementary and junior high school girl bowl was made. The conquest of an compulsory education.

If Honjo-san is here, too, would have an elementary, junior high and high school girl bowl……which would be really good.

Because there is no help for it even if I regret it, I inserted my erect penis without foreplay in Aya-chans flower. Surely it isn’t an imagination to feel an connection between us.


When I take her in the back sitting position from the crawling state forcibly, and my son pressed inside her, Aya-chan groans.

The expanding and contracting of her vagina is the best as usual. Though it is still not mature because her body is still small, the feeling of elasticity that is going to push back is unbearable.

Various postures are tried out as always from here and I go to finish it while playing with Aya-chan’s chest and I’m allowed to put it out at once this time.


Byuru, byubyu

Just before ejaculating, my waist is pulled and the pleasant sensation which isn’t quite satisfactory is tasted a little. Probably because of my half-finished ejaculation, there is less quantity……however it is still more than the average quantity.

“Oh, I feel good”

The fired sperm succeeded in polluting the vagina of this wonderful girl without aiming.

When I rub this elementary student’s pussy while squeezing her G-spot to become familiar with it, the tip of my penis is slightly buried. When I think about her strong resistance so as not to think that I can enter the hole some time soon, my strategy seemed to go well.

But I can’t completely say that I succeed, because my whole meat stick is just buried at most to the extent, it cannot advance further. Probably it may be good if I prepare for skin peeling off.

“Gu, a little more……if I have a lotion……uh”

Why didn’t I think about this first. Anyway, there is a natural lotion in front of me.


Being not quite satisfied because of my half finishing, Aya-chan raised a cry which hasn’t been heard so far, when I insert my finger in her quaking hole and scrape the natural lotion out. This was unexpected even for Aya, who held her mouth closed by both hands firmly.

Although I normally would pursue Aya-chan now, I need to make priorities now, so I scraped out the natural lotion for applying it on my penis.

This lotion is cheap and normal humans use it, fortunately, it is usable without being eager because it is a natural product.

“Is should be good now?”

I pull my finger out of her young vagina, before I apply my dick carefully against the zombies girl´s crotch. The pain should be reduced with this.

Aya-chan who jumps timidly is repelled and I match my dick with the others girl hole. Rubbing up and down between her legs while matching it, I move my waist forward slowly―――― and pushed it inside with all my might.

Buchibuchi! You can hear a sound when I tear her hymen and my penis was swallowed easily to the deepest part then.

Touching her flower´s hard resistance, my hambone has only entered to the half. It’s also reasonable because I can’t enter inside Aya-chan with my whole dich either, which is slightly disappointing.

My penis which was only included to the half was dyed red, when I looked at it.

I expected that blood is flowing out because I broke her hymen, however it seems as if something broke which isn’t supposed to break. The element of blood is too strong and dont expecting that『Mixing with my semen it becomes pink….』red puddles were made.

For a real human it would be a catastrophe, with the level that there is a possibility of death from shock or death from blood loss. However this girl only inclines her head and seems to be even more vigour to bite me….

“Then, without reserve”

Grasping the back of her head and pressing her against the bed, I slowly pulled my waist.

Contrary to a aching clamping, there was no feeling of resistance when I pulled up my penis surprisingly……when I think so, that’s natural, because this girl’s lovely hips were floating. The feeling of resistance doesnt seem to fall out for excessive clamping alone somehow.

Because there is no help for it, the balance is bad and the lack of weight smash both legs, when I thrust my penis inside by force.


There is a pleasant feeling when I rub her vagina wall and when I pull my son out, he is stimulated by the pain. Pain or pleasure by the tightening clamping it is difficult to judge, but the feeling of ejaculation doesn’t seem to change by the stimulation, so it is too early to cum.

Particularly nobody sees it, but I also have pride. Premature ejaculation would pass as an ejaculation.

“Aya-chan, I borrow your pussy a bit”

The frustrated Aya-chan sighed and placed herself on top of the girl.

We keep the threesome with much effort. It is a shame that I can taste only one. After all it is the romance of a man to check the condition of their holes in turns.

When I make efforts to my waist and pull out my penis, I crash into a warm vagina just like that.


There is a difference between Aya-chan´s pussy when I compare it to this primary schoolchild´s pussy, but because her clamping isn’t bad at all only scumbags would compare. This slow clamping doesn`t lead to ejaculation immediately and it is totally like a hot spring feeling.

I don’t reach the top even if I relax carelessly, so I can thoroughly enjoy Aya-chan’s vagina very well.

“……A, u……ku”

Because Aya-chan is different from that girl, she accurately reacts a little and a pleasant sensation can be heard from her.


After he enjoyed this junior high student´s honey pot for a while, he continues to invade the elementary student´s flower.

By both, you can smoothly pull your thing out but with the hardness of their vaginas it is difficult to enter and I’m still able to enjoy it enough.

I can enter and leave the girl until a shallow place, while by Aya I can enjoy even the deepest part.

I feel good inside Aya-chan and I can continue to stay inside her for a while, but the limit will still come when I infringe her flower with my raw thing.

I worry where I should release my ejaculation and if I should mate with the girl who has just lost her virginity to me today.

“Then, today you……how shall I call you. Name, a good name…………Oh, it is already troublesome!”

Without the possibility to continue think about my idea, I accelerate my waist and temporary leave this topic aside this time.

If this girl survive this experiment well, she is pretty like Aya-chan and I can give her a name.

“Okay, I put out my ejaculation. The semen of a man who is twice or more older than you, is released inside your vagina neatly――――I´m cumming!!”

Byukuku, byuu, byururu, byuubyu……

Inside my head light flashes when I reached the top, before I thrust my waist and release my sperm.

Though there is always a huge quantity, my sperm which flowed backward whenever my penis pulsates probably because I was more excited than usual flows out. When I just uncork it, my white liquid jumps out as if a dam collapsed.

“Aa……I’m tired”

When I fall backwards while savoring the strange sense of accomplishment, I’d lose the consciousness, if the impact was a little stronger.

This is still the first day of this experiment. For the hope of humanity, I must find a result. Well, it is up to my feelings what I would do to her in the place where I find a result.

“First of all……let’s do a second round”

When I murmur so while looking at my son who does not decline, Aya-chan looked back slowly.

I have the feeling that her eyes were wider open than usual, which was probably only a imagination.

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