I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 106

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Then I began to meet with Tomasz frequently with Lynette.

 It is because you can not meet easily because you are disturbed by people who surround the feel if you are not with another person. Once I tried to talk about it at the party, the group moved all the way as the I moved forward one foot, and the person who was talking with Prince Tomasz became frustrated.

 At the moment I saw it, and I gave up a conversation during the party with Tomasz.

 Instead, Tomasz began to make time convenient for me who wants to see him.

 Only Lynette, I, and Tomash know that.

 Tomasz tells me various stories.

 A story about the ruins in Japuta in the East, a story about when traveling to the Casanberu in the south, various others. It seems that everything Tomasz saws he saw with his own eyes.

 I asked him why he went to so many different places and asked a pottery artist to be his disciple. Although he is a fortunate in a small country now, he says that he would like to make it a rich country someday by his own power.

 I was living with a purpose consciously, I thought that the feel was amazing.

 Even though I am living desperately to the expectations of my surroundings …

 My friendship is wide.

 Tomasz had a friendship that would have thought such royalty, ministers, nobles, various merchants, sailors, and so on, such as royalty, various countries, and sailors.

 Among them, he talked about one friend.

“It’s a funny guy to a boyfriend who is a funny guy but it’s messed up with girls and I’m worried that someday it will be a big problem with women’s relationships”

 Tomasz talks to the king of Orstoll, the biggest powerhouse in the center, he was taken a bit astray.

 It was not long before I began to realize the love of Tomasz.

 In the meanwhile, the feel of receiving royal family in various countries, but they declined everything.

 The marriage of the royal family was subtle. The part that intends to bring profits to politicians and the country is still big, but recently it has come to be taken into consideration of love and the feelings of the principals.

 Therefore basically even in the marriage between royalty, first of all, it often takes the appearance of an agreement between the two.

 On the contrary, there are still many forced marriages, and conversely, it is difficult to convince parents and others that there is no benefit of marriage.

 When I and Tomasz got married, that problem was great.

 I told Tomasz his thoughts and became a relationship between lovers.

 When feeling with the usual light tone that “I also like Fiiru,” to I who gave a feeling of being nervous and dying so much, he felt a rather irrational feeling rather than a delightful feeling I won and I doubted my partner’s feelings.

 But I will cherish it properly, I think that it is not a sad feeling.

 I want to think about that …

 I wanted to marry Tomasu.

 But it was visible that marriage with Prince Forlant who is a small country and now neglected will never be opposed to parents. The king of his father, Dehman, is finding that he wishes to make a profit by married to the greatest possible extent possible.

 So I kept the relationship with Tomasu secret.

 Only Tomasu, I, Lynette, are the only people who know.

 I thought I’d like to tell my sister Fii, but at this time Fii was forcibly attending the party to find a marriage partner, with father, and was returning with a dark, dark face. I could not say the story of love that such sister is thinking of going as smoothly as it is …

 Someday I got acknowledged around and I do not have to admit it, marrying with Tomasz was my first dream of feeling love.

 But I could not be aware of this feeling.

 The value of international existence of healing shrine maiden I. Tomasz, the prince of a small country, answered “I like it too” to such a feeling also the weight of the words at that time.

 She was cherished for both hope and desire. From all around people.

 So I did not know …  

 A year later, the death of a carriage that Prince Tomasz dropped on a cliff was transmitted as small news for neighboring countries such as Déman.

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