I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 16

After leaving the 18th Division’s warehouse, Fii headed to the dormitories where the apprentice knights would be living.

There were four dorm buildings in total, and they were spread across Orstoll’s large castle.

In Orstoll, rather than knights constantly supervising an apprentice, instead the apprentice knights would be gathered here in a dorm. Here, they would spend their days attending something like a school, where instructors would teach and train them in the basics.
This too, was one of Roy’s many reforms.

Training would take place between Monday and Thursday. Fridays and Saturdays were dedicated to learning under their designated knight divisions, where they would also be tasked with simple missions.
Sunday was when they were free.

Having said that though, they had only just finished their exams, and so the first week was left free for them to acclimate to their dorm life.
Of course, not all apprentices would immediately move in.
Those from noble backgrounds would take time to prepare, and saying goodbye to families took time as well.

Fii on the other hand had nowhere else to go, so she immediately moved in.

She was assigned to the Northern Dormitory, a wooden building with a blue roof and a calming atmosphere.
Earlier, Crow had handed her a paper, and Fii was now making her way to the room number that was on it.

A room on the window-side of the second floor. The room itself was terribly cramped, but it was enough for Fii.
After all, small or not, at least she was allowed outside. If she used the gate, she could even leave the castle.

Since she had no luggage to speak of, she carefully put down the sword from Galluzzi, before lazing about wherever.
Before long, a knock came from the door.


“Oh-! So there really was somebody inside. Mind if I come in?”

“Mn, not at all.”

It had been a youthful boy’s voice.
Fii decided it was probably a fellow apprentice.

After opening the door with a click, three boys came into the room.

A lively-looking boy with spiky brown hair.
A gentle-looking boy with fluffy cream-coloured hair.
And a tall and lanky boy with a black side-fringe.

No sooner had they entered did they let out cries of shock.

“Eh…? A little kid!?”

“Why is such a small child here?”

“This little kid is an apprentice knight…?”

It was a little irritating.

“How rude. I’m probably the same age as you guys. Even if I look like this, I’m already 16.”

Regardless of her looks, she was already old enough to marry.
Or rather, unwilling though she may have been, she technically already was married.

To begin with, she only looked tiny as a boy. Compared to other girls of her age, she was only a little… Well, just a bit smaller…
…It wasn’t even 10 centimetres, honest.

Incidentally, her sister Fiiru was of the same height, but perhaps because she was a slender beauty, she actually looked tall.

“Geh-, you’re my age?”

“I’m 16 too.”

“I’m actually a year younger…”

Apparently they were all the same age, the tall boy aside.
The three boys obediently apologised.

“Well, that’s fine. Anyway, did you need something?”

Well, they were going to be her companions from now on. Fii didn’t want to start trouble either. She immediately forgave them.
Or rather, she actually wanted to get along with them.

“Yeah, well, we’re neighbours so I wanted to say hello. I’m in the room next door.”

“I’m in the room opposite here.”

“Mine is diagonally across from here.”

And apparently they felt the same way.
It seemed that they were here to say hello.

Incidentally, perhaps because each apprentice was given a room for themselves, the actual rooms were quite close together.
It was something she was very grateful for. It would be terrible if they were two or four to a room.
She was crossdressing after all…

“Anyhow, it’s some sort of fate that we ended up together. Let’s get along, yeah?” declared the boy with the light-brown hair.

Fii was totally fine with that.

“Mn, I’m glad to meet you too,” she replied. Putting on a smile, she introduced herself. “I’m Heath. Let’s get along.”

“I’m Slad,” said the brown-haired boy. “Let’s get along!”

“I’m Remié,” said the docile-looking cream-haired boy. “Let’s get along,” he smiled.

“I’m Geith. Let’s get along,” ended the black-haired boy, and he flicked a hand in a wave.

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