I Somehow Got Strong By Raising Skills Related To Farming / I Somehow Got Strong By Raising Skills Related To Farming Chapter 8

“Oh? Looks like you really want to die…”

The demon in front of me was cracking his knuckles, but I wasn’t making fun of him, I just couldn’t hear him…

I should be able to handle him with my stats like they are now, but I want to see his stats anyway.

Suddenly, the opponent’s status flowed into my head.

Lv 78
HP 6500/6500
MP 723/823
Attack 835
Defense 792
Magic Power 966
Magic Defense 801
Agility 798
Luck 35(Fixed)

Darkness magic 8
Fire magic 7

Jujutsu 7
Sword fighting 7

【Forbidden Magic】
Curses 6
Leech 7

Woah, I can see his status.

Thinking back to it now, when my abilities were synthesised, I gained the ability to see through everything. This must be the effect of that ability.

However, I’ve finally understood how broken my stats are.

I have to make sure my stats are kept a secret.

“Romeo, that guy’s not listening to us at all.”

I saw the demon next to Romeo speaking to him.

“I know, I don’t need you to point it out…
Before I kill the royalty, I’m going to kill you!”

Probably judging that magic wasn’t going to be effective against me, Romeo threw a fist at me.

“Watch out!?”

Although there was an overwhelming difference between our statuses, it was my first time fighting a humanoid creature, so I instinctively crossed my arms in front of me.

Seeing this, Romeo took out his sword from his scabbard and swung his sword down onto my arms, aiming to cut them off.

However, my arms just took the blow.


Romeo was taken aback.
This was the only chance that I was going to get, so I “lightly” punched him in the face.


But the impact sent him flying over 20 metres into the crowd of monsters.

“A… Amazing…”

Fal muttered behind me. Frankly though, even I didn’t expect it to be this strong.

However, this was looking good… Or so I thought.

“Hey hey hey……… This is the best!!”

Romeo’s voice reverberated around the battlefield.

Romeo could still not be seen, but for some reason, the monsters were being drawn towards the direction of the voice.

As the number of monsters grew smaller and smaller, Romeo seemed to be growing bigger and bigger.

“That… Is he absorbing the monsters!?”

Romeo didn’t answer the question.

“That punch earlier… It was too fast for me to catch.
So, an opponent like you will get the honour of fighting me seriously!!”

Romeo had consumed all the monsters, and grown to an enormous giant over 10m tall. He gripped his hands into a fist and said

“This is payback.”

He took a few steps forward in my direction and unleashed a flurry of fists.

Every punch was as fast as a bullet, and normally one hit would be enough to obliterate someone but.

“I’m already used to punches.”

Easily deflecting his punches, I slowly moved closer to Romeo.

“Stop screwing around!!
Why isn’t this working!!
I’m the commanding officer of the first…”

“Eh, I don’t really care.”

Once I got close enough, in an instant I jumped up to the place where his heart was and punched it as hard as I could.


The force of that punch was enough to create a hole in Romeo’s giant body.

So there wasn’t even a need to confirm his death.

“Well then.”

I turned around, preparing to face the other demon but…


The other demon had already disappeared.

“We were truly saved, so let me thank you. What you did today was simply magnificent; If it wasn’t for you, we would surely have died. Thank you.”

After that, I was thanked by the king after he had woken up.

“Nonononono!! Please lift your head up!
It wasn’t anything amazing…!”

“There’s no need to be so modest?
Everybody here got to live because of you.”

Although Fal thanked me too, all I did was throw a punch, so I didn’t feel any sort of accomplishment.

But also… I got the feeling that Fal was watching me with a smirk on her face. There was no way she’d be able find out my secret though.

Suddenly, Fal leant in close to my ear and whispered.

“I knew that you’d come.
Thank you, Al-kun.”

“What… what are you talking about?”

I w a s b u s t e d.

Hey concealing magic, do your job.

“Even if you hide yourself, I can tell from your voice.”

“…I didn’t think about that.”

That’s right. I had talked to her once before… So there was a possibility of being found out by my voice.

“It’s alright, I won’t tell father about you.”

“…Is that fine?”

Even though it wasn’t something that I asked for, this would be very helpful for allowing me to continue my life of farming.

“I don’t want to bring you in by force when you’re not interested.”

“Huh? No,” I thought that you already talked this through with the people at the palace.”

“Oh, about that, the knight who saw you helping me said—”

“Yes, it’s alright, I’ve got the general idea.”

That means that neither she nor the guard told the palace about me.

Huh? But that means…

“Why did you want me so much?
For the royal palace, right?”

“There’s that too, but I have a personal interest in you. So that’s why I invited you, okay?”


“Well, it seems like you won’t be coming, so I’ll give up on that for now, but I’ll continue our relationship as individuals, alright?”

As long as you understand that, I’ll be happy.”

“Give me a break…”

I raised both my hands in surrender, but seeing this, Fal simply laughed.

As if he was waiting for our conversation to end, the king started talking to me.

“By the way, if you are a citizen of this kingdom, how would you feel about working at the palace?”

Y o u t o o?

I took a deep breath in and

“Although such a position is very glorious and charming for a farmer like myself, I would like to kindly decline your offer as it would require a far greater amount of responsibility than what I could administer.”

I talked very fast and once I was done, I ran away immediately.

“What!? That refusal was the exact same as the one you gave me! You’ve also just exposed yourself as a farmer!?”

I heard her, but I didn’t care.

“…He’s already gone. As one would expect from the successor of those robes…”

“? What do you mean by that?”

Hearing the king, Fal asked him.
The king started telling the story nostalgically.

“That robe used to belong to a retired mage of the royal court, 20 years ago. Did you see that red crest on the shoulder? That’s the evidence.”

“A mage!? But that design differs so much from other people’s…”

“He never liked showing off…
So he had a plain robe specially created for him.

Furthermore, he became the chief of a very poor village and said that he wanted to rebuild the village, and so he retired voluntarily…

The village’s name was… Shirusu village, I think?
If I search there, I’ll be sure to find him.”

(Ahaha… Even my father wants him… Al-kun, I guess you can’t escape anymore….)

Although she felt a little bit of sympathy towards him, Fal was also thinking about ways to bring Al into the palace.

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