I Became A Hero In A Pandemic / I Became a Hero in a Pandemic Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Important life ★★


I rub her chest on top of her clothes.

But this weight is something that transcends longer…she is very mature for her age……and that inspired my primitive feelings. It also gives a sense of almighty and mystery, so that it can be called a certain religion.

If I touch it lightly, it wobbles like water, and if I put power into it, it becomes really elastic.

Recognizing the wonderful existence of these tits, an attack was added to my ass. Unlike the previous mouth attack, it was physical.

“……What are you doing?”

Twisting my hard body and looking behind me, Aya slapped my ass with her hand, a bitter look on her face.

“Au! Kuu!”

The impact of the slap is transmitted to Shizuyo-chan and she reacts every time my butt is hit.

“Ahh, ah, h, ku, u, haah!”


It seems that we entered a key point, because Aya was rhythmically using her hand as if playing an instrument.

It is nice to have fun, but it hurts when you received a number of slaps in a fluke. Well, when I noticed, the sense of ejaculation disappeared.

“Huwa!? Se, Senpai, the tip……”

Teasing her gummy-like nipples with my fingers is nice. When I kneaded it with my index finger and thumb, her vagina tightened strongly.

It seems that she feels the caress to her chest on the whole, so I tried to change posture because my movement is limited. Aya grabbed my butt and denied me. Next she used some force on my anus and Aya-chan opens it with both hands……before penetrating with her tongue.

Apparently she wants to lick.

Enduring this awkward and frightening pleasure this time, she let her tongue crawl around my scrotum. It seems that the ejaculation sensation collects more heavily than by direct pleasure.

Kurumi looks at this scene where my ass is played with and my son is connected to her sister. I didn’t pay much attention to her, but Kurumi came close and stole my lips away when she saw an opportunity.

I never imagined in my whole life that I would have sex with Shizuyo from behind while playing with her chest, have Aya lick my anus and exchange kisses with Kurumi.

If it continues like this I will never marry……and I started to enjoy this four man play with these beautiful girls. No one can say what will happen in life. ……Although all this started half a year ago, I couldn’t imagine this situation until a few hours ago.

――――When I was thinking about things.


I reached my limit of enduring.

A bit of semen came out and I can see by myself that Shizuyo’s uterus is a complete mess.

Why didn’t I notice until this stage… probably because this moment is tremendously satisfying not only physically but also mentally.

“……Hey, Shizuyo-chan”

“Wh, what Senpai……? Is, is the inside painful……”

“Can I ejaculate inside your vagina?”

There is a bit of uneasiness about what happens if I ejaculate as it is.

In the pandemic, every human can die in every way, however there probably has been no one who was fucked to death yet.

“Eh? ……Ah, yes I think?”

It seems that Shizuyo doesn’t know the meaning and my son responded after her permission with an eruption inside.

Shizuyo-chan likely doesn’t understand, because she didn’t turn around. A dirty adult who uses her as he wants.

“Then I’m unreserved”

I move my hips so that Aya’s tongue slips out. Kurumi-chan is released to grasp Shizuyo-chan’s waist, but it seems that her consciousness returns and her tongue invaded my mouth again after she supports her body by herself. Apparently Kurumi isn’t willing to release me.

Now I was ready to ejaculate inside.

“Hyaa!? Yo, Your penis……! Is running wild……!”

My penis trembles many times when it released my sperm into Shizuyo’s womb.

“Eh? Eh?”

It’s not Shizuyo who raise a voice of bewilderment but me. There is no sign that my ejaculation will end.

The interval that my penis trembles intensely is longer than usual, and I ejaculate at a constant interval like a damned horse. My semen is more solid than liquid……and it might have been a mistake to have put out my ejaculation to the inside.

After a few minutes, my ejaculation finally ended. Nothing came out from the inside of Shizuyo’s vagina when I slowly pulled out my son and clung to her.

Was this a dangerous situation? I thought so, when Shizuyo tried to touch her vagina and my sperm with high viscosity finally dripped out. It is not possible that for the length of the ejaculation, so little was imparted.


When Shizuyo-chan trembles, my sperm flowed out a bit more, but still, the amount isn’t enough.

Is it not coming out so easily because the viscosity is too much or has her womb swallowed it all?

Anyway, Aya and Kurumi are zombies. Unlike the two of them, Shizuyo-chan, who is a healthy person, can have a baby without any problems. The possibility is high that she will bear my child, because her womb is full of my semen.

I know that it doesn’t happen that easily.

Well, apart from what everyone thinks, I’m happy that I can get a child. However, it is hard to raise it up in this place.

“……We have no choice but to go to the Self-Defense Force base”

It was cozy here, even when Kurumi was bitten, but the truth is I would have left sooner towards that base.

It is sure to be safer than anywhere near here because there is enough room to fly with a helicopter.

Of course, this place is also relatively safe, but I don’t trust the peace, and I am more scared of humans rather than zombies.

So it is unknown whether I will impregnate everyone, but let’s move for the sake of the children as soon as possible to the SDF base.


I set my goal when Shizuyo wanted to say something, pulling the sheet to hide her body.

“Please cum into Kurumi three times”

It is a smile. A smile.

Shizuyo-chan opened her mouth for her sister without complaining about me ejaculating inside her vagina.

And that smile was more scary to me than a zombie.

The next day, even though my balls are still heavy and aching, I faced the three girls who are holding a bow and a backpack with a lot of food.

Everyone has a large backpack and the Kasai sisters are equipped with their own bow.

“Everyone, you didn’t forget anything?”

Everyone nods strongly to my question. Apparently there seems to be no problem.

“Then let’s go. The operation name is [Important life]!”


I turned around and linked my arms with Aya-chan while I hear the response of the sisters. This is our first step to the SDF base.

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