I Became A Hero In A Pandemic / I Became a Hero in a Pandemic Chapter 14

Chapter 14: — Pure love –★★

For an instant, I looked at the girl who still had no name.

If I am the main character of this story, is there a future for this girl to laugh again?

I understand that such a thing is impossible. Even if there was a specific medicine called my blood, a rotten body’s wound cannot be cured. However when the wound is sutured and if the entire blood was replaced, something impossible might become possible. But it can’t fix the real environment.

Even if a human recovered, we would run out of both people and quality predominantly. Saying that all conditions were met 10 or 20 years later, at that time everyone would have rotted. Only the bones may be left.


I´m sitting now on my bed and am at my wits end, until Aya-chan stood in front of me suddenly. While shaking unsteadily, my shoulders were pushed quietly.

I who was about to ask what she is doing gets his scruff licked by Aya-chan´s tongue, while she is getting over me.


From the slimy tongue crawling on me suddenly, I leaked a strange voice at the same time as I get goose bumps.

“Wh, what? What’s wrong Aya-chan?”

Aya-chan doesn’t stop, while disregarding me who was irritated. On the contrary, she rolled up my shirt and licked around my nipples, before she steadily go to the bottom.Whether she is hungry or she wants to please me, she pulled the zip of my jeans down “Jijiji……”.

The next moment Aya-chan saw my son who is still taking a rest and she looked at it for an instant as if she wants to say that it is a complete good-for-nothing.


She reacted a little to the semen-smell coming out of my underwear. So she was in a good mood, this mischievous girl coiled her tongue around my gun through the small gap.

“Nchu, ju, jubu”

Next she put down my jeans until my thighs and Aya-chan sucks my penis that is peeking out from the gap of my underwear absorbedly.

Although Aya-chan is already experienced with fellatio she isn’t so with . Irrumatio.This was also completely the first time that Aya-chan performed a caress on her own.

Whenever her head shakes up and down, my penis goes in and out.

My body is hit with an impulse that I’m not used to and from the judgment whether that it is an impression or a pleasant feeling from a strange scene, I shook my body.


When Aya-chan kissed the root gently, I stood up slowly. Possibly Aya wants to cheer me up, because I don’t know what to say or to do and I´m thinking only. Although being awkward, Aya-chan was going to do her best.

Rather than passion I would say affection……I feel that love wells up inside my chest. An old bird before the thirty years old just, I was made to completely fall by the girl of the junior high student. She is the best choroin.


She gets up and thrust her hands around my chest trying to hug me, before Aya-chan used some strength. Although she inclines her head secretly as if she is thinking what to do next, her response came at once.


Her soaked wet pussy is pushed against my meat stick. Aya-chan shakes her waist and when everything is understood by me while tasting her lips, she said down on her waist and breathed out.

And when it’s confirmed that my son matched inside, she slowly repeated her clamping.

When pulling it inside, I wanted to pull it inside more than the very limit to penetrate the most deepest part of her. There is such an impatience, that there was something which rose than a physical connection.



When I pushed up the uterus of Aya-chan without being able to endure it, she deliciously opened and shut her entrance like a goldfish that requested food. I feed her lower mouth as requested and catch Aya-chan´s waist to shake up and down.

Her hair shakes lightly according to the impact. I sticked to her sweaty nape and the sex appeal that I wasn’t able to thought about was caused by this junior high school student.

Moreover this sexual act, that a human rapes a zombie girl in a world where time stopped is a sexual intercourse with love carried out based on an agreement. Someone who don’t get excited is strange.

The moment I just pushed up my waist violently, Aya-chan´s upper body who wasn’t able to endure it falls down. Next when I suppress her waist movement and kiss her, she used her tongue by herself. Aya-chan’s eyes which are lazy usual are now full with passion and even her tongue moves as if she is in heat.

If it isn’t wet, then it isn’t a dream, so it was a strange feeling that was hard to describe to anyone. There are only me and Aya-chan in this world……we are happy.


However, the end seems to have come at such a time.

When I pushed up Aya-chan´s pussy by force scooping out her womb, everything was released without resisting my ejaculation sense which welled up.

Byu, Byururururu, Byuu, Dobyuu, Byuku……

When I was a grade-schooler, I remembered somehow that a classmate was emphasizing about this word as unevenness.

I and Aya become one that much that even our cardiac sounds overlap.

“Hey, Aya-chan”

I opened my mouth. It wasn’t decided what I should say, but I wanted to convey something. Whether that’s a vulgar impression, however is it a whisper of love purely? Even I didn’t know myself.

On the contrary my throat shakes to the thought――――suddenly the electricity came back.


It isn’t a flashlight or something similar. The whole electricity of the shop was turned on at once. Though it was a bit too late, I have begun to hear an explosion from the lower floor.

“Eh, cho”

I raised my upper body while hugging Aya-chan. I remained inside her secret flower.

If I listen carefully, the sound that I hear……probably belongs to the game arcade, if I’m not wrong. It isn’t so noisy, when I calm down, therefore it does not interfere even if I say an explosion in comparison with conventional quietness.

“Emm, in other words, what is that. Was the electric power restored?”

Collecting my thought, I murmured so that Aya-chan can hear it, too. However sound hasn’t come exactly. Electricity restoration in other words this……the first step? After mankind overcomes the zombies, we regain our original life.

And it is earlier than anyone else by the first step, And, as for the man who stepped forward at the top of the group, only Makoto has any idea.

“……Great, Makoto-kun. He really is a main character”

I freed Aya-chan and just fell down onto the bed.

Even if my eyes are not shut, the appearance of Makoto-kun projects vividly in front of me. What is next for such Makoto…………


After my penis which withered is removed from Aya-chan’s inside it contracted pitifully.

When I laugh like ridiculing myself and without even putting on my underwear, I fall asleep. With thinking nothing now, I wanted to sleep.


I felt fine when I woke up. Of course I calmed down when I woke up and my body became better, too.

I wear my underwear properly and there is no discomfort that it was clinging on me after the love affair. Looking next to me, a bucket and a towel were put on the table. Aya-chan seems to have wiped up her body. She is a overwhelming loyal wife.

“Risky……I fall in love”

For some time I feel like being attracted to Aya-chan very much and my favorability meter is shaken off now.

I look for Aya-chan to express my feelings that overflow from the depths of my heart, but apparently she seem not to be near.


Next when I stand up and stretch my body, an awkward sound is heard.

I think that the electric power was also restored today, so did she look around the shops?  If it was a movie, electricity having restored, the door is opened and a tyrant……that’s the certain pattern. Though there might indeed no pharmaceutical company that invent a tyrant, but there might be 1 or 2 field zombies.


After I am equipped with various weapons just to make sure, I heard a rattling sound slightly in the distance.

Is it Aya-chan? Because it isn’t fun by any chance if it is a zombie, I got closer to the sound source by making no sound.

There, Aya-chan was held down by an unknown man.

Words were given before thinking. To be honest, I don’t know what she cried, but the man who looked at Aya-chan turned around in a hurry towards me.

And after being dumbfounded to see a gun in my hand, he looked at me and laughed.

“Cho, I´m surprised!”

“It seems to be dangerous, if electric cancer is bruised, it’s quite painful!”

If this is a foreign country, everyone would raise both hands without saying anything, but apparently the evil of a peaceful country is this, because we live a life with gun restrictions, the man seem to mistaken my handgun as a toy.

“Mr. is this child your younger sister? She resembles you”

“Anyway were you enjoying yourself? It is good even if you lend her a little”

I am irritated by the laughter. What is so funny?

I pulled the trigger towards the approaching man.

Pang, the bullet is launched with an impact and a not so heavy sound and went into the right leg of that man.


A smell of gunpowder passes through his nose. The man doesn’t lean back from the pain, but fell down from the shock. Two people seem not to have understood what occurred yet and they look at me with a stupid face.

But that’s also only a moment, the man has begun to scream for pain immediately.

“Ouuuuccchhh!?” Oma, are you a fool! Is your brain daaaaammmage!!”

The man pressed both his arms with full strength on the bullet wound. Because he is in a state where he can’t do anything to Aya-chan anymore, I didn’t care. However because he is noisy, I shut him up.

“Be silent”

I approached and kicked his face up simply. The man overseas while giving a cry like a frog.  Because some complaints are still said, I step on his face again. When he became quiet when I repeat it several times, I raised my foot, but I felt sick of his saliva sticking on it. When I put my sole on the stomach of the man and clean it, the ground becomes dirty and bloody immediately.

Because it was hopeless, when this man is seen while throwing up a sigh, he murmured something bleatingly while being incontinent. I cannot hear the content. Because it is the worst if urine hangs on Aya-chan, I called out to that man.


“I don’t want to die, so please help me, I didn’t know she is dead”


“Hia!? ……Ah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please help me. I don’t want to die”

“Get out here quickly. Get out of my sight”

The man laughed when I told so, while crying. I think that he is a skilled guy.

“Thank you very much, Thank you very much, Thank yo!?」

After I turn my back and turn to the man who runs away, I shot messily. This time it is his back. I may have a talent for shooting unexpectedly. Or, were the club activities that I did in my high school good?


The man who was going to run away looked like a zombie and was scared while crawling strenuously.

The trigger is squeezed. The man leaps. He still run away. The trigger is pulled.  Jump.


Both the man and the gunshot became quiet before long.

Since the beginning he already lost because of my gun. What on earth did he wanted to do?

I was able to laugh cruelly and funnily. The moment when I looked at the attacked Aya-chan, I heard something was cut. It is not surely a cord of my patience, but it would be a thread of my common sense.

I, I’m also laughing so much at killing a person. It is strange and amusing, but there was not a bit of guilt, so I wasn’t able to stop laughing.


Such me, is hugged by Aya-chan from the front. Her clothes are torn here and there and because she wasn’t unclothed, we avoided the worst situation. However, my heart rustled only by such a shitty guy having touched Aya-chan. I´m aware that ignoring it is my own fault, however it doesn’t matter. Aya is already my mine and I´m Aya-chan’s.

“You cry……..? Was it scary?”

Aya-chan was crying, while I was surprised. And to my question, she waved her head.

“Is it painful anywhere?”

Aya-chan waved her neck and put her hands on my chest. I look puzzled without understanding her intention.

Aya-chan still can’t talk, so she cried while hugging me freely. I was laughing half.

A zombie cries and a human laughs.
I thought it was strange, however I also thought that it was interesting. However, why couldn’t I stop laughing anymore.

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