I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 103

After that, Fiiru stayed with Lynette who came together in a room of the studio.

Were you preparing for the feeling or preparing high-class furniture such as sofa and table in the room.

“As the carriage of the move will soon come, Fiiru please slowly”

Lynette gave me a cup of tea.

Today was planned to visit the workshop of PaPaoze to see pottery which is a special product of the Kingdom of Karand. The schedule of trying to actually make pottery goods is over, after which it is supposed to be invited to the royal castle of the Kingdom of Karando to participate in the evening party.

I guessed that I was tired of being surrounded by various people. Lynette remained herself with only her servant side-served.

I relax with a relaxing drink of linen ‘s tea.

Even after Prince Paouze and Prince Tomash left that place, they were frequently spoken to by the ministers and the prince who remained around and were honestly tied.

When I was absent for a while, a human being who seemed to be a knockout man was knocked out from the outside.

Lynette asked something from the officer when asked to respond, Lynette looked back at me.

“I am sorry, it seems that the pickup carriage has broken down, I will also see the situation”

That said, Lynette has gone outside.

Fiiru is left alone in the room.

Even if you drink a cup of tea and get rid of it, Lynette will not come back.

Fiiru who was bored indeed after having been quiet for a while for a while felt out of the room.  I thought that I should walk a little at the workshop.

With the feeling coming, strict security is laid down in the workshop itself. It was supposed to be no problem even if the feel was outside the room.

When I opened the door and went outside, they all went to

the carriage Whether the workshop did not care about the workshop.

I tried walking properly in the studio of a rugged interior.

It may be a less experienced feeling. People always go around and there are many places where they go.

As I walked through the stone pavement corridor, I found a room with a little open door.

When looking into the inside, it was slightly dim. With the light coming in through the window, it was very quiet whether no one was inside.

I enter the room somehow.

A lot of shelves came in and various ceramics were put into it.

A beautiful white vase, a dish and a pot with pictures. Apparently, it seems to be where the finished work is placed.

I walk through the room looking at the work somehow.

In such a case, a voice caught from behind.

“Huh, is your favorite work warm?”

While turning around a little while surprised, Prince Tomasu was standing behind. I am watching this smile with that apron.

“Yes, yes, it was a very beautiful work, and I realized that Mr. PaPaese is a wonderful craftworker.”

The answer was supposed to be an answer of 100 points.

Yet, somehow Prince Tomasu giggled like I received something since I laughed, Prince Tomasu holds tears at ease and apologizes for fun.

“I’m sorry, my mentor Perpaeze is good in arms but if it is anything weak in authority and a high-ranking opponent, it’s a huh?”

Prince Tomasz apologizes while laughing happily.

I know the feeling is also. He is laughing about the rarities of that feel.

A bit of a feeling came.

I do not give it to my face.

Prince Tomas started something when he got silent instead of protesting. If you are interested and glancing at you, take out the soil from anywhere and begin mixing.

It eventually turned into a clay that I used to make pottery for the first time.

“What are you doing …?”

When I am anxious and inquires,

inquires, Prince Tomasz puts it on top of the stuff that was also in this room. And he smiled a nice smile.

“Because the healing shrine maiden seems to have been dissatisfied with the creation of his work, do not you try making it once again? I will tell you properly this time”

“Er … ….”

I was puzzled.

Because this is neither a role nor a work. Also, if you dirty a dress, you may bother Lynette.

But PaPaose did not tell me how to handle it, or whether I was feeling down to the feel.

I went around behind the embarrassing feel and quickly put something in front of the feel.


It is like an apron and work clothes are united. It is designed to tie a string behind the sleeve from the front.

“Do not worry, dresses will not get dirty if you put on even this.”

That being said, Tomasu is dragging herself into his feelings with a feeling of nature that it feels like it is already determined that the field will be done rather than forcibly.

Feel also put out his hands and worn it.

My heart is finally decided there.

“Well, just a bit … ….”

Then I sat down in front of the clay prepared by Tomasz as instructed.

“Well then, let’s relax first, do not be afraid to surrender your shoulders, let’s take a deep breath.”

“Yes, … ….”

Then I tell Tomasz while making pottery again.

“Oh yeah, touch it with a gentle hand, you can speed it a little faster.”


I look seriously and turns the potter’s clay into a pottery shape.

“I’m getting a little crooked with my posture in mind.”


Tomasz ‘s way of teaching is easy, it is easy to understand because he was careful about details. Teaching method may be better than Perpaeze.

And after 20 minutes, a beautiful cup shape was completed in front of me.

“I can do it!”

Its shape was beautiful and it was smoothly

was smoothly shaped like a cup and the feel was also satisfactory. I smile unexpectedly.

I could not believe that I could make this.

Then I chose to chuck you from the side and I hear a laughter that I’ve heard.

“Have you been satisfied with the healing shrine maiden?”


As he fell down and said, looking up at Tomasz ‘s face.

“It’s not a healing shrine maiden, it’s a feel.”

After saying that, I thought what he was saying ……

But, after a little sloppy, Tomasz laughed and said to himself.

“Oh, sorry, Fiiru”

At that time, Lynette ‘s voice was heard from the corridor’ s side.

“Why are you feeling! Where are you !?”

I got ready, the horse-drawn carriage was ready.

I have to go, I thought but the feel stops.

I could shape the cup, but it has not burned yet. You can not bring it back.

A big hand lifts the cup very carefully beyond the line of sight of Feel who looked at the cup that he wanted to make desirously.

“Okay, this is baked and I will deliver it to you properly because it’s a piece made by a special feeling. When I have to wash my hands more than that, the samurai girls will worry.”

“Yes, please!”

I washed my hands in the water field and went to the corridor and ran to the Lynette looking for me.

“Sorry, Lynette”

“Fiiru, where are you going?”

“That … …, a little walk … …”

“OK, I got ready for a new carriage so let’s head to the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Karandi”


When going to the carriage, once the feeling turned, the owl of the odd person who hung an apron shook hands stealthily holding the cup in his chest very carefully.

Two weeks later, I was in my room in Deerman.

A present is delivered under such a feel. However, every day a field gift gifts from aristocrats and royalties from neighboring countries to Feel.

One of
to Feel.

One of the maids reads out who they are sent with a small white box in their hands.

“Prince Tomasz of the Forlant Kingdom?”

“Is not it a prince of a small country that is rarely related?”

“The box is also small, is it jewelry or something?”

The maidens who said such things to their mouths while holding a box were about to jump at the moment the face was released from the box.

I was standing up unexpectedly and came before us.

“Um … that … … please … …!”

My hand is out to the maids with an intermittent wording like excitement, not a usual ambivalent tone. A few seconds later, the maidens finally realized they wanted me to hand over the box.

When she received a box from the maids who offered it, Feel returned to the chair sitting with her fast paws and immediately opened the box.

The hands seemed to be strange somewhere.

Lynette is also surprised by that figure. I am not that much interested in gifts. Once, for the sake of getting to know the nobility and the royal family, the maidens open them and check their contents though.

It was a teacup of one customer that came out from the box that opened the field frustratingly.

Looking at it, the maids of the gift talk to her mouth.

“Is it just a teacup?”

“It will not be too expensive”

“What kind of person is Prince Tomasz doing to send such a poor thing to Fiiru the way?”

I was in front of them, after taking out the cup.

Suddenly I went out and jumped into the bed with her, rolled her foot and rolled over the bed.

“Fiiru like!”

“What, did you do, Fiiru!”

“What on earth!”

To the action that I had never taken, the maids who are attached are confused. Even the side Lynette has rounded his eyes.

A beautiful white teacup was hugged very carefully at the chest of such a feeling.

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