I Became A Hero In A Pandemic / I Became a Hero in a Pandemic Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Carelessness

Their figures are backlit and are easy to see. The shadow of the small girl waves her hand forcefully, while the big shadow nestles close to her.

I was unsure from the start that it might be a trap. I thought about how I shouldn’t doubt women and children, while there are a lot of humans using psychology. But in this case, there is only one question, which is: why aren’t these girls driven into a corner?

‘If it’s a trap, in such a case, they would ask for help. I must go to them as soon as possible!’ This sort of statement perfectly fits a person who narrowly views a trap as a cause for despair… which is a common pattern. However, I felt something like friendship inside the voice that came from the roof.

With such a tone, I entirely feel that this is a friend.

It’s to the point that already I considered the other party an acquaintance, even though I haven’t met this young lady before.

Perhaps is she an acquaintance of Aya-chan? I thought so and looked at her, but there is no reaction in particular.


I can’t think of a reason as to why I shouldn’t help them. The demerits come out without limit if I talk about the what-ifs. In the first place, there is room, but it is unknown whether the help is necessary.

Shall we return?

When I think as much and look at the school gate, the corpse of a student lies in the shadow of the roof. The fresh body which was eaten a short while ago.


This thought has led to something else, incidentally.

It is a guess, but it could be that this boy went out for help. Of course, he could have some relationship with the girls on the roof. What would these girls think if they found out that this boy has returned?

Wouldn’t they call out to me, if they thought that help came or the boy returned? You could see a friendliness come of that.

“I think we should go to see how things are, okay?”

Getting the permission of Aya, I waved back to the roof and set foot on the campus.

Because it’s such a world, maybe I should be a bit more heartless. Somehow, these two girls wave their hands joyfully, and they resemble Aya-chan and Honjo-san a bit.

Honjo-san has Makoto, but Aya-chan?

I say that the future is not merciful to a person who does not act when they can in the present.

I walk the first-floor corridor while loading an arrow on my bow. My old school which I have not entered since a long time ago is a little dirty, but there are no great changes from my memory. It may have become more beautiful instead. However, the school was damaged, and inside my mind, it looks prettier than in reality.

“I don’t hear a sound …Ah, Aya-chan that place is different.”

Aya-chan goes up the stairs of the other side, unfortunately, those stairs lead to the pool and not the roof.

“I initially chose this school because I thought it didn’t have a pool, and I didn’t like swim class, but the fact that one of the three roofs had a pool was completely omitted…”

It seems to be worthless chatter. Nevertheless, Aya-chan is listening. At the time she returns to being human, will we have a real, long talk? I ended the story about my high school years quickly… though I thought this, she should remember what she heard.

Next, we moved to the second floor.

There are still no signs of zombies. I didn’t hear any noises; thus we continue to the third floor.

“We can go to the roof via the ladder on the fourth floor……”

Desks and chairs were stacked onto the only stairs that lead to the fourth floor, and only Aya-chan seems to be able to move through the gap to the top, while I can’t.

In typical zombie movies, at such times you would be attacked by zombies.

In this world, such a strange fact is more real than any novels. Anyway, it is almost possible that we are in a movie.

“Then, shall we secure the safety on this floor first?”

The reason why there is a roadblock which is hard to overcome is to protect themselves against zombies

I aimed towards the window of the classroom, 50 meters ahead.

The sound of glass breaking resounds through the vicinity.

“1, 2… 3.”

Zombies were drawn to the sound and appeared from another classroom.

There are four classes on each side surrounding the staircase and there are no zombies on the left side. There are at least three on the right side. I checked the left-facing classrooms slowly just in case, but they were still clear.

“Ah, not good Aya-chan.”

Probably because I killed a zombie on the right side, Aya-chan took out her kitchen knife, but I stopped her. Because I moved, the distance between us is about eighty meters. I wanted to practice on a moving mark; this is just right.

The tempo is good too, and I hit all marks. If that weren’t done, I wouldn’t be able to keep them downrange.

The time to take one shot was around 10 seconds. Therefore I estimated that I could kill three zombies within 30 seconds.

“Could you hold this quiver for me?”

The quiver I’m carrying is about 1m. Generally, I attach it to my waist and pull up an arrow quickly and shoot… but because I cannot do it, for now, I gave it to Aya-chan.


I take a fighting stance and shoot one first at the same time as my watch displays 12PM.

The arrow punched into the head of a zombie, which fell while taking down the zombie behind him.

Because another zombie fell without my intent, I aim at the foremost zombie. It probably was a student, because it wore a blouse with a school skirt.

But, a zombie is a zombie, and, as far as age or gender during their lifetime, none of that matters. It is only a target to aim for.


The girl vanished. Typically my arrow penetrates the head entirely, but in the case of this zombie girl, I only stuck an arrow in her left eyeball. Did my arrow chagne course because a wind blew from somewhere? I noticed it when I thought such an arrogant thing, but, honestly, the deviation is large.

When I made the inter-high preliminaries, my skill was at national-level. Conversely, it is hard to hit the mark perfectly now.

That was the second, and the third one stands up slowly. Due to its inhuman movement, I have a difficult time aiming.

When I took aim, 30 seconds had already gone by.


The zombie finally stood up, and I shot the unsteady zombie , before looking at my clock again. The time needed to shoot three arrows was 42 seconds. It is beyond the time I set, but the contents weren’t poor by itself.

I heard an applause with a crackle next to me when I dissolved my posture. Of course, it was Aya-chan who has clapped her hands.

“Thank you.”

I pat her head and go to collect the arrows.

As expected, they are high quality handmade arrows. Without  distortion, they seem to be usable again if I clean them, even if I pull them out from a zombie’s skull.

“Then to the roof――――!!?”

I saw a zombie from the broken window and notched the arrow that was pulled reflexively shooting.

As expected, it is harder to take him out within this short distance and kill him with an improper form, but the arrow goes through his head wonderfully.

“…Don’t be careless. No, I’m serious.”

I shot all the zombies that came from the other rooms. But an essential zombie for this class wasn’t considered.

Even if I’m careful, the zombies will use this chance. Speaking honestly, this was my mistake. I need to remember that I’m still in a pandemic.

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