I Became A Hero In A Pandemic / I became a hero in a pandemic 008



My voice is instinctively leaked while having toppled to the ground. Because I hadn’t handled a gun before and the bullet really came out when I pulled the trigger while imitating a movie. Besides, without suppressing the recoil well because I held it in my hand, I have just fallen down to the ground. My heart still makes a vastly noise and is ringing.


With a sense of relief that I entrusted Honjo with, I wasn’t able to bring it myself to move body from the surprising first shooting. The winter sky is beautiful though I feel the coldness, that lump of iron reflected alone there brought on the emotion that nobody knows. Unexpectedly comfortable, I saw Honjo-san off while lying down until the helicopter wasn’t seen anymore.




When I lift the gun which I picked up, I am made to brace by the heaviness that was really heavy. My head can be shot through by this……but I hadn’t the courage yet. I finally became a zombie, but it isn’t quite bad even to spend the time freely here.


Only an erotic ingredient is lacking, because food is prepared abundantly if I go underground. Because it isn’t necessary to mind about fuel, it’s also fun to play a game to kill time.


The worst pattern, will be the moment I commit suicide and the bullet doesn’t go out……please, it’s a fact, that I check the remaining number of bullets. It is scary to play with it, so I leave it just as it is. I thought to stuff it into my chest pocket but there is the risk of an accidental discharge. ……That woman should have dropped the manuals too and I returned to the third floor holding a shifting grudge. 


First of all I put the gun on the desk near my bed and locked it. I won’t be robbed of the gun by any chance……although I think, what happens if it’s taken away? My time of death might come several days quicker, while in the first place will a person come?


I didn’t see someone else in the neighborhood. If there is a radio or internet, I might possibly get communication with somebody, but unfortunately, I didn’t have such a convenient thing. The radios which were in the outdoor section didn’t work whether they were only for display, but a product may be put where it is displayed. Well, even if I have one, it’s insignificant.


“……I’m hungry”


I’m still hungry and I want to drink liquor. I declined since Honjo-san was a minor and it is unnecessary to decline it now when there is only me.


“……Then, the position of liquor and snacks……”


To grasp the positional location in my mind I simulate the achievement of my mission. Fortunately, the snacks corner and the liquor corner are facing each other, so it won’t take much time. Of course I have to come across a zombie, however with the notes I have.


After I assume that the shopping basket used before is used to put liquor and snacks inside, how about a weapon? I may knock over the gun at a long distance safely, but judging from the felt shot a little while ago, I’m not confident of hitting my target accurately. When I shot, it will be that a lot of zombies are lured towards me by the gun sound. There is a strong resistance to die and if I die anyway I want to die easily, therefore I want to die after enjoying some alcohol.


The broken stick would be my main weapon. It will be annoying on the way back, but when I don’t die it is fine. If there is a zombie, I should escape and even if I´m attacked at the moment when I enter the underground as long as I have a weapon I will take care of it.


……Uh, let’s go.


I put a light in my shopping bag and when I took my stick, I went to the underground just like that. While I am still motivated, I must go, because when I’m not motivated and am a whim, I will lose the chance of drinking alcohol for forever.




While my shoes resounds steadily, I go down the stairs to the basement. The outside should still be bright from daytime, but almost none of that light enters when I come here. And without the light in my basket so that I don’t fall, it would be jet black.


Though I’m thankful for civilized equipment, I arrive at the fire door. When the small door which is on the other side of it is opened, I don’t know when there may be a zombie in the danger zone. I turn the handle slowly and push the door open quietly so as not to make a sound.


The door is opened with a slight groan and heavy darkness and the smell that something decomposed flow from the depths. It can be said that it isn’t a place where you may come to and my waist closes here, however I couldn’t escape death because my body is about to die already.


I wanted to leave this door open first, but a zombie could invade the top before I notice and attack me at night……When I think about it, there was no other choice but to close the door. I closed the door slowly so that no sound was made.


When I lift the basket, the light which was not so very useful lighted up the way in this dead darkness. While I regret that I should have made one with much brighter light, I move the basket and search the area. I have the stick in my right hand and make sure that it can move immediately.


――――Suddenly, I heard a sound that something was hunt.


My body reflexes nervously, while the basket creaks. The light is turned cautiously to where the sound came from.


“……The girl from that time?”


A girl sat down and made a rustling sound.


The silhouette which I could confirm from the rear was definitely that of a zombie. Biting my shoulder do I exactly become a zombie?


Short hair……Bob cut, that is she. Her brown dyed hair was dancing on her shoulders.


Of course as for me, the voice that was upset to here if there was only mortal existence would not send oneself. But this zombie――――ate a sweet roll.


“Eh?”Ar, are you kidding”


It’s the volume by which consideration wasn’t done even if it was instinctively and what I thought has been murmured aloud. Of course that zombie girl looked at me in response to the sound. After all a sweet roll is grasped in her hand and she wanted to put it in her mouth. There is no point that she eats like a human even if I confirm it many times, because this girl eats something like a melon bun.


Even if the girl puts my figure in her view, she doesn’t attack me and while looking at me with her slightly focal eyes which slipped off, she carried the bread to her mouth silently.


Was she cured? A virus is a transient thing, as for this girl, has the palliation of symptoms already begun?


“Ah……You, can I have a minute?” 


I call out to her, but after all she is slightly vacant and she is the same as a zombie rather than understanding the meaning and seeing me, she seems to react to sound. But a zombie who eats something different than a human hasn’t been heard yet and I think that this girl at least wasn’t a normal zombie.


I make up my mind and approach her, while I touch the shoulder of that girl, she just looks at my hand didn’t do anything at all. As expected she doesn’t seem to be a zombie.


What should I do……? When I worried, I heard a sound from the front. I don’t see very well in this darkness, but I would probably be found by other zombies by the result of the sound I made. Possibly these zombies are like that girl in front of me and may have been already off the framework called a zombie.


I think about the worst, therefore I decided to leave this place.


“I’m sorry, come with me”


――――Possibly this girl may become the hope of humanity, that’s why I took her with me.




When I fold her arm and she groans, I looked at this little girl. She doesn’t eat the sweet roll now and whether she ate her fill isn’t known.


When I stretch out my hand and touch her cheeks, I felt warmth. Apparently, she seems to be alive. 


“Do you know your name?”


Of course the girl doesn’t respond. She reacts to my voice, nevertheless she doesn’t seem to understand its content. Even if the content is understood, she can’t react to it…….


She is a special existence and there is no doubt about it. I went to the roof a short while ago and have confirmed the rampant zombies who have come, as always……after they left whether the word which says so is right, a change wasn’t seen by the zombies for now. We who stick on the wall of the shopping mall recognizing here doesn’t move either, because we will probably be eaten in an instant if we go out just like that.


Therefore we are special and it isn’t the case that this girl is more suitable and more special than me.


“……I will give you a name for now, so don’t be angry”


She doesn’t even have emotions to refer to a girl either. We are just the two of us in this world, besides, she is a zombie who is eating a sweet roll. She may have a name.


……Because she has a bob cut, how about “Bob?”. She is probably stronger than me.


As expected, though I think about a different name because Bob isn’t pretty, I have no naming sense.


“Because she has light brown hair……Akari-chan……no like the color……how about Aya!”


I decided that her name is Aya. There does not seem to be someone else, because she turned her hollow eyes to me. She bump off this old bird inwardly and what she may think isn’t known.


“Then Aya-chan, I’m sorry though I examine you for a moment”


First of all, her worn clothes are taken off.  If I have her or a bride here, doesn’t matter because her clothes doesn’t seem to be unstylish. However, because I don’t know her name, only her clothes gave me an expression. I understand that she wears stylish clothes for the time being.


If Honjo-san was here, she might listen to the situation that I unclothe the clothes of Aya in front of Honjo-san wouldn’t be born and Aya-chan’s clothes are clothes after all and it is no more or less.


After I take off her clothes while struggling somehow, Aya-chan’s appearance became a skirt with a camisole. By the way, I know what a camisole is.


“Wow, erotic……”


To her light-brown burnt skin, her stomach was pure white. She has boundary lines on her arm clearly, therefore it is possible that Aya might have done some club activities.


When I look at Aya-chan who sit down from the top, I saw her pink nipples from between her camisole. Her nipples peep out from her bra and camisole, so her bra cup might not be very large. When I put my hand inside, it was modest, but a soft elasticity was felt. At the very limit it should be a B cup.


At the time Aya-chan still wore her clothes, I saw her like an adult, but in this way when I see her, she is really young. Possibly Aya may be younger than Honjo-san. When I think that Honjo-san is a high school girl, I would be a wonderful criminal now. No, I’m already a criminal since the time I lived an obscene life with Honjo-san.


Her camisole is stripped off taking a defiant attitude. She has a erotic figure as she only wear her skirt and her upper part is nude. Till the end my purpose is to investigate her.


“There is……no wound”


I lift her arm and look at her armpits, where every place is snow-white but there is no wound.


Next is the lower part of her body, I intended to unclothe her skirt at first, however I try to roll it up now before unclothing it. She wore gray plain panty. The inside is being visible different from the outside, which is probably indifferent. ( Tl note: This sentence doesn’t seem to be a proper english sentence but I don’t know how to paraphrase it)


Unlike her upper body, her lower body is fully light brown. When I see it being burnt to the root of the foot, Aya-chan might be in the swimming club. When I unclothe her skirt and underwear, only her buttocks were pure 


“……There is nothing after all”


I checked Aya from head to feet and she really has a beautiful body which has no small scratches. 


To check the place that I haven’t checked yet unwillingly, I lay Aya-chan on the stomach and I just touch her pure white slightly small-sized buttocks. As for Honjo-san, her body was matured like a woman, but in Aya-chan’s case she seems to still be growing, because hardness remained in her hips that I had touched. Rather than a soft feeling, her buttocks are elastic as a rubber ball.


I grab her elastic hips with both hands and spread them open right and left.


From her narrowed pink anus, I just see a closed crack. And when I expand her flower, the pink content appeared as well from the inside. The opened membrane is transparent thinly, which proves that Aya-chan is a virgin.


When I repeat opening and shutting with my thumb and forefinger, they are sticky soon and make a vulgar noise.




Naturally there will be metabolism, because I didn’t expect that this girl who was a zombie and is still alive gets wet by my stimulation, which surprised me a little.


When I insert my middle finger slowly not to injure her hymen, I experience that the inside was slightly warm and a little wet. That’s ordinary, but her hole is smaller than Honjo-san´s, so that only one of my finger is tighten tightly.


“I will enter inside”


I murmured so and noticed the fact that I’m going to violate this undeveloped girl now. I didn’t unclothe Aya-chan for an impure motive completely, but because I was looking for the wound why she became a zombie…….I can’t deny that I had a wicked feeling halfway.


Probably because I didn’t have sex with Honjo-san with the feeling that was my mission, I was now abnormally excited.


The obstacle that she is a zombie but alive is shown because Aya-chan does not show any reaction. Therefore she can’t resist her stripping in this way even if she is peeled, which is really sexy. It is different from rapers’ eyes……in other words, there was an immoral feeling that violating this girl in a world where time had stopped. It can be said that time stopped and I´m an invisible man which is a male’s dream, while I feel the sense as if I’m the one who achieved it surely.


After my finger is removed slowly so that her hymen doesn’t break, my dick is attached to her virgin hole. I tried to increase the fingers by another one to make it wet carefully, but as expected her hymen may split if I insert two. Nevertheless it was special and the desire that I break it with my dick couldn’t be endured anymore. Surely she will never know the pain.




Although her waist is thrust out and I insert my son in her vagina, I feels pain probably because I didn’t get it wet very much.


Her comfortable and soft flower is poked with my penis, but when I try to insert in the inside, it’s too hard and I can’t enter. While catching Aya´s waist with both hands and drawing it closer, somehow only the tip was buried when I entered by force.


Aya-chan isn’t only immature at her chest, but even in her bottom there was no hair growing. Although my penis screwed clearly in which is seen, her flower has already been dyed red. Her hymen seemed to be torn merciless.


“Congratulations, Aya-chan. Even if you don’t have an adult figure, with this you became an adult”


I move in and out so that her hymen may be broken at a shallow point. If she is conscious in this situation, she would feel pain which cannot be endured. If she feels pain and shrieked seriously she may lose her strength, too. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry because Aya-chan is my partner and I can move my waist without hesitation.


“Oh, have you gotten wet because you feel good?”


Of course it isn’t vaginal secretions, but the blood of her virgin-defensing hymen.


There is no viscosity unlike vaginal secretions, but it seems to be better than a while ago, because my dick is swallowed with some resistance. Although the clamping is still felt, I can insert and remove now smoothly.


However, because it isn’t completely and carefully digested, pulling out is more comfortable than pulling it in with her clamping. I thrust my waist in her shallow place to scoop out the remaining hymen.


Considerably the feeling of ejaculation arose now and I want to ejaculate inside her because it is raw. When I think so, I attack the deepest part,




While Aya-chan slightly panted.




Probably because her internal organs are pressed when I clap her secret garden steadily, she cries with a pretty voice highly appropriate for a junior high school student.


To such a surprise I cannot endure it more and I just match my dick with Aya’s pussy while raising a screaming like a courageous shout, before I throw out my munition with full strength.


Byuku, byururururu, byuu, byuu, byuku……


My penis pops inside Aya many times and my sperm is spitted out and pollutes the flower of this female junior high school student.


Despite being a zombie, she is a zombie with metabolism. She may become pregnant when I dump my jelly-formed sperm in her defenseless secret hole.


To such an immoral feeling while spiriting my backbone, I have finished pouring everything in Aya to the last drop.


“It seems to become a habit……”


My half discouraged son just after the ejaculation is tightened slowly and seemed to totally be soaked in a hot spring.


When I bury my face in the scruff of this still young girl, my son regains his hardness immediately.


“I’m sorry, Aya-chan, but would you like another shot?”


She doesn’t respond to my question of course and I didn’t intend to get her permission from the beginning.


――――Anyway because I will die soon, I can probably live a little selfishly. While thinking of such a thing, I raped Aya absorbedly.




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