I Became A Hero In A Pandemic / I Became a Hero in a Pandemic Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Molester★





“Is it slowly okay to put my ejaculation out?”

When she hears what I said, Honjo-san nodded lightly with closed eyes.

“Then I’m unreserved”

I attached my left hand to the back of her head and pushed out my waist. I wave my waist to penetrate her throat deeply, so she seems to have been familiar with it in this one week. This state won’t be shown to Makoto, while her chest is massaged by my right hand. 

Because I let her take off her bra in beforehand, I thoroughly enjoy the touch of her hills covered with her uniform.

It demurely gets on her white skin though it isn’t so large, I won’t get tired even if I see it many times. I don’t see it now because she wears her uniform, but still the place was clear because I touch it firmly.

When I pinch her nipples with my finger lightly, Honjo-san reacted startlingly. Her closed mouth opened a little and she bit my thing.


Honjo-san who retreats reflexively the moment of the ejaculation won’t be set free, because I hold her head with both hands.

Every time it splashes, her throat is stabbed with my dick.  If it’s so far, it would be enough for Honjo by vomiting it out, but the cuŕrent Honjo who has continuously taken my ejaculation in her mouth for one week is different now.


She doesn’t stimulate the tip immediately after the ejaculation so much and the remaining semen that slowly moves in her mouth is sucked up hesitantly. Only his crotch seems to totally enter a hot spring.

That reminds me, a shower can be taken because there is enough water.  But I didn’t take a bath for a long time. A cold-water bath can be prepared immediately of course, but I want to take a burning hot bath. I also want to wash Honjo-sans body with body soap of course, our bodies together――――

“Nn, it became big again!?”

“Ah, I’m sorry”

Honjo-san has been surprised about my recovering after her mouth was separated from my thing. My son has already regained his hardness.

“Matoba-san, how old are you?”

“……I will be 28 this year”

“A man is full of spirit as long as one likes!”

A dagger runs inside me. I’m an old bird old enough to know better, that sleeping with a high school girl isn’t right and I think she said it innocently. No, I understand that it is paranoia.

Well, you see, with my survival instinct I try to refuse to become a zombie……and for the first time I don’t want to influence this girl with the virus. I’m still in my twenties. I surely declines from the heyday, but it isn’t a reason that I will become useless immediately. As for Picasso, I heard that he had a lover, when he was in his eighties.

“Ah, Matoba-san, then what do you do today?”


Looking at the clock, the time was a little past lunchtime.

Speaking of entertainment to kill time until a short while ago, I was reading mainly. The things for which electricity is necessary can’t be used, so I read a lot of mangas necessarily and light novels. Though there is tentatively a small generator in the outdoor corner, I use it as a heater mainly.

When it embezzles too much and breaks or it runs out of fuel, it wont possible pass this winter. 

In this safe spot, were not much food is left and we could froze to death, I can’t laugh at such an joke.

“If you can’t think of anything, how about we continue where we left yesterday? I, I got the hang of intercrural sex! I’m at the area of mastering it already!!”



A week ago, our killing time changed at that time when Honjo-san did a fellatio――――mainly in the eroticism area.

Anyway, our bodies are warm when we do an erotic act. We may not use the extra fuel, moreover after the act to which you may say that it’s included in aerobic exercise, the meal becomes surprisingly delicious. And, it is an instant that time passed. Are there other excellent methods to waste time?

……We enumerated such an excuse and were blinded by the nature.

“Hou……I look forward to it”

I grin and lie down while revealing my son.

We who don’t exceed the limit experienced variously methods, so that it seems that intercrural sex now is the favorite for Honjo-san. Yesterday it didn’t go well because I was about to insert my son inside her. Fortunately, i can’t go through a virgin so easily, therefore Honjo-san still remains innocent. ……But is she really innocent now.

“Please wait a minute, I get it wet now”

When she says so with a serious face, she put her finger in her skirt.

“Ah, Stop. I, I want to do it”


“Stand here for a moment, because it is good “

I gets off the bed and called Honjo-san to my site. 

“Like that?”

“That’s right. Please open your feet a little so that it may be easy to touch……yes that’s right! Ah, put your hands on the wall. You don’t have to stick out your waist so much. Uh, stand as naturally as possible――――good! That’s the feeling!”

An order is placed so that Honjo may become as natural as possible and I felt even impressed for the completed appearance.

“Then I go behind you”

I touch her buttocks from the top of her skirt gently. ――――Okay, we need to imagine that we are in a train now. Honjo-san is freely looking outside the train, while she touched the door with her hands a little so that she isn’t crushed by another person.

The hips of this high school girl is touched by the back of my hand. Though it is equal to the hardness of her skirt there is no feeling and the fact that  I touch the buttocks of an high school girl excites me.

Of course because it has only proved right by the shaking of the train unintentionally, this girl doesn’t react at all. She seems leisurely free by looking outside.

I touch her hips with my palm this time. Without doing that I still rub it and hold her hips wrapped in a skirt with my palm. When I slightly lay emphasis and lift her buttocks, “Nn” a voice leaked out from the mouth of this girl.

However this girl doesn’t look back and she only closes her eyes. Does she not have the courage to speak, it seems she is waiting for the nightmare to pass by.

If we assume that it’s so, I don’t need to reserve myself. I put my hand inside her skirt and upsweep her thighs with a fingertip.


I didn’t hear her voice whether because she bit her lips to endure it.

I was blocked by her tender meat when I just raised my finger. I feel a heavy weight and decide to heave her hips with two fingers. Putting strength in my touching, the meat escapes to the top and the weight has gone off.

But to tell me such a thing is meaningless, I caught her buttocks with my palm with all my might.


Her soft meat almost overflows from the gap of my hand and let my son accelerate more.

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