I Became A Hero In A Pandemic / I Became a Hero in a Pandemic Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Separation★




Still she wasn’t able to overlook it when I trained my fingers over her ass quietly from behind. But she doesn’t use strength to obstruct my action.


When I rub my middle finger over her secret hole, she couldn’t endure and her voice leaked out. It is already soaking wet and her panty which felt smooth was pasted on her body tightly.

When I bury my finger inside her secret hole, her underwear welcomes my finger. Tightening tightly, she resists when I pushed it out――――In fact, it was also an inviting movement shabbily to the inside.

“A, not good……!”

As expected, she resisted small when I moved her panty aside and put my finger directly inside and when my middle finger got inside her resistance disappeared completely. She is really afraid for her maidenhood to be damaged. Though she shakes her small bottom tremblingly, she holds still.

The purpose is to make sure that it won’t come to light in the neighborhood, so she bears it hard while looking down. I don’t see it from behind, but when I see her from the front surely, I’d be able to understand her state.

I don’t do that to fight against my sadism feeling that appear, so I bent my middle finger in her vagina.


Her feelings are felt from the fingertip. This girl shakes her body fearfully without being able to fight against this pleasant feeling with an different quality than some time ago, before she moves her body to escape from my finger……however she is blocked by the door in front and can´t move greatly.

I suggest her to raise a cry here now. Her judgment still exists, so she covers her mouth with her left hand while supporting her body with her right hand.

Still because two fingers can’t enter, I pull out my middle finger politely. 


Though a squeezed cry is raised, this girl tries to overlook it and avert her eyes desperately from this nightmare.

I have a deep smile on such pretty resistance and moved my tongue over her neck quietly.


Salty and sweat, I enjoy the touch in the same way as my bottom probably because I get goose bumps. This girl has a strong body odor and I felt that my crotch strongly swelled.

“Just be silent, okay?”

I lower the zipper of my pants and take out my pulsating son and push it against the soft buttocks of this high school girl. I move it below quietly while checking its softness, before pressing the tip against her hips.

In the open end with no sound, I stick to her small hole lasciviously. What happens if I push out my waist with all my might here……that girl knows it. She doesn’t move like the time when I put my finger inside.

If she moves, I may enter inside her hole by some mistake.

I like to incite fear, so I move my waist forward.


Her voice leaks, when I licked her neck with my tongue.

If someone’s clitoris is rubbed with a meat stick suddenly, anyone would be surprised. With the relief that it didnt entered and according to her pleasure that “she will prevent it from coming out in the neighborhood somehow”, it should have been enough to break the expectations of this girl.

“Ya……a, that……not good”

Honjo denies it in a low voice while waving her neck, but she has no persuasive power at all. The upper mouth fights back, but she couldn’t cover her lower mouth and insisted on her present feelings.

“Do you hear it……? A great sound”

I move my waist while saying so and while being sandwiched between her thighs, resistance is missed. It’s only a lubricant roleplay. And the lubricant is useless in a small quantity.

“Is it so comfortable?”

Asking so and moving my hand on her back, I unhooked her bra.


Her bra that slips down is held by reflexion by her hand that had closed her mouth and she raised a panting voice. 

“Hiaaa, au……a, ua……aa!” 

The feeling of delight leaks from her mouth, because she is deprived of any wall. Her body is obedient contrary to her mind, when she hears her coquettish voice, she knew clearly what kind of condition she was in.

I put my hand inside her uniform while shaking my waist, before I rub Honjo’s chest from behind. When I picked up her pink nipples to assert them, she was gasping an octave higher.

“Ah, not good not good……I die, I die……!”

She seemed to reach the top, because her hips move up slightly. Though I still have room before the ejaculation, I move my waist to mix with her.

When I fling my waist as if I bend over her from the back, the feeling of ejaculation increased immediately.

“I need to ejaculated. The ejaculation is put out, so catches it “

While rubbing the chest of this high school girl absorbedly, I pinched her nipple for the coup de grace.

“Ya, no, not good……This it is enormous, N…………OOOOoo!”

Byururururu, dobyu, byu, byu

With embracing this high school girl closely, I repeat the ejaculation burst intermittently. dopyu, dopyu, The spitted out sperm pollutes her panty and skirt.

Finally, I come to my sense at the place where I exhausted once and look toward Honjo-san who doesn’t move while sitting on the floor and staring into space absentminded. 

“Ah, Honjo-san are you okay…?”

Girl……no, Honjo who gasped for breath by the pervert play fearfully was asked. Maybe I was too carried away slightly. 



“Super, it was good! The play under the special situation is good! You felt like molesting it really from the way, and it seemed heartbreaking,”

“Ah yes, It was good”

It was me who have begun this indecent play called pervert play suddenly and it can’t be denied that we have been pulled into it for a short while. My head only relaxed, when a dirty play was done earnestly for this whole week.

……But well, when I’m here in this way, it’s certain that the outside can be forgotten. As for people who died, everyone can be forgotten. I think that it is better to forget the ugly form that stuck in my head. ……Thinking is a mere excuse.

In the current state, using this special situation, even if I say that I’m toying with an innocent girl isn’t exaggerated.

“……Hey, Honjo-san in this situation―――――!”

I heard some sound from the upper floor.

“Wh, What’s wrong?”

To me who crouch down suddenly and is cautious to the surrounding, Honjo-san shows impatience a little.

“I heard something now. Honjo-san fixes the outfit first of all and hide around here”

“I, I understand. And you Matoba-san?”

“I check the top”

I tell her so, while I grasped the stick for self-protection besides me. I take off the point of the mop for time when there was anything, I put it in the imminent place. ……I was not bitten if I went with this underground from a beginning, Acquisition of goods may be hard in the state even with the weapon, not only light What a thoughtless thought about my past and I want to do.

Uh, when Makoto went to underground to secure food, Because it was empty-handed, I would be influenced by it,One should understand the fact which isn’t a main character of a story. ……Having become exalted for this non-daily life Even if you think very much, It is too late now. 

My death is inevitable. Then only Honjo-san remains, therefore I keep her alive by any means.

Therefore the real nature of the sound is a human or a zombie, nevertheless I intend to murder that person without hesitating if there is a harm.

“Ah, Matoba-san!”

I could kill the zombies in the underground, but when I was troubled how am I ready to kill a human, I was hailed by Honjo.

“What is?”

“……Take care of yourself”

I tell her who seems worried and say “Of course”, before I went to the roof.

My present location is the third floor. Having heard a sound from the roof, I think that it is probably a human rather than a dead person. Unless they fall from the sky, they wouldn’t come from the top. But at the same time, humans shouldn’t usually come from the roof, either. Even if they are able to climb the roof along the outer wall, what is the reason to do so? 

If there is no shame, they should come from the bottom. The door is closed, but it can be opened with a key. ……Then, this human very likely has some hostility.


I hold my breath. I heard a sound that the roof door opened. Following it, I heard until footsteps appeared steadily. They don’t seem to have the intention to hide their footsteps.

Judging from the sound one human goes down the stairs. From the dull rather hard tone, I guess, steady shoes or boots. At least they aren’t high-heels or athletic shoes.

If it is one person, it is likely for them to somehow do a surprise attack. However, the thing of not concealing the footsteps, he or she has no hostility……even if I think, I don’t find a solution.

I hide myself in the shade to see the attitude of my opponent first of all, before the appearance of my opponent who has come down is seen――――I blew out a sigh of the relief.


The other party was a woman. Of course I didn’t feel too relieved unconditionally because it was a woman, but because this woman wore camouflage clothes, I felt relieved. Probably the students arrived the base of the Self-Defense Forces safely, and have send her as support.

Using sunglasses, I don’t know the type of assault rifle she has in her hand  and I had the existence sense that this woman can’t be despised. Her hair is bundled up behind, Is it a little tight beautiful woman whom seems to be suited the holding in one’s mouth cigarette? 

“……I heard that there was a girl?”

“Yes, you mean Honjo-san. I hide her just in case――――Honjo-san! You can feel relieved! This person was sent to rescue you!”

“Is it true!?”

She runs up flappingly and clings to my arm. ……isn’t this too lovely for a moment.

“That boy――――was it, Makoto? Honjo is it correct that you are his childhood friend?”

“Yes, thats right! And this is a Matoba Kazuya!”

Honjo-san introduce me for some reason. Help came and the tension went up. 

“…… I see. I´m Yuna Okada『The first general of the air force first squadron』. I came to pick you up as an exception this time”

“Is that so? We’re lucky, Matoba-san”

It is not so! I wanted to put my thing in you. Even as for me who do not know rank and the military unit of the Self-Defense Forces,I have heard rumors about the『1st Airborne Brigade』.

For example “They jump off from the third floor of a building with the purpose to get money when they are unhurt” or “a member of the general force that holds a 4 kg gun was shot with a smile by the airborne brigade which carried 16kg equipment on their shoulders” or “They stepped on the bottom and destroyed a strong M2 heavy machine gun”  And so on and so on……. The nickname which stuck from such anecdote is that the first brigade is crazy.

She didn’t attack since a little while ago, which was really good……Surely it should have been me who dies.

“……Totally lucky in various means. ……From that, did you come here with a helicopter?”

“Yes, it is waiting at the roof”

Then it is better to go quickly.

“Do we need things like food or fuel?”

“Nothing in particular. To save fuel it is better to return quickly”

After she tells us to make it quick impliedly, we prepared in a hurry. Though she said that it wasn’t necessary, I packed a bag with clothes and food for Honjo-san for a few days just to make sure.

“I am sorry that I keep you waiting――――Honjo-san, let’s go”

When my hand is extended to Honjo-san who maybe was bored to wait seemed happy and grasped my hand.

It is not me who should stand next to Honjo-san, originally it should be Makoto, my role is will end here. ……However, I wanted to feel her warmth until the last moment.

“Uwaa! I, I see a real helicopter for the first time!”

My focus is shifted a little from her to the place that is like a graveyard. Regardless of that, I´m happy to be next to Honjo and I don’t want to change……No, there was a happy daily life which isn’t considered usually.

“You may go up first”

When I point to the ladder and say so, Honjo-san said “After you Matoba-san!” with a smiling face. But with such a reason it is wrong.

“……Hey, I can thoroughly enjoy your wonderful buttocks later”


With her eyes looking at me, Honjo-san goes up without a remark. When did she change her clothes, because her panty is different from the time of the lewd act.

“By the way….Okada-san has right, please go ahead”

“I am okay to go last, you should go up quickly”

When I look up at the sky ,Honjo-san who had gotten on the helicopter waved toward me. Though something is called out at the same time, I don’t hear it from the propellor noise.

“……Okada-san, please treat Honjo-san well”

“Do you doubt me? On the other side, you——–“

“I am infected”

She wasn’t in the state that she understood what I said for an instant. She only pulled her handgun out of the holster quickly and aimed at my forehead.

“One week ago, when I went to get food in the basement, I was bitten”

“……I see”

When I look up toward the helicopter, Honjo-san cried. She think of my earnest expression unlike a while ago and she is perplexed why a gun is pointed at me.

“What will you do now?”

“Very like this, I just die. Tell Makoto that I protected Honjo-san and the promise with him was accomplished”

When I laugh as I gave up, Okada-san had a subtle expression on her face. Because it was a mechanical answer and expression so far, this woman from the special forces is certainly used to such situation and she thought that my existence did not change with a pebble on the roadside.

“……I make sure to deliver it. I’ll also inherit your feelings”

And after she made a beautiful salute towards me, Okada-san turned around.  Then she dropped her pistol to her feet, but don’t intend to pick it up……no, she ignored it. There is no help for it if she has dropped it. Somebody will pick up the handgun which she dropped, to do something that has no relations with Okada-san.

“……Aaa, take the short end before you regret it”

I mutter so to myself, while I picked up the handgun.



“What do you do!!”

To Yuna that finished going up the ladder, Yumi grasped her chest.

“What is with Matoba-san……! No, it is already good. Please drop me off! Return me to Matoba-san right now!!”

Yuna wavered with her judgment how she should treat the enraged Yumi. Should she use a lie or should she say the truth? Though Yuna doesn’t know the relation between these two in details, her expectation stuck to the fact that they had a sexual relation.

(In such a world it is also bad to make her hopes uselessly……. In addition, when she doesn’t get over the death of an important person, it’s bad)

When Yuuna concludes so she matched her eyes with Honjo and opened her mouth.

“Listen to me, Kazuya Matoba was infected. When he went to get food in the underground, he said that he was bitten. He can’t be saved any more”

“It is a lie! He was fine until a while ago!? Do you know what we did until you come? Do you know it? We————”

Pang, a dry sound sounded. To the roaring sound that is louder than the noise which the helicopter raises, just like that this sound even had reached Yumi´s ear certainly.

“……Eh? Matoba-san?”

Unsteadily, Yumi begins to walk with steps that have given up to the outside, but Yuna managed to stop her. But outside————it was enough for Yumi to see Matoba-san and she sank down in her place.

————Matoba-san wasn’t moving while falling down the roof.


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