I Became A Hero In A Pandemic / I Became a Hero in a Pandemic Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Overwhelming fighting power ★

“Emm, senpai? This is……eh?”

Shizuyo-chan touches her own secret part as she crawls on all fours, a frown on her face, while playing with the semen that overflowed.

She knows that something was poured into her vagina, but it seems she doesn’t know the reality.


I look back and squeezed the cheeks of this mischievous child with both hands, then I draw my face near and mutter into her ear.

“……Good job”

What is gone is gone and can’t be helped, but I obtained something bigger than that. I remembered that I was supposed to come inside Kurumi-chan, but I put it out in Shizuyo-chan’s vagina instead.

However, it is no doubt that the person who received the ejaculation and has just lost her virginity feels pleasant and a man adores this undeveloped land.

Naturally, it isn’t good to forget the original purpose and being swayed by immediate pleasure.

What is the original purpose? That is to increase my ejaculation desire and to release it inside the younger sister’s vagina.


It is a good thing to break into the confused Shizuyo-chan again. Of course, it seems to be painful because I just torn her hymen and Shizuyo has no time to think about my unpermitted ejaculation.


Thanks to the semen it became very smooth to move in and out, but this is a bit painful even if she is spared.

After I finished I moved towards Kurumi-chan’s hips, which were really soft and elastic, before I thrust into Kurumi.

Kurumi-chan’s vagina entrance squeezes tightly and as you go to the deepest part, it gently inhales as if her vagina desires semen.

“Kurumi!? Just a minute Senpai! Please ask me if you want to insert!”

Kurumi, who feels sexual excitement from having sex and being seen by other people even if it’s her elder sister, has been gone through with only one thrust. The inside of her vagina is quite satisfactory and Shizuyo-chan’s quiet murmur isn’t clearly heard.

Female genital organs differs very much, but there are two kinds. One is completed at the time of birth, and the other is molded over time with use.

It is natural that Kurumi-chan, who has a lot of experience now, seems to be the latter.

Therefore, she isn’t able to obediently say “Yes” or “Please pull it out” as a female student even when she is asked.

“N, Naa……kuu……huuuu!! ……Nnn!” 

Kurumi, who is the lower part of the sister sandwich, was trying to endure by pressing her face against the pillow, but she pants regardless.

Her heartbreaking voice seems to stimulate Shizuyo’s suspicion and let her ask “I heard that……do you feel good?”.

“No, it’s painful! My, my pussy is really hot and my stomach is about to break!”

Shizuyo-chan seems to have become uneasy because Kurumi’s appearance was too amusing, though her words say that she will break by me.

“Se, Senpai……please……use my vagina……”

Shizuyo said such a thing with a red face, while spreading her entrance with one hand and supporting her body weight with the other hand. A salmon-like pink mix of semen and blood flood out of her flower slowly, which was incredibly lewd.

Without being able to show the appeal so far, I pulled my son out to insert into Shizuyo-chan……but, it didn’t come so. The reason for that is that Kurumi sucks my penis with her waist and doesn’t let me pull it out.

“Emm……Shizuyo-chan, can you move away for a while? ”

“Heh? Ah, yes”

As there wasn’t much space on this narrow bed, I had Shizuyo-chan retreat to the corner at once.

I grabbed both thighs of Kurumi without saying anything, and pulled out my penis that was held by her waist unto the end.


I stopped my movement without exiting completely and Shizuyo-chan asks for my intention.

But I didn’t answer that and pulled with whole strength.

“Aa, aaah, ahu, aaaaaaaaaah!”


I received a counterattack that I hadn’t anticipated, but I managed to withdraw from Kurumi’s great secret hole somehow.

“Shizuyo-chan, lie down there”

“Eh? Emm……”

Shizuyo, who seems to have said something, glanced at Kurumi who was caught trembling when she was pushed away by me at the edge of the bed.

“Okay Shizuyo-chan, you will get used to it”


I issued the instruction to lie down again while thinking that Shizuyo-chan will do it with a disagreeable expression, however for some reason she didn’t worry at all. Then, Shizuyo-chan laid down in the center of the bed. She was lying on her face, not on her back.

Well, it is a good comparison to her younger sister who spreads her legs in a m-shape on her back. I take hold of Shizuyo-chan’s thighs while having the impression that I don’t know what kind of position this is.

If she stays as is, I can’t insert, because it will be very tight and narrow, so I opened her legs a little.


I slowly inserted my thick penis through the small, visible gap. Her posture is a popular sleeping position, and with this posture I can enjoy the feel of her soft buttocks, which I wouldn’t be able to in the missionary position. It is good for Shizuyo-chan who is ripe in the physical aspect.

“Senpai, you’re reaching all the way in……!!”

When my body weight is put down and her cervix is crushed, did Shizuyo-chan squirms and gasps from suffering.

I don’t struggle in and out thanks to the lubricant semen, though it is painful from the tight clamping of this former virgin, which becomes stronger with the current posture.

However, as soon as I move too much, I will ejaculate immediately, so I moved slowly by thrusting deep inside……. Although my endurance increased since Aya was bitten, I feel like the time from charging to releasing has been shortened accordingly.


Somehow I need to distract my attention, so I put my hands on Shizuyo’s chest.




The perfect weight was felt from the palm of my hand.

Shizuyo-chan’s boobs were surprisingly big……!

Shizuyo-chan is lying down right now, so the part that I touched now is only a part that is crushed by weight, but I realized it the moment I touched. The size of her chest is an overwhelming combat force!

“Shizuka-chan, will you crawl on all fours?”

“……? U, ……Understood”

I hang over Shizuyo-chan who goes on all fours and I made my hands rub her chest.


An unexpected voice is leaked when I touched her milk hills. Aya and Kurumi’s boobs are neat and firm, but Shizuyo’s boobs are very soft. They are like marshmallows.

Why haven’t I noticed this violent weapon so far? Although she seems to dress as normal as possible in public, you would notice with the first look that she has a rich chest……but well it was just loose clothes and I probably overlooked it.

“Se, Senpai……please don’t massage so much…………”

Her vagina tightens more strongly than before after I touched her chest. It seems that Shizuyo has a big breasts complex, and that’s why she feels it more than in other places.

I continued to knead her melons to endure it a bit more.

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Doctor (Needles and surgery)
School (ID red tape)
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Doctor (Needles and surgery)

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