I Became A Hero In A Pandemic / I Became a Hero in a Pandemic Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Until then, I’m fine

“Well then, first we need to decide the journey”

Kaede kept her fingers on the map for a while.

“The distance is not that far, so even considering that you can walk only during the day on foot……maybe it won’t even take a week”

To these words Yumi reminds herself of the time Makoto took to dispatch a rescue helicopter. It took less than two months for the team of young men alone. If it is half of it, it is a little less than a month. Considering that it is two women, the margin might be a month.

Telling that, Kaede had a strange look.

“One month? Even with zombies in mind──ah, well”

Kaede’s opinion which was negative suddenly changed. It was not a threat of zombies, but rather a more basic thing……considering the necessary food.

“Yumi-san, do you have the amount of water you need for a day in your head?”

“Emm, I have heard about two liters”

Kaede nods with satisfaction to the answer.

“Well, as it is the case for adult men, we calculate with the exception of the moisture you eat in a meal, we will need approximately one liter of water per day”

One liter a day, that is, four bottles of 500 millimeters for two people. It is 28 in a week, and it reaches as many as 120 in a month.

Apart from that, you need things such as food, a change of clothes, bandages and medicines. Weapons or tools for the time when they come across a zombie. Naturally they cannot afford to have so much water if you think that other things are also necessary. Even only with water, if they move with only 60L of water, there are things that are difficult.

“It is essential to supplement water and food on the way, which will definitely make a loss and in some cases we may spend several days in the same place……it is unknown whether food is left outside at this stage, so it may be tough for a month”

Yumi shudders when hearing that. It is because she felt ready now in the midst of just raising necessary items.

If she was preparing by herself, she might have been satisfied with a few dozen liters of water at all. Moreover, it is necessary to carry moisture like a calorie bar. There is not enough water to think about it.

But thanks in advance she found out that she need more water than she thought and food should also be chosen after thinking about it again.

“It is better for us to pick a road with convenience stores and supermarkets rather than going straight”

“Let’s do so. However……you know, there’s no place to hide on the street, so it’s better to have one side of the road”

Kaede took out a red marker a moment ago and choose the best route, before marking it down.

Placing a mark on each place where food and water is likely to be found, the supplement can be safely done.

“I wonder if such a place”

Kaede stands up and watches the map from a short distance. The map dyed in red was somewhat off the road and there was no problem with information which were filled in details.

“Now we need to secure weapons and food”

“I will do something about the weapons, so may I ask Yumi for the food?”

“Okay, is there anything with a high priority?”

“Well……as far as possible, don’t get something we need to cook”

While taking note of what was said, Yumi twists her neck.

Yumi felt that rice was the most suitable food for considering the situation. Certainly water is necessary to cook, but if it isn’t rinse-rice it won’t be used so much. Since water must be supplied anyway, bulky rice seems a bad choice.

“It looks like it will be rice, but is that okay?”

“……What do you think of yourself?”

As being told, Yumi saw her hands somehow. No matter how she says it, she can only say it as a very ordinary high school girl.

“You and I are young women. I don’t care about zombies, but what about men who are hungry for a woman outside?”

Imagine being attacked by a starving Kazuya, Yumi’s cheeks are dyed red.

Although Kaede raised her eyebrows a little to the reaction which was considerably lighter than what she was thinking, she continued her words.

“I don’t know what’s going on outside, but humans aren’t stupid enough to be extinct by dull zombies. We’re sure to survive. Then, humans are more fearful than slow-moving zombies. You should avoid doing things that make it easier to know where we are”

In fact both have no survival skills to survive a special environment. On the other hand, it is okay for a human who is surviving outside to have it. It was impossible to think such positive thoughts in the way of two young women, who are unable to fight against two or more men.

The weapon would make the most difference in power……although Kaede was aware of where the firearms are, she didn’t say it to tighten Yumi’s mind.

No guns, no sound. The structure of a gun, even with a silencer or suppressor makes a sound.

“Well, let’s choose something that doesn’t need fire as much as possible. After a first aid set and……I think I’ll get some bandages or something, I’d like to take medicine with us, Kaede”

“Of course”

“When do you want to carry out the escape?”

Kaede looked at the calendar at a glance. It was a calendar from last year, so it has no meaning. Then she immediately looks away.

“It’s better at a night on a rainy day than deciding on a specific date”

“I see”

Yumi remembers the interaction from before. She wonders what will happen though rain is still ahead.

“I will start preparing as soon as possible so that we can move soon just in case.”

“That’s right. Since I have a lot of guards on my side, let’s not come in contact until then. The night of a rainy day……come here around two o’clock”

“Okay. Until then take care.”

“You too”

It was a good time and Yumi emptied her tea cup before getting out of the technical building.


The talk proceeded a lot and her shoulders got stiff.

When Yumi stretches out her body to improve her delayed blood circulation, she looks up to the sky.

There was no sign of rain yet.

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