I Somehow Got Strong By Raising Skills Related To Farming / I Somehow Got Strong By Raising Skills Related To Farming Chapter 7

“What’s … with the number of monsters…!?”

The royal family and guards who were crossing the Helest fields couldn’t believe their eyes.

In front of them was a crowd of terrifying monsters.

“!? A Demon…!”

These words instinctively slipped out of Fal’s mouth.

Leading the swarm, was a demon – whose feud with humans should have ended – with an ugly grin plastered on their face.

“Are you surprised? Royal family -sama?”

“Why…! Why would you do such a thing!”

“Don’t ask me why…
We were waiting for so long, you know…
For the moment that we could get revenge for our king…”

“Revenge… for the demon king…?”

“Yeah, but we didn’t originally plan it to be so grand. For some reason, curses don’t seem to affect you two as much as it did on the others.”

“You… Did you…”

The demon’s smile grew even uglier.

“The death of the queen 13 years ago, and the death of the prince 5 years ago were both thanks to our curses. Now, you don’t have to fight for the throne anymore, right?

You know, you should be thanking me!

As the demon laughed at Fal, the knights returned gazes filled with hostility and killing intent.

“Well, since curses don’t work on you, I planned to kill you directly after kidnapping you but…”

“So you were the one responsible for the abduction!
…You monster!! Disappear from our sights!

During the conversation, a knight whose patience had ran out raised his voice, and cast a spell that fired a bolt of electricity.

The demon glanced at the spell travelling towards him with cold eyes, and just as the spell was about to hit him, he slapped the spell downwards with his hand.


The demon looked in the direction of the knight who had fired the spell.

“Hey hey, you’ve been handpicked to protect the royal family and this is the standard? Even if that thing hit me, it wouldn’t have hurt.

Really. I was looking forward to meeting the guy who defeated the spy, and I thought that he would be one of the knights specially chosen but…

But guessing from your expressions, I was wrong…
You know, there’s a limit to how much you can disappoint someone. Pukuku.”

The demon said mockingly, and then covered his mouth with his hand as if to contain the laughter.

“Hey… that… is that…”

A knight was staring at the back of the demon’s hand.

“Oh, you finally realised.
You guys are slow. Nevertheless…”

The demon revealed the crest etched into the back of his hand.

“I guess it’s a bit late but let me introduce myself.
I belong to the First Squadron of the Old Demon King Army’s Combat Force.
Commanding officer, Romeo Vonted.

Nice to meet ya! And I came here to kill you guys.

“First Squadron… Furthermore, the commanding officer!?”

The king knew that within their combat force, there were ten groups – ranging from the First Squadron to the Tenth – and the lower the number, the stronger they were.

Which means that the commander of the First Force in front of them… Romeo, was the strongest subordinate of the demon king.

“Do you have time to be surprised? King -sama?”

Romeo extended his arm, and turned the palm of his hand towards the sky. On top of the palm of his hand, a sinister power started collecting at a terrific speed.

“This is bad! ‘Light, Protect Us’!!”

The king, using all the power within him, put up a barrier.

“Darkness shall destroys all, and repaint the world black.
‘Darkness overdrive ‘!”

The merciless power of darkness descended upon the barrier.

The barrier and darkness collided, turning into a contest to see who’s magic is stronger.

“Gu… Oooooooooo!!”


“!? Fal!”

“I’ll help too!!”

Fal stood next to the king, and combined her power with his.


With Fal’s support, the barrier strengthened, and slowly started pushing back against the darkness.

“Wow… you’re quite strong?

Noticing something behind him, the king twisted his body around, but he was too late.

All the guards behind them were lying on the ground, and someone stabbed the king from behind.

“Since… When… Were… You…”

Seeing this, Romeo’s face distorted even more.

“――I never said anything about coming alone, did I?

“Father…? Father!!”

Fal ran over to the king.

But the demon that had defeated the guards and stabbed the king had already retreated to Romeo’s side.

“Hey hey, princess? Your barrier’s breaking?”

By the time she realised, it was too late.

“I guess there wasn’t any need to bring the swarm of monsters with me.”

“You might be right… Phew, I’m bored.”

Fal’s vision was dyed in black.

And then


A man wearing a black robe rushed in at the last moment, put up a barrier, and stood in front of Fal.

Unlike the barrier put up by the king, this barrier easily blocked the oncoming darkness.

“Oh? What’s this?
Hey you… Who are you…?”

To that question, the man

“Woah this is a pretty bad injury… Can I somehow fix this…”

As he said this, the man checked his status card.

“――And I’ve learned one… Heal.”

The man started treating the king and all the other wounded guards, ignoring Romeo.

“…Hey brat, are you listening.”

“Hm? Oh right…… my bad.”

Showing a thoughtful attitude, the man replied.

“So, what did you say?”

I was too late…

However, I didn’t actually expect my theory to be correct.

This is quite the state of emergency.

“I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Al, wait! Where are you going!?”

“To the king’s place, of course?”

“Huh!? That’s impossible!? What are you saying!”

“Sorry, but I don’t have time to explain.
Look at this.”

I poured some magic into my status card, and handed it to Testa.

Testa looked at my status.

“…Hey, these stats aren’t even possible for human…”

Testa said, but he was smiling.

“If your statuses are like this, you might make it. However, isn’t an attack over 100 000 kind of OP[1]?”

Testa said grinning broadly, but I feel like he said something that I just couldn’t overlook…

Did he say attack over 100 000?

I’m sure I didn’t have that much.

“Let me quickly take a look.”

Looking at the status card.


Lv 36

HP 65535/65535

MP 9999/9999

Attack 103264

Defense 69213

Magic Power 53980

Magic Defense 78174

Agility 93122

Luck 85(Fixed)



One who loves nature

【Martial Arts】

Jujutsu 6


Throwing 10

Geographical understanding 10


Accelerated growth

HP and MP seem to be maxed, but the other stats have risen like crazy after levelling up.

And what’s this about martial arts…

But now isn’t the time to be thinking about that.

My agility is over 90 000, so if I run, I might… be able to make it?

But I still feel uneasy.

If only there was a skill that allowed me to move quickly.

As I thought of this idea, an entry 〈High-speed movement 6〉was added to the status card.

Seems like I’ve learnt something again.

I see, that means that the martial arts… Did I learn it when I fought that kidnapper?

“Hey!? Your skills suddenly increased!?”

Testa was looking at my card from behind, and noticed the sudden increase in the number of skills.

“And starting at level 6?
What’s the meaning of this?”

“I don’t know either… but.
This probably means that I should go help.”

“Yeah, that’s probably what it means!
Okay! Al! Go!”

“Yup! I’m going!”

“Wait there.”


The village chief stopped me.

Perhaps he was against the idea of sending a child to battle.

“I’ve been listening to your conversation but…
Al, you want to stay as a farmer, no?
Then you should wear this before you go.”

After saying this, the chief handed me a worn-out but neat black robe.

“This is…?”

“That cloak has been enchanted with magic to conceal the wearer. If you help out the king, you will surely be drafted into the knight’s army. So, if you put that on, your identity will stay hidden, and you can still live your life as a farmer.”

Huh? Weren’t you going to stop me from going to battle?

“I thought that you were going to stopping him from fighting.”

Testa said what was on my mind.
Then, the chief started laughing.

“Ho ho ho! I may worry about you two, but I won’t stop either of you! I too used to be surprised by your unexpected and crazy actions in the past, but they’ve helped us many times before. This time too, I hope that you can save us.”

Your expectations are too heavy!

“Hey chief!? We’ve never done something so amazing!? Al, you think so too, right!?”

Nonetheless, I’ve decided to do this.


I put the robe on, and true to his words, it concealed my identity.

“Well, I’ll get going.”

“…Right! Come back quickly!”

“I’ll cover for you while you’re gone.
However, I can only deceive them for so long.
Just as Testa said, you come back quickly now, you hear?”

“I understand, chief.”

After I left the chief’s house, I started sprinting towards the capital with all my strength.

“…So? Chief.
Why do you have such a robe?”

“Hm… You’ve made a good observation.
That’s because…”

It would be a while before Al learned of the story that the chief told Testa.

By the way, Testa was laughing as he listened to the chief’s story.

“【High-speed movement】!!”

The skill’s effects, in addition with my already amazing agility, let me run towards the capital at a tremendous speed.

A swarm of monsters appeared in the way, but I knocked over any monsters in the way, forcefully creating a path for myself.

“Hey!? There’s something coming our way!?”

A knight said surprised, but I didn’t have time to explain.

I knocked down more monsters and advanced steadily.

I broke through the swarm of monsters, through the streets of the capital and eventually out through the capital’s eastern gates.

I ran a little bit more, and I saw in front of me Fal about to be hit by a mass of sinister black energy.


Barriers are spells that anyone who possesses magic can use, and the strength of it is dependant solely on the user’s magical power.

The barrier, cast by someone with over 50 000 magic power, easily blocked the demon’s attack.

Afterwards, I took to helping the injured.

Although I felt like someone was saying something, I didn’t have time to listen.

“Woah this is a pretty bad injury… I wonder if I can somehow fix this…”

While I’m saying this, I check my card.

Maybe I’ve conveniently learned a recovery skill――

“――And I’ve learned one… Heal.”

I quickly treated the injuries of the king and the guards, making sure that they could survive.

“…Hey brat, are you listening.”

“Hm? Oh right…… my bad.”

Was he saying something?

“So, what did you say?”

[1] OP = Over Powered.

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