I Somehow Got Strong By Raising Skills Related To Farming / I Somehow Got Strong By Raising Skills Related To Farming Chapter 4

“Remember that man you defeated when you rescued me earlier?”


That man with the robe?

“He was a scary man also known as the dark kidnapper.”

How scary.

“And when I checked his status, even the average for his stats was 500!”


‘Even’ 500?

“We… Well, If you’d like, would you be able to tell me the average stats of ordinary people?”


Average people are about 60.
Adventurers are 130.
Knights are 150.
Knight commanders are about 600.
Legendary heroes are about 1000.

Or so they say.”

Hearing that I stiffened up.

She was bad news.
I definitely could not show her my stats.

“Anyways, the palace wants you because of how easily you took that knight commander class person down.”

Ugh, this is turning into something quite bothersome.

“I refuse.”

“By the way, I’m also interested in Al-kun so I want you to come-“

“I absolutely refuse.”

“Uu…, an immediate reply… But I won’t give up!”

Please give up.

“Ah! For now, show me your status!
I’m really curious about Al-kun’s stats!”

“Ah, I just remembered about some business I have to take care of, so I’m going home. Cya.”

I tried to get the carriage moving, but the gatekeeper blocked the way.

Ku… These guys have no intention of letting me go…
But I can’t show them my status.

Otherwise, my life as a farmer will end.

As I searched for a way out of this, 4 people who looked like adventurers came towards us from outside the gates.

“Gatekeeper-san! Please come over here!
I even have my identification ready!”

The adventurer who said this, a girl with an orange short bob, was waving her arm side to side, holding up her card.

“Oh, it’s you guys. Judging by that look, you completed your request successfully.”

“Well, something mysterious happened.”

The person who said this was a well-built middle-aged man with a shaved head.

“Something mysterious?”

“A forest dragon appeared.”

“What!? In a place like that!?”

Hearing these words, Fal turned to face them.

“The story right now, is it true?”

“Yes, it’s true.”

The person who answered Fal was a blue-haired man wearing glasses, with a bow slung on his back. From his bag, he pulled out a green magic stone.

“This is the proof.”

“Indeed, this is a forest dragon’s magic stone!
However… You guys did well, defeating one so easily…”

“No, we were’t the ones who defeated it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I will explain.”

The one who came forward was a girl with straight, long, white hair.

“We were, as per the request, exterminating nearby wild boars to stop their numbers increasing. After we had finished, as we were about to go home, a forest dragon appeared. Although we fought with all our might, the difference in strength was too great. We were soon cornered. We though it was the end for us when-

The dragon’s head exploded.”


The gatekeeper exclaimed unintentionally.

Huh? Speaking of which, I remember something like that happening.


“Yes, we heard something slice through the wind, and its head exploded.”

“That means… There is someone with an ability so strong that they can instantly kill a rank S forest dragon…”

Wait wait, hold on, could it be…

“Do you have any more information?”

“When we headed to the direction of the attack, there were markings to suggest that a horse-drawn carriage had passed by.

The markings were undoubtedly new. At the very least, I wanted to thank them but they were already gone…”

Wasn’t that me…?

“Horse-drawn carriage, strong, leaves quickly…”

Fal muttered to herself, then turned to face me.

“In other words, it’s Al-kun!?”

“How!? How did it become like this!!”

I mean she’s right! But it’s troublesome for me if she guesses the correct answer that easily! This princess’ guessing skills are scarily strong!

“Sorry, but I don’t remember this happening at all. It’s probably someone else.”

“Hmm, is that true?”

“Yes, it’s true. Well then…”

Right now, the gatekeeper wasn’t blocking my way. That means…



I took off on my carriage.
Fal raised her voice, reaching her arm out towards me, and the gatekeeper seemed to have noticed as well. However, they were too slow. I went past them and outside the gate.

“Phew… I should be fine here. Well, I think I’ll avoid going there for a while.”

Satisfied that I had protected my life of farming, I headed back towards my village.

“Please accept my apology princess. Because we weren’t paying attention…”

“It’s fine, I don’t mind.”

Fal fixed her gaze in the direction that Al had ran off to.

“I will definitely obtain you, so be prepared, Al-kun.”

She declared.

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