I’ll Live My Second Life!

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King Roy. The monarch combined loftiness and beauty but his disregard and indifference to females undermined perfection. He is arrogant and cold, so Fii doesn’t expect anything beneficial in this marriage. She has to bear this punishment because her cunning younger sister who had witchcraft skills fame and admission, dared to join matrimony of mutual love with the same king! Fii was her twin, so she rather looked like a free annex for variety. The king’s servants behaved as if Fii was a misapprehension. She tried to fight with that but became humble and calm. The bride didn’t believe in miracles or expected a light at the end of the tunnel. She hasn’t even seen her husband after the wedding ceremony, so her destiny hinted to languish in a luxurious castle, however, Fii decided to step up and start a new life.

I'll Live My Second Life!

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