I Became A Hero In A Pandemic / I Became a Hero in a Pandemic Chapter 55

Hero Pandemic chapter 55: Anal sex summer


Every time my penis pulsates inside her vagina, Shizuyo has convulsions. Depending on the contraction of her uterus which sucked with the cuff, the pink closure also opened and closed repeatedly.


While panting like a dog, Shizuyo-chan had a grudge against me like a criminal who has suddenly committed murder, but her younger sister is getting ready to return home.


My hand is pulled suddenly by Aya-chan who had come back before one is aware and my son who slipped out of Shizuyo-chan’s pussy is exposed to the outside air. In the next moment, Aya starts cleaning it with fellatio.

On the other hand, Shizuyo-chan’s pussy of course is bursting sinned and a jelly-like juice with high viscosity comes out from the inside. Shizuyo-chan was wiping it with a handkerchief she had while breathing roughly.

“Here, Onee-chan”

Kurumi-chan puts out a tampon to her sister with a smile like a real devil and as if she was a devoted little sister.

Since the use of tampons is mainly due to the absorption of blood, it is a good field to dam the leaking liquid. However, it is semen that she keeps in her vagina. To be more precise, Shizuyo-chan who is a high school student may get pregnant at any time. Of course Shizuyo-chan should not know the meaning of it, so she received the tampon of her sister and replied.

“Senpai, let’s return today”

With personal grooming Shizuyo-chan mutters “Today again, it’s impossible to move forward” with a gloomy feeling. I pulled out my penis from the mouth of Aya who was cleaning it thoroughly.

“Then, do you want to go home?”

Looking at everyone who nods thoroughly, I stare at the zombies who come sparsely.

When will we be able to pass through the main avenue filled with that much zombies?

Two weeks have passed since we left the Kasai family.

Mass of zombies are still walking outside of the main street.

Apparently, it seems that they are gathering at a nearby university when I look on a map, but I don’t know the cause. I gave up on going to the base no more using that avenue, but there were no other shops that could supply food on other roads, so we couldn’t move because there was no intuition.

“I’m home”

“W, Welcome back”

Shizuyo-chan and Aya-chan who finished the shopping and the reconnaissance came back with shopping bags which were full to the limit in one hand happily. It is pleasing to see the youngest child and the eldest daughter returning from shopping.

“How was it? Was there a way to pass?”

Even if I say reconnaissance, I won’t let them go far away just in case I am not there. Still there are lots of places to look into and this time I had them take the route going around the university.

“……There is something called residential area there and I don’t want to pass. There are a lot of houses that can be a base, but the supermarket is only a small store, so food is a little……it’s narrow and dangerous if we come across hordes of zombies”

“That’s right. I had such a feeling”

I mark the map software that was launched offline. It can be seen only in a packed condition. …… I mean, did Makoto-kun get out of here?

After all, the hero is different. It’s impossible to think about this.

Even though, our means of attack is nearly a long distance weapon, but is it impossible if there are multiple young men like Makoto-kun? I can only say it is impossible if asked what I can do then.



While looking at the smartphone thoughtlessly I didn’t notice Shizuyo until she suddenly robbed my smartphone.

“Senpai, I thought suddenly, but why were we aiming for the base?”

“Why, because it is……for safety”

“But isn’t it bothersome that you bother to bump the way out and attack a flock of zombies?”

Ah, I opened my mouth like an idiot.

That’s true. It was a matter of course, but the result was a purpose.

To the end, I have the purpose of allowing everyone to live safely and heading to the base is only a result. If the purpose is not fulfilled, the result is not born in the first place.

“Of course, it’s hard to say it’s safe, but basically zombies don’t pose a threat. More frightening are living person with a lot of uncertain elements. Fortunately, there are a lot of zombies here, and there are no humans. There is plenty of supplies――――rushing and resting around here, I think it’s one of the options”

So I dont say “I should take a break! Firmly!”, I feel personality in the place where I stand as one of the options. I wonder why such a good girl is fucked by a man in his thirty. It is a stupid world.

Of course, there is no option of not holding it.

“That’s right. There’s no reason to rush, especially if we’re going to live here for a few weeks”

Here……is a condominium several hundred meters away from the university where zombies gather. There are similar buildings of the same line around the same line, but by chance Aya picked up the key of this apartment, which is now our current residence.

By the way, I went through the key room of “101” in turn and finally found out here that a secret key opens room “307”. There were several rooms where the keys were opened on the way, but we decided not to use them just in case. Because there is a key, it is much better to be over there.

“Yes. Of course, I thought Senpai would say so, therefore I got something like this”

Shizuyo-chan seems satisfied with my response and took out a lame condom called『Hameln』from the bulging bag and enema medicine that does not feel the fragment of 『Summer of anal sex』.

Too direct to sue, maybe even the possibility that my misunderstanding will sprout. However, what does she want to do with a condom and enema medicine? I mean, is she indicating to have anal sex with these products.

No, but this was born to have a filthy point of view, and if you think calmly, the right answer naturally――――

“Senpai, let’s have anal sex!”

――――there was no way out.

That’s it. I expected it was stupid. I had underestimated your craziness”

“In other words, it means that it exceeded your expectations?”

I did not return a answer and ask a question instead.

“……Thereupon, what did you think about to have anal sex?”

“Well, the answer seems to be complicated at first sight, but when I explain it, it is simple”

Shizuyo-chan began to talk while re-raising her glasses which had shifted.

Saying, our fight will be a long-term battle. This is something that can not be ignored.

The first and foremost necessity is food, clothing and shelter. And this is aligned.

But you can eat and sleep, even as zombies. That’s why we need entertainment for our human barrel.

And what is the act of being able to play along with four people? As a result of exploring it, I’ve reached an conclusion……yes, it is sex.

Of course, as long as we assume a long-term battle, I want to avoid having children. Contraception is not perfect even when you use a condom. If you want a more precise contraception, it would be anal sex!

……It seems like that.

“Did you feel comfortable last time with your butt?”

“……!!? Ththth, that’s not the case! But just as I said earlier, I cannot afford to get pregnant here in the future!”

I thought that she might say such a thing. I did not pursue it because it was poor.

“I think that you can enjoy playing cards or something enough with everyone”

“It’s sweet, Senpai. However playing cards gets tired quickly and kills each other badly”

“To that extent!?”

“I and Kurumi have been unable to speak for a week after we played old maid”

“That’s terrible……”

I have no siblings, so I have no idea about it at all, but it is a quarrel with the brethren say what I do not like.

“Well probably Kurumi will acknowledge it as giving away one hundred steps and crushing time with sex”

You can force them to acknowledge it, but it’s not up to you to compel them.

It is a difficult point because I think that the current state of Shizuyo is good, though Kurumi-chan who opens her crotch by herself is also lovely.

However, Shizuyo-chan took out handcuffs from the bag without considering the conflict of such mind of me and the complex feelings of her younger sister.

Although it is a pretty design with a pink fur, it can be asserted that the shape is definitely handcuffs.

“Tadaa! I’m going to tie up Kurumi”

Shizuyo-Chan declares such a thing with a sparkling eyes.

I saw Aya-chan who thought Shizuyo-chan has hit her head, but when I shake my neck, I tell her that Shizuyo is normal. The reality is relentless.

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