I Somehow Got Strong By Raising Skills Related To Farming / I Somehow Got Strong By Raising Skills Related To Farming Chapter 6

“You’re right, these recent events resemble Hell Zone. But Al, the leader of Hell’s invasion was a demon king called Macbeth and Hell’s invasion ended with the hero summoning Macbeth through a ritual and then killing him in the capital. This allowed for peace between humans and beasts, while also ending all quarrels with the demons. So, I think this might be something caused by the monsters’ natural instincts.

Anyway! We have to go now! I contacted the village chief earlier, and according to him the royal family left the capital and headed towards the east for safety! We need to leave quickly!”


But I still felt uneasy.

Monsters making swarms.

Although it’s rarely happened, it’s definitely not unheard of.

But it is usually limited to monsters of the same species, such as an Orc King leading an army of Orcs or a Giant Boar leading a herd of Wild Boars.

Very rarely do groups of different species join together to create a swarm, but monsters from more than four different species grouping has never been seen before.

However, judging from what Testa had said before, the number of different species of monsters in the swarm would easily exceed 4.

“That means…”

Roughly dividing the cases where different species join together to create swarms, the two main reasons are:

Where monsters bond with one another and form a swarm.
Where swarms are created artificially by gathering monsters.

“The possibility of the former is low… And the only ones capable of carrying out the latter are high ranked demons but that should be impossible… That means that the only other possible explanation is that this is the first-ever monster swarm consisting of over 4 different species of monsters.”

But that seems strange.

“Why are they aiming for our village?”

Swarms of monsters usually target the larger cities destroying all villages and towns in their path. However there are a few rare cases.

And those rare cases are the mainly artificially created swarms.

Artificially created swarms, are usually given orders by demons such to『Destroy ○○ town/city』.

Something about demons’ intelligence being too low which stops them from giving out more complex orders.

So, in these cases, because they haven’t been ordered to attack anything else, as long as nobody tries to provoke them, these monsters just pass by villages or towns without attacking it.

“But who would aim for the capital, and why…”

Up until now, the only ones capable of creating monster swarms were the demons.

But demons no longer have a reason to create these artificial swarms, so that’s impossible too…

“Wait a minute…?”

What if that assumption was wrong?

This train of thought relies on the demons not attacking because we have made peace.

What if that thought was wrong?

It was true that we made peace. However, had all demons agreed to the pact?

Could there have been some that wanted revenge for the fallen Demon King, and realise their goal of killing his enemies?

If that was the case, what would their aim be? The hero who killed the Demon King? No, he was already dead, and the whereabouts of his descendants are unknown.

Then the only ones left would be the royal family.

The royal family are descendants of the ones who ordered the subjugation of the Demon King. Their deaths would quench the demons’ thirst for revenge. But the royal family, guarded by knights, escaped in the direction opposite of the invading swarm… east, like what Testa had said earlier.

I’ve heard that the current king is quite strong, and guarded by knights, so the demons would find it very difficult to get to him.

So that means this is also…

But as I kept thinking, I came up with the worst ever possibility.

“…Wait a minute…It can’t be…?

If this is true it’s going to be bad…?

“What are you talking about, Al!

Hurry up and prepare…”

“Testa, the royal family might be in danger…”

“Huh!? I just said that they escaped the other way, right!?”

“Not that. What’s to the east of the capital?”

“Well… If I remember correctly, there was Grimm forest and Helest field right? I heard there were some strong monsters in the forest but the king is strong too right? He’ll be fine in the forest.”

“That’s what I mean. Many dangerous monsters live in Grimm forest. And――”

The worst ever possibility, that is…

“ーーWhat would happen if demons were to create a swarm using the monsters to the east?”

Hearing my words, Testa gulped.

“…Could it, hey, wait… You’re overthinking it…

The demons have already…”

“It’s not like there weren’t demons who were dissatisfied with the peace treaty.

Besides, this is merely just a possibility. No need to be so vigilant.”

“No! Even if there’s a slight possibility, we should contact the capital and tell them! They might not even listen to us but it’s better than nothing!”

“You’re right.”

We immediately rushed to the village chief’s house, and Testa opened the door.

“Chief! Lend us the artefact for communication!”

“Testa! Al! You guys are still here! Quickly, run away!”

“Now’s not the time for that! They might not even listen to us but we need to…”

While Testa was convincing the village chief, the communication artefact gave off a faint light.

『Urgent! Urgent! East of the capital, a large-scale swarm of monsters has appeared! They have been seen coming from the Helest field and Grimm forest! We request the aid of anyone who can help! I repeat! East of the capital…』

“I wasn’t fast enough…”

I put my hand to hand to my head and murmured in languish.

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