I Became A Hero In A Pandemic / I Became a Hero in a Pandemic Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Joke

“Then follow me”

Because it is necessary to catch Aya-chan I go down first and because I had a strong feeling to check more, therefore I saw that Kurumi-chan is wearing pink and Shizuyo-chan green. Although it is completely uncertain what color it shows, I will tentatively say that they only wear their school uniform.

“Why are the two of you wearing your school uniform?”

After catching Aya-chan, I speak to the others while moving the barricade aside with everyone.

“……The reason for it is that the archery ground isn’t near, so we went inside school and I asked Onee-chan to draw her bow to rebel the zombies.

I see. Despite winter vacation, there are surely a lot of students going for club activities. Naturally these two often attend school with their school uniform. And if there are students, teachers and male guards here the cafeteria has also open.

The remaining food in the cafeteria on the fourth floor will supply them.

“But still at that time, a infected person wasn’t called zombie yet and it is said that it is a illness……therefore an applicant of the vaccination came to the school. When it is the hospital, because the amount of vaccine isn’t enough, the medical institution in the near are getting together……however an infected person was there”

“The infection spread quickly?”

The descent of the neighborhood is what I don’t know at all. It was half over the world when I noticed and I was helped by Makoto when I was attacked by a zombie. Therefore I heard nothing at that time about what happened in the world and the confusion.

“Yes. We made a barricade with people who survived somehow on the fourth floor and because help didn’t arrive till some time passed we had various problems until there were only me, Nee-san and……Natsuki……”

The abbreviated event not to be able to express by words variously is included. I also had various problems in the shopping mall.

However for me there was a leader who commanded the group.

When there is no leader, it takes time to make some decisions. Internal division becomes easy to happen then. Of course, since there is a leader-free idea, it may not necessarily go to a good direction, but still the role to keep a group together is necessary. Actually, Kurumi-chan has become dispersive.

We finished moving the barricade and walked towards the first floor

“What kind of relation do you have with Natsuki-kun?”

“Childhood friend……from next door”


In my head I imagine a open window towards the childhood friend’s room……

Rather than I whose parents house was like a house from the countryside or from the mountain where people don’t have a private house. I wasn’t brought to school by car, because I used my bicycle all the time since junior high school.Therefore I long for such a relationship a little.

“By the way, it is an apartment”

I accidentally sympathy with the words Kurumi added. There is neither dream nor hope.

“Hmm, wait a minute”

We arrived at the first floor. As far as it is not natural or complete a zombie doesn’t go stairs up and down. Although it is possible to go up because they can walk, it isn’t smooth. It is more appropriate to say that they fall when they go down. That’s why it isn’t necessary to be so cautious of places like stairs, however zombies can come from anywhere if it is the first floor.

You only have to think of them as the black insects which can be found on earth. They’re everywhere and come from everywhere and when you notice they are behind you.

“All right. It is safe”

There is no zombie. However I can’t be careless inside this school as I know from Kurumi’s story that there were an unspecified number of humans.

We go through the entrance without crossing a zombie and we reach the school gate.

The stiff zombie whose head was broken rest at the school gate and it is thought that it is Natsuki.


Shizuyo-chan who remained silent all this while ran toward the school gate. Kurumi-chan opens her eyes widely and covers her mouth with her right hand.

I think that it is a tragedy. I have been used seeing it but what to call such one. Gazing/hoping is too rough, a more miserable story is possible.

But there are no cases that I’m be upset at such time by the favor and the environment is watched.


Shizuyo-chan opens the school gate while giving a yell.

This is surely a death flag, but how about? Oh, even if a swarm of the worst zombie comes, they are slow. We have time to close the school gate.

However when Shizuyo-chan wished for her death personally, the behavior I take is decided. That’s to abandon her.

Even if I think about such a thing, Kurumi-chan is fine.

It is approximately one week since I went out of the shopping mall and came here.

I’m fine with living alone with Aya-chan. ……Even if it’s an delusion of temporary mind.

I……We need each other. That may be mental grounds and it may be to live through the zombie threat. It’s never an ordinary relation, but ordinary is unusual now.

But the relation of me and Aya is considerably distorted and can be read as victim and attacker because I raped her. And it is only my guessing that it will be positive if Aya-chan return back into a human.

What does Aya-chan remember and what does she think of me? It’s inconvenient that she can’t speak about such things at such a time.

Even if I find out what she think at the moment, I can never know Aya-chan’s real feelings.

Considering these effeminately, Shizuyo-chan stood up abruptly. And she pointed to my waist and began to talk when she approached me silently.

“……Senior, the hammer, would you lend it to me?”

I didn’t ask what to use it for. I nod silently and hand you a hammer.

“Thank you very much”

After Shizuyo-chan tells with downcast eyes her gratitude, she went to Natsuki again.

“……I’m sorry”

She swing down the hammer. Because the skull barely sinks by this powerless girl, she swung down the hammer again.

*Gosha* *Gosha* a light sound of flesh smashed and a firm sound of bones breaking sounds through the area. Kurumi-chan crouches down and covers her ears, while sobbing.

“……Aya-chan, even if I die, you don’t have to deal the fatal blow”


When I mutter with a low voice, Aya-chan sighed.

This world is broken as it isn’t a joke and laughable. When the standpoint is reversed to an interesting thing, it might be Shizuyo-chan who laugh et al.

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