I Raised an Obsessive Servant

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My name is Yurina Carthia. I wished to possess an empire and acted like a villainess. In my last battle, I was overcome by a wizard. The heroine now makes efforts to catch him, and I plan to select a young handsome guy from an orphanage to attract him with money and after asking for assistance.

“Ray, I am kind to you. Now I own the resources to provide you the necessary aid. I hope when I suffer difficulties you also won’t forget me and will always stand for my side.”

I just wished to escape death. I relied on Ray, but he shocked me.

“Keep in mind, Yurina, I find you fragile compared to me. I can both protect and murder you, so I advise you never to betray me.”

I thought he would be faithful, but his vanity has no limits!

I Raised an Obsessive Servant