I Became A Hero In A Pandemic / I Became a Hero in a Pandemic Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Treatment ★★

She was bitten. In other words, Kurumi-chan who doesn’t have antibodies like me will be a part of the zombie clan in about one week.

The fact is driven out from my head by force and I break the male’s head immediately. To the reaction when the body is torn apart, Kurumi gives a shocking cry which won’t become a voice.

When the clothes are torn open and the bitten right shoulder is seen, I saw a broken tooth dug into it and blood flowing out. She won’t survive any longer.

Kurumi-chan doesn’t move while sitting down on the wet ground. Does she not understand what happened or can’t she move because she understands it……there is no change in the result.

I look at the man whose head I broke. Remembering his height……it probably was the zombie from the wrong lane before. That time we were walking the sidewalk of the right side and we walk the same way back later. In other words, this is a future which could be avoided.

If I had gotten disposed of this zombie at that place, which I was sure to be able to deal with it this wouldn’t have happened.


“Please don’t touch……!”

When I grasped her with my hand in order to treat her, my hand was shaken off.

Kurumi-chan who hugs her body tremblingly murmurs something that she would like to die, but after she calmed down I heard a small help.

“Let’s return to the school temporarily”

There is no answer.

“……Without chance if it’s the case with this figure, everyone will know what happened”

I shook her shoulder while saying so and Kurumi-chan looked up slowly, before she opened her mouth.

“To my elder sister……please don’t say it…………”

“Then, in order of not being exposed, I have to finish easy treatment and change your clothes”


I took Kurumi-chan´s hand and helped her to stand up, before we advanced into the school.

“Sit down there”

I point at the pure-white bed in the school nurse room and Kurumi-chan silently sat down there. I can’t see her normal energetic figure anymore.

“It surely will hurt so bite onto this”

Next I took out a clean handkerchief that was washed accurately and make Kurumi-chan bite on it.

“I will took out the tooth first”

There was no answer, but the tooth which stucked into her right shoulder is pulled out with a pincette.

While holding down her body because of the pain, I move the pincette……and pulled out the bloody tooth wonderfully. I instantly throw it away into the garbage box, because it doesn’t look very pleasant.

After repeating it four times, I disinfected the wound with a antiseptic solution.


I pushed with more power than expected, so she fall on her rear to the floor. I was forceful just like a zombie, but I’m silent because only an unfortunate ending is seen.

“……Kku, huu……n”

While enduring the tooth and withstanding eagerly, the pain will be considerable strong. However she has no choice but to endure here.

“Hold on for a bit longer”

I make the disinfectant sink into absorbent cotton and rub off the dirt and stop the sterilization gauze with a tape. And after winding the bandage around, I finished.

“Uh-huh, you just barely passed the mark”

It’s a little unshapely but it’s fine enough, because it isn’t loose.


“N? Ah, Uh”

Kurumi-chan said “Thank you” with a low voice that was hardly heard. Rather than saying it was a thank you, it was like a pigeon running away from a time signal.

Indeed, there would be no room to thank me, when she was bitten by a zombie. It may be rational as I don’t try to kill a witness……with such thoughts in my head, I don’t know what I should do.

When she asks if I know a solution, my correct response could be “I need to cum my sperm inside your womb”.

So it won’t be a problem if I said that I was also bitten by a zombie, because Kurumi-chan is clearly worried. Anyway I’m here and a result named Aya-chan also exists.

Nevertheless……when one problem is mentioned, then it would be “It is uncertain if flesh and blood is still developed, when you’re bitten”. It’s no problem in nine cases out of ten. But when even one mistake occurs to ten thousand, it’ll be a serious thing.

The serious thing here will be when Kurumi-chan also becomes a zombie and I have to kill Shizuyo-chan.

I have to explain my bruise and Aya-chan´s situation kindly and politely, in order to help Kurumi-chan by violating her. And to trust me somehow……if it’s useless, I´m surely killed by Shizuyo-chan.

Shizuyo-chan would say I’m a nefarious villain who cheated them variously.

Therefore, I can’t let Shizuyo-chan find out that I violated Kurumi-chan and so I’m not supposed to make Kurumi-chan any hopes. I have no choice but to persuade her from this result thoroughly.

“……It’s roughly one week until you become a zombie”

Kurumi-chan doesn’t answer.

“What will you do now, you probably won’t consult with your elder sister”


Kurumi-chan showed no reaction, when she looked up forcefully.

“Truth is at that place……I couldn’t do nothing, so I will be together with you until you become a zombie――――”



“To Onee-chan……please don’t say anything”

The wish that she issued just now, I don’t mind to accept it. If I had no antibodies, the I would do that actually. But I can’t say so now.

“It’s said. Kurumi-chan is sleeping with Shizuyo-chan in one room and the same goes for me and Aya-chan……and to be honest, it isn’t good if it isn’t known that you were attacked and became a zombie”

“Ho, However in about five days……I resolutely made up my mind and decided so, till then it’s a secret……”

“Even five day……or a week, it’s differs between people and there is a shorter possibility for Kurumi-chan who has a small body and isn’t as high as I”

“Even so, please. In case of the thing that I can do…………I will do everything”


Kurumi-chan came to school wearing a poncho and under it she wore a light blue jumper skirt that might be the uniform of her middle school.

The cool uniform that conceals the knee under is rolled up and my hand crawls inside to her thighs which have not much flesh on it.


*Piku* Kurumi-chan´s body moved. Without worrying about the hand which is moving higher, she grasped that hand from the top of her cloth.

“Can’t you do anything?”

When she said so, she lost all her strength directly from the gripped arm.

When I pushed her body quietly and made her lie on the bed did Kurumi-chan hid her dazzling face with her left arm so that no one can see her face.

My head is put into her skirt, while feeling a sense of guilt. The inside was faintly dark, but I could see to the extent that I’m able to recognize that her undergarment is pink. Incidentally the undergarment from before was also pink, so does she like pink?

I touched her thin foot. I assume it’s smooth and pleasant or is it different. Her young skin……it isn’t quite satisfactory to me who has no lolicon complex. Though I’m only surrounded by middle school and high school girls recently.


When I touched the inside of her thighs, Kurumi-chan´s body stiffened. The truth is I want to caress it carefully, but the time is limited. And what do you say……too nice might be also different.

I embrace Kurumi-chan in order to rescue her. However, until the fact is transmitted as a result, I have to play a shit guy.

So I dont irritate and taste her pussy from top of her underwear suddenly.


Kurumi-chan who didn’t want to raise a cry seemed to have exceeded her tolerance and held her breath small. Her shaking body trembles.

I didn’t interfere in that and traced the bottom from the top slowly so that the shape of Kurumi-chan might be remembered by my tongue. When my mouth is separated only the licked part grows rich in color and is wet, besides her shape has been surfaced clearly.

“Raise your waist”

Panty……rather than being affected, it matches her pretty panty. There was no reaction when I was about to remove her panty.

I helplessly tried to shift the part of her crotch, but honestly caressing her is impossible if she lies down.

“Kurumi-chan, please lay facedown for a moment……next raise your hips……good. Please don’t move”

My voice doesn’t seem to have reached, because she moved it partly by force. I had the image of missionary position before, but because Kurumi-chan´s back will give up, I decided for the sixty-nine position.

When it’s this posture then it’s easy to move and without looking at each other I kill two birds with one stone.

“……Your undergarment and what is below is really lovely”

Now it was easy to remove her panty because the posture was changed. However it was completely possible to remove it, because she kneeled down , so her panty hang around her feet. And even her pubic hair didn’t grow satisfactorily, which means that her bottom still looks immature, while closing the crack tightly.

It isn’t love liquid that made her wet and shines slightly, but my saliva.

Kurumi-chan wasn’t satisfied when I said her feet have not much flesh on it, but when I said her female part looks pretty, she looked at my direction.

I processed, because no hair grows, and her virgin hole is neatly clean and there were no marks of shaving and distorted pores on it that it seems high class. Well, that’s the same by Aya-chan.

Kurumi-chan opens her vagina herself, because she wants to fond her parent in her mind.

A pink color that is more vivid and more beautiful than her panty is shown. A little bit of white and transparent film is there……and even if I say so, her hole isn’t blocked up tight, I could worship her vulgar hymen.

It’s special, so I make my tongue crawl into her hymen.

General Kurumi-chan´s hymen……somehow I don’t know, but unless I make it wet a bit with my finger, then it won’t bleed or be painful so much.

However I cant wet it accurately in the current state without a normal lotion or a natural lotion like Aya-chan, so she wont escape bleeding or pain. She has no choice to withstand it here, so she´ll have a trauma……and even if it´ll be a trauma, I have to continuously have sex with her this week.

“Huu……u, ……ku…………u”

Her innocents is so lovely and when I taste her pussy, Kurumi-chan´s sobbing voice is heard.

Is the fact that she cries probably fear? Is it hate? S or M are floating in my head, but I have not one of those two dispositions.

The truth is, I should wet it more. Her vagina should be attacked carefully, so I should touch her chest and legs first which aren’t direct sexual sense areas. However, there is no such time and above all I can’t endure it.

I opened my belt and took off my jeans and undergarment that I wore. Kurumi-chan doesn’t show a reaction while burying her face in the sheet. My normal sized penis towers and I applied it against Kurumi-chan´s small virgin hole.

There is still no reaction. If I put it in now, it will be painful, so I move up and down to make her love liquid to flow out.

And when I slowly thrust my waist out aiming at her virgin hole, Kurumi-chan´s waist run away for a minute.


I open her legs further and grasp her waist forcibly to try to insert it, but it does not enter so easily.

Aya-chan was a zombie when she lost her virginity, therefore I used no power. But it is a difficult work to insert my son into Kurumi-chan who stiffens by pain and fear now.

I gave up inserting it at once and forced my index finger that I made wet before with my saliva into her secret hole quietly.

Although one whole finger has been easily swallowed, there doesn’t seem to be room for more from the tightening.


And as soon as I slowly repeat pulling my finger in and out is a pant voice heard that’s like a agonizing breathing.

I can’t say that her voice is sexy and her body has started to create love liquid as protection and my finger movement steadily became smoother.


Next when her clitoris was rubbed did Kurumi-chan jump literally. She tried to shake her waist to escape, when her love liquid came into contact with my finger. It seems a little hard to stimulate her, but the love liquid dripped out from the shrinking vagina.

“Already fine”

And once again I put my penis against her virgin hole. Using my waist this time, the glans was swallowed.


A little more. I draw Kurumi-chan´s waist towards me and my son was swallowed easily so that it was disappointing.


There was neither a sound nor a sense of her hymen been torn. And the resistance has disappeared quickly reaching a certain place.

When I look at our connection, I saw blood on my penis which is the prove that I got Kurumi-chan´s virginity.


I rolled up her obstructing skirt and hold her waist with both hands.

Next I slowly started to move and touched her tight vagina, before I stick to her body. I suppressed her waist forcibly with both hands, when a pant voice that was like a scream was raised.

Now that I invaded her vagina and she started to bleed and the blood is dripping on the bed sheet.

I had no feeling to ejaculate early, but instead had the feeling to go deeper inside. I will liberate her from the pain at once first, because I´m skilled now in what I do.


Though I insert my penis and stick to her vagina, her vagina is still too small for me. Whether I enter completely somehow, when I reach her womb, Kurumi-chan will clench the sheet powerfully.

“I……painful……Matoba-san…………u, elder sister……”

In order to apply weight from above, I crush Kurumi-chan and touche her small chest.

It’s still a bit firm, but her chest is wet from sweat. The parietal region has been lovelily erected and her vagina has tightened tightly.

“Because I almost end, please endure it a little more”

When I whispered into her ear, she nodded the next moment.

Does she really understand what the end means which is that I ejaculate inside her clogging vagin? ……She probably doesn’t know.

She might know the act and meaning of sex. But it isn’t understood accurately.

Unless at such a time when it ends quickly, she would plead for the ejaculation diligently. ……Only the instinct of a woman seems to understand the meaning of everything.


When I raise her feet in order to destroy the kneeling, Kurumi-chan completely laid face down now. Her open feets are shut and the tightening is strengthened, so I applied some weight and the act of conquest feels stronger.

The ejaculation sense came immediately.

“Kurumi-chan, because I need to ejaculate, I stop accurately……!”

I enter the last spurt to ejaculate. Kurumi-chan is out of breath from the waist movement and it seems she almost didn’t hear my voice.

“……I’m ejaculating……”

Byurururu, dobyu, byu, byu, byu……

Without fail this is my first ejaculation today. The jelly-like semen is poured inside Kurumi-chan suddenly and because it is so much it leaks out from the connection part.

The ejaculation continues as if it’s not enough yet.


After the long ejaculation, I removed my still hard penis from Kurumi-chan´s vagina……an unrefined noise is made and pink semen has flowed out.

Kurumi-chan who cannot understand this disastrous scene doesn’t conceal her open pussy and sobs with her face buried in the sheet.

She who felt pain in her heart and bottom felt like to hit me…….

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