I Became A Hero In A Pandemic / I Became a Hero in a Pandemic Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Three times to make sure



“……I understand why Kazuya-san committed this crime. But why didn’t you tell me first!? If you’d told me about it, I……”

“Would you voluntarily give me your body? Really? Would you trust a human who spews such a convenient thing at such a timing when you’re bitten by a zombie?”

There was a certain degree of trust between me and Kurumi-chan. But it wasn’t much. It was easy to forget when we’d spent quite a bit of time in an extreme environment, but we’d only met for a week. And it was the next day after we met that Kurumi-chan was bitten by a zombie.

Kurumi wasn’t desperate enough to be able to devote her important virginity to me. At least at that time, she still had a clear goal of celebrating her sister’s birthday.

“That is……”

“In addition――――honestly, I don’t know if I’m really a zombie. I have not lived a life that is easy enough to be relieved with only one success”

Kurumi chewed her lips when she heard my words and Shizuyo´s face became pale.

“Se, Senpai that……how often with Aya-chan……did you give the medicine?”

“Frequency?It certainly is more than three times a day”

After listening to me reflexively, I noticed that Shizuyo-chan wanted to know.

In the end, Shizuyo must adopt the method of giving semen and preventing to become a zombie, since there was a proven track record. We couldn’t afford to fail but if we’d found success cases, we needed to keep trying.

Shizuyo-chan just realized it, thinking about her little sister, but, with this, Kurumi-chan was the one who paid the prize.

“Th, three times……”

Shizuyo-chan glanced at her sister.

“No No No!”

Naturally did Kurumi denied it with both head and hands with all her might……but her reaction was mistaken.

“You haven’t tried it three times?”

“I’m not doing it!”

“Then you have to do it!”

Of course it was going to be like that.


Kurumi-chan stiffened.

“Senpai, how many times did you come today?”


“Then two more……no, just in case three times please. I will prepare the room so if you need something, please say it”

“Ah yes”

Shizuyo stood up quickly and disappeared into her room. I wondered if something was tidied up or prepared. I wasn’t really sure.

“Emm, do you want to take a shower?”

Instead of replying, the rattling chair made some noise.

Kurumi-chan was holding her skirt tightly without worrying about wrinkling her clothes. Her face was dyed red, while her eyes were spinning around.

Although sexual acts were forcibly up to now, Kurumi had to accept what was going to come from now. I wondered what her state of mind was right now.

Aya-chan gazed at Kurumi with a bored expression.

Although she never bothered to say anything about me having sex with Kurumi, Aya-chan knew about it naturally. She’d never showed a hateful or jealous behavior, but I wasn’t sure what she actually thought of it. I wish I could talk to Aya about such things……Kurumi-chan didn’t show any movement while thinking.

“I just love it as much as it is――――”

“I’ll take a shower!”

Obstructing my words, Kurumi left the living room.

As soon as the living room became quiet, I could hear the sound of the squeaking faucet. From t

he outside, I heard a high-pitched brake sound, I thought that there was a human in a car at this stage.

Aya, of course, didn’t give me a answer. However, there was no awkwardness and there was a pleasant silence.

Aya rested her head on my shoulder. While feeling the warmth and weight conveyed from the touched part, I weighed too much to not be a burden.

If Aya were in my high school days, I think my life would have been rosy. At that time, as my classmate……no, I wonder if the next kouhai would be the best. Tsundere temperament, but because she was a pretty bean character, she would make me lunch every day. I felt happy just imagining it, but this relationship wasn’t bad.

I had difficulties accepting Aya like this because of my age. In that sense, it may be fate that we were living with such an age difference.

“Senpai, I’m ready, please go to your room”

I suddenly looked up with a quiet expression when Shizuyo came into the living room and said so while lifting up her rimmed glasses. I couldn’t see the girl who was embarrassed and couldn’t say the word semen from her now.

“What about Aya?”

Once asked, Aya nodded. I didn’t know what she was thinking, but from her nod she would probably come with me. I didn’t mind that, but it was hard to tell what Kurumi-chan would think of it.

“……Excuse me”

I knocked lightly but because there was no reply, I entered the sister’s room without taking permission.

――――Lying on the bed with a hakama was Kurumi who hid her face with a pillow.


She didn’t know what to say and only threw a gaze at the mastermind of things. She seemed to say “Hakama is a formal wear for us”. I didn’t quite understand it.

When Kurumi was confused about what she should do, Shizuyo-chan opened her mouth and took her sister´s hand.

“Your sister is with you!”

Not only Aya-chan, but also Shizuyo-chan would watch us. No, Shizuyo-chan may be a supporter in this situation. Should I call her second?

“Really! I don’t want it!”

Even though we heard a negative opinion over the pillow, Shizuyo seemed like she disagrees with it.

“No! If I leave it to you, will you take the medicine properly? It’s been awhile since you were little”

Kurumi-chan was speechless to Shizuyo who displayed her sisterly character a little more. I understand that feeling. I also think honestly “What kind of nerve do you have?”.

It didn’t change the fact that it was such an outrageous act, even if it was the intake of medicine by hundred percent and I think she has the mind to see it to the end.

……………………Well, I don’t care as long as it’s erotic.

If I firmly said that Shizuyo-chan and Aya-chan should leave this place, they would have a grudge against me after disliking it…….therefore I put my foot on the bed while apologizing to Kurumi-chan in my heart.

The bed creaked when I slipped in, and Shizuyo-chan swallowed her spit, but not Kurumi-chan.

When turning around the hakama for a while, Kurumi ‘s thin legs were revealed. She was carefully wearing socks, which gave a interesting mystery.

It’s a crime, no matter how you scratch it, this is a crime.

Her white thighs appeared when I roll the hakama up; it gave a lustful feeling……and her immature pussy was exposed to the audience. I mean, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Well, maybe that’s the right way……in some ways, Shizuyo is crazy.

I rolled the hakama further up to her knee so that nothing was concealed and the light was illuminating it wonderfully.

In conclusion, she was already wet, but I’d say that I’m concerned that the shape of her M-shaped legs would change, so I gently breathed without shaking my throat.

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