I Became A Hero In A Pandemic / I Became a Hero in a Pandemic Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Failure


It didn’t take time for the result to show up. Judging from the conclusion, the experiment was a failure.

“A, Aaauaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”


Killing time with girls who can’t speak in this closed space and calling it entertainment, we perform aerobic exercises with more than two people. When I say because it isn’t necessary to wrap it in a wafer in particular, we only had sexual intercourse and I lost both spirit and root because it was our daily work.

Aside from Aya-chan´s constitution that isn’t aimed at by a zombie, my manner of sleeping is bad, because I can’t be careless of the zombie girl who is a mortal danger. The sex bed and the sleeping bed is separated. Fortunately, there are many kinds of beds establishes in the furniture section, which is here……and after I assume what thing could happen, I jumped out of bed from a sudden shriek for now.

Aya-chan seemed to have already got up when I looked beside mean and whether it’s from my sleepiness or the zombie´s fault, only the upper part of my body was raised while being unsteady.

Hearing a voice from the bed where the elementary school girl without a name is tied up.

I don’t think that I succeeded in my experiment judging from her cry. Rather when this is a game or an anime, it is the situation where a tyrant is born surely.

I take the gun out of the drawer of the desk next to my bed and to make sure before I go to her bed, I pulled the hammer. To prevent it from going off accidentally as before, I walk slowly while taking care so that my finger doesn’t hit the trigger.  The key of the drawer is kept so as not to lose it.

“……Because I’ll check her a little, wait here Aya-chan”

When telling so and advancing while holding my breath, Aya-chan comes from behind.

Aya who pretends to be a zombie as for inconvenient things and disgusting things probably, she isn’t completely a human. I cannot conclude, because she can’t utter a word.

In this case Aya-chan didnt hear what I said. She is obedient when we have sex and she is comparatively free besides she is usually elusive. If I think that she basked in the sun on the roof, for some reason, she thrust herself into my knees unintentional to kill time……no, let’s talk about this again this time. Grasping the problem now, the solution is ahead.

Anyway Aya-chan isn’t aimed at by the zombie girl and when there was something, she should be helping me. It is only my superficial pride of a man that was going to have Aya wait some time.

“……When there is something, I call you”

Aya joyfully nodded slightly, when I told it. Though she is expressionless.


I jumped out of the bed because I slept before and the reason is that it is night now. Although the indoor is always dark I have no prove that it is daytime, but at night, the source of light is only the moonlight. I barely see a thing dozens of centimeters ahead……in such a darkness, it is hard for my eyes to adjust to the darkness.

Even if I exert myself, anything which isn’t seen can’t be seen. If time passes, my eyes get used and I come to see things several meters ahead somehow.

Because people need time to grasp it, Aya-chan has already fixed her eyes to the point Aya-chan can see it earlier, so there is the possibility that she has night vision. Is it a new type? Without mentioning my doubt, I saw the bed where the zombie girl is tied up.


I see only a silhouette slightly, but the girl was on the bed. Of course she is tied up without being able to get up.

I’m relieved a little, so I step up while not being careless I stick out the pistol to the front and touch one of the light sources used in case of sex.

It is a battery-type lantern who have been near by chance this time and the light lit up when switching on.

It is an unreliable light, but the power is enough if you only light up the neighborhood and the total image of the zombie girl becomes clear.

――――A beautiful sleeping face.

To change the subject, in my behavior analysis study majored in my university, it was defined as “A dead person can’t make a behavior”. The situation that this dead person begins to walk seems to destroy the definition from the root. Behaviour is all an active voice and there is no passiveness. In other words, a living human cannot act, even if his body moved, because it isn’t included in an passive behaviour.

As far as I see the peaceful sleeping face of that girl, she is in a normal state and I don’t know whether it is a virus or what, but it might be something that can manipulate at least. In other words receiving this condition, it isn’t conduct. Something that moves this girl exists.

“……Is this the cause”

The girl was dead. Whether she is dead and then became a zombie or she became a zombie and died then, I don’t quite understand it. Even if the truth is uncovered sometime, I may not understand it exactly and thinking is useless.

However, there is only one thing I understand, that the girl’s death was caused by the wound on her back.

I seemed to have missed it, but it is a wound. The girl has a wound on her back, but Aya-chan doesn’t have one. The other zombies also have wounds and it is only Aya-chan who has survived without a wound.

For example, it is supposed that a zombie is dead, but when we assume that a human who got my flesh and blood can revive, what happens then? If you revive with a rotten body, you will die while raising a painful scream.

Why does this girl live longer than other zombies? Possibly because they eat my blood which wasn’t good for their bodies. If a large amount is vaccinated, the medicine becomes the worst death.  And I might hit the mark with my sperm, because I gave the girl only my sperm as an act of making an excuse for my desire for her.

“In other words, to be in the state of not being a zombie like Aya-chan, only when giving my semen periodically, there is a possibility that they can live……”

What, thats impossible. Such a substance, there is no chance that there is a saving method. Because even most people who now became zombies already rotted.

Of course I may be able to save the persons who were just bitten, however I can’t prove it of its correctness with only inspecting four people. However I cannot longer do it.

I didn’t intend to save the world from this cause, but still there is a place where I think a little. Anything passes and possibly, I might become a main character of a story like Makoto. There was a possibility. ……I gave up once to become a main character.

“Aah, ……I thought so, anyway whether I’m”
I who was depressed selfishly alone, Aya-chan saw it silently. I was just glad about Aya-chan’s consideration, when thinking carefully, that Aya-chan couldn’t speak.

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