I Became A Hero In A Pandemic / I Became a Hero in a Pandemic Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Luxurious masturbation



Masturbation, masturbation, Honjo-san  certainly said masturbation just now.

Why does this child suggest it so suddenly? To me without reason, the hymen of Honjo would have already been torn mercilessly. But it is not the behavior that I am going to be tempted and in the first place she has a lover called Makoto.

“……Well, so that no mistake happen by any chance, it’s necessary to process it”


She blushed and her cheeks reddened, so what did she imagined.

Women also have sexual desire and I knew that there is a person who becomes strong in lust fairly before her menstruation. However, somewhere, this high school student who I thought is like a child, has surprised me somehow. I’m probably seeing Honjo-san as a sexual partner now. Therefore I wanted to take some distance immediately, because she seems to have some expectation apparently. 

“That……I think that cooperation is important. Matoba-san brought me meal and including the last apology, I want to give a reward”

“Emm, in other words, what do you mean?”

I glance at my part for an instant, before she opened her mouth.

“Ah, the real thing is impossible, with my mouth……thank you in advance, I do my best”

Saying so, Honjo-san lowered her head deeply.

Of course I should refuse this suggestion. To her childhood friend, I feel to have an obligation, because my life was saved by him. This reason even made me escape from reality.

He entrusted his important person to me. I wasn’t waste so that I only rely on myself.

――――However I’m not a saint of virtue so as to be able to wave my neck in disapproval in this state.


She’s pulled and hugged by me silently. It is mysterious why she smell so good, because we use the same shampoo.

I didn’t have a mind to stop any longer. Of course I want to go to the main part before I die. Before dying, even if a little good concern is done, I think punishment isn’t bruised. When she doesn’t say something here either, I would be able to make a smooth sailing life.

As far as I know, there a no new humans who were spanned by the zombie virus and don’t become zombies as long as they are not bitten according to the theory. In other words, it is a human come-from-behind win if the zombies from the outside rots away.

“Then shall we start?”

I open the zipper of my jeans and Honjo-san’s arm becomes stiff.

I grasp her hand and lead it to my son who already wells up solidly.

“a,aa……it, it’s hard”

Her chilly thin fingers cling to my groin. The face of Honjo-san tells me honestly that she is serious and her gasping made me excited.

“Is the method understood?”

“Me, method!? ……Just a little should probably be okay”

When she says so, Honjo’s right hand grasps my son and she has begun to stroke it up and down.

I’m impatient. It isn’t the reason that it is a pleasant sensation, but I just wonder why it is so bad. The moment I thought so she advances the movement of her hand a little more and she stares at my penis with a dim face while half-opening her mouth.

I can say that it was impossible for Honjo-san to do it with her mouth properly.

My eyes are slightly attracted to her opened lips. How much pleasure is obtained if I thrust my thing inside it? 

I calmly suppressed the back of her head.


She looks at this wonderingly. Her expression which can’t understand what has happened makes me remember the face of the girl I liked at high school. That girl was dignified unlike Honjo-san. However, why, did I link them together, so I’m looking forward to it. 


My waist is thrust out at the same time as I use strength to my arms to push my integrity into Honjo-san’s mouth. Her small tongue is pushed back by my penis and her mouth is like lukewarm water, therefore my mind melts slowly.

“Don’t use your teeth”

Her head is gripped by my right hand and is moved up and down. Just like dealing with a sex sleeve, I didn’t think that I’m able to do such an luxurious masturbation since a zombie was seen for the first time.


While Honjo-san has tears in her eyes, I left it like it is. The feeling to break a throat while pushing a tongue aside can’t be tasted with the best sex sleeve on the market. And unlike a sex sleeve the softness of a girl and the smell which gathers promote a pleasant sensation.

It was a passive movement that didn’t have any technique, but still it didn’t take so much time until the feeling of ejaculation came.

“I’m sorry Honjo-san, I’m going to ejaculate. Because it’s taken out inside your mouth, stop moving”

There was no reaction, however I might not hear it. 

I think it’s also reasonable in such an situation, so I didn’t want an answer in the first place. Just to say it to myself, it was already a settled matter to ejaculate in her mouth.

“――――I’m ejaculating……!”

Biyurururu! The ejaculation impulse is transmitted through my body and a glittering light gushed out from behind my eyes. 


Honjo-san who is going to receive it inside her mouth tries to separate her body reflexly, but because the back of her head is caught without being able to run away, the semen is put out inside her mouth.


A strong ejaculation impulse is remembered and a dull pain run through my waist. In the past I didn’t work so intensely hard, therefore my body is wrapped up by a moderate fatigue.


“Ah, I’m sorry, please forget it”

I am still holding the head of Honjo strongly, because I completely forgot to free her. When I move my right hand away from the back of her head while apologizing, Honjo spitted out the sperm which piled up in her mouth like a brick.


The bed becomes drenched with it and a great smell of saliva and sperm spreads. 

As expected, I went too far, when I think that I become a zombie soon, however I also think that this may be my benefit.

“Are you ok?”

I ask it while patting the back of the vomiting Honjo, who looked up slowly. I certainly thought that she would use abusive language, however Honjo-san has an expression that she minds it uneasily like a baby that was totally blamed for a crime.

“A, ah, Matoba-san……by me, were you able to feel good?”

While she is wiping her mouth with the sleeve of her uniform, Honjo-san asked so. The white liquid is attracting a thread and draws an arch on her mouth and sleeve.

“E, a, uh, it was really good”

“Is it true!? That´s good! “

Looking at the joyfully smiling high school girl, I promised in my heart that I made her drink my semen as far as it is possible in one week before I become a zombie.

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